100 besten DIY Closet Organization Ideas

100 Closet Organization DIY Ideas

Organize your closet for less with these DIY organization and storage ideas. Many of these closet organization ideas are great for small closets and maximizing space. There are a hundred budget-friendly closet organization ideas for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Closet Organization for Clothes

Shirt Organizer (using a soda tab)

Shirt Organizer (using s hooks)

Jean Organizer (using s hooks)

Clothes Organization with Shelf Brackets
curtain clips with hooks + $2 IKEA shelf brackets 

Tank Top Organizer
shower curtain rings + hanger

Shoe Organizer for Sweaters & Sweats

Organize by Color and Category & Use 2 Rods to Maximize Space

Pipe Cleaners No Slip Clothes Organization

Sweater Organization

Closet Organization for Scarves

DIY Scarf Hanger 

Scarf Organizer
shower curtain rod + curtain rings + scarves

Clothes Hanger for Many Scarves

Sock and Scarf Organizer 
(using PVC pipe)

Ventilated Shelving Scarf Organzier

DIY Slide-Out Scarf Organizers
plywood + 1×2 poplar + drawer slides + towel bars

Tension Rod Scarf Storage

Closet Organization for Belts

Wooden Hanger Belt Rack
wooden hanger + wire cutters + cup hooks + drill/drill bits

DIY Slide-Out Belt Organizers
1×4 board + 1×2 poplar + drawer slides + cup cooks

Belt Organizer
board + clothespins + hot glue

Belt Organizer II
shower curtain rings + shower rod

Belt Ring Organizer

Closet Organization for Purses

Purse Organizer
curtain rings + shower curtain rod (or you could just attach the rings to hangers)

$5 Purse Organizer 
towel bar + hooks

Lid Rack Clutch Organizer

Shelf Divider Purse Organizer 

Hanging Purses on Over the Door Hooks

Closet Organization for Undergarments

Tights Organizer
clothespins + ruler + glue gun

Bra Organizer Using Metal Racks or Towel Hook Rack
You could do the same thing with 2-3 of these Dollar Tree hooks

Hanging Bra Organization
Add hooks to wooden hangers and stack them

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers
plywood + saw

Cardboard Drawer Dividers
cardboard + ruler + box cutter

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Underwear & Tights

Closet Organization for Ties

Tie Holder
screws + decorative drawer handles (you can them at Walmart for $2-$3)

DIY Tie Rack
wood + wood stain + wood glue + nails/hammer + saw + sander/sandpaper + spray sealer + hangers

Space Saving Tie Rack
Saw, Hammer & Drill + clamps + 1×2″ poplar + wood dowel + screws

Towel Bar Tie Organizer

BBQ Rack Tie Hanger
A cooling rack would work just as good and you could spray paint it whatever color you want

Ventilated Shelving Curtain Ring Tie Organization

DIY Tie Rack
trim boards + clothespins + hot glue gun
You could even used spray painted yard sticks for the base as well.

Closet Organization for Shoes

Tension Rod Shoe Organizer
tension rods + masking tape + level + tape measure

Shoe Organizer DIY 
wood glue + 1×3 wood + spray paint + wood screws + drill

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack 

Flats Organization
plastic clips + hangers
You can also use bent wire coat hangers to

Tall Boot Organization 
(using cut in half pool noodles)

Pant Hangers for Boot Organization

DIY Wood Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Ladder
You can even put them on one of these $5 DIY blanket ladders that take up very little space

Flip Flop Magazine Holde

Plate Rack Flip-Flop Organizer

Closet Shoe Hooks
wood board + knobs + spray paint  + drill

Cheap Bookcase Shoe Organization

Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Wine Box Shoe Organizer for Unused Shoes

Behind the Door Floating Shelves for Shoes
Check out this tutorial for how to make $5 floating shelves. It’s easy, no building required.

Closet Organization for Jewelry

Simple Jewelry Organization
trim boards + hammer/nails + cup hooks + long chain

Towel Rack Jewelry Organizer
towel rack + s hooks

Ikea Jewelry Organizer
Ikea Fintorp rails, hooks, and baskets

Vanity Organization for Jewelry 

Jewelry and Scarf Organizer
wood + cheap knobs + spray paint + drill + hooks

Paper Towel Holder for Organizing Jewelry 

Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer 

Other Closet Organization Ideas

Winter Accessory Organzier
towel bar + curtain clip rings

Winter Accessory Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Hat Organizer
curtain rings + hanger

Wire Basket Drawers
drawer sliders + wire baskets

Hanging Eyewear from Coat Hanger

Glasses Organizer
picture frame + spray paint + picture hanging kit with picture hanging wire + hooks

Bin Organization for Accessories

Towel Bar Accessory Organization

Cork Board Storage
MDF moulding + peg board + fabric + peg board hooks + baskets + screen clips + staple gun

Organizational Basks Under Shelving
S hooks + dollar tree baskets

Crate Organization Using Cup Hooks

Hang Dirty Clothes Over the Closet Door

Closet Organization Makeovers

Small Space Closet Makeover from Always Never Done

How to Organize a Small Closet from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Custom Closet on the Cheap from Take The Side Street
shelving + new wood closet rod + closet rod supports + caulk, primer & paint

How a Girl Built Her Closet from Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Kids Closet Organization Makeover from Reality Daydream

Kids Closet Organization from A Bowl Full of Lemons


45 Most Clever Tips Kitchen Organization Ideas

Sneaky storage tips and tricks for a small and tiny kitchen organization ideas. When you don’t have much space to organize, make every inch work extra hard. Group objects by purpose and assign them to specific cabinets.

Arrange your kitchenware by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on an easy to reach lower shelf and special occasion pieces up above. Drawer organizers keep cutlery neatly separated, so you never have to rummage around for what you need.

Here are 45 clever kitchen organization ideas that will keep your kitchen clutter free. Enjoy and get Inspired!


52 Wall Storage & Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

52 Wall Storage & Organization Ideas for Small Spaces ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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Clever Back to School Organization Hacks and DIYs

Now that we’re in August and children will be back to school in less than a month, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about jackets, backpacks, schedules, and their school supplies and lunches. But how do you keep them all organized? Take a look these back to school organization ideas that sure to help you.

#1. Monday-Friday school outfits and a place to put their backpack.

Source Unknown.

#2. A well-organized school lunch station can make your lunch work easier.

Source: uncommondesignsonline.com

or easy School Lunch Organizer

Source: fabulesslyfrugal.com

#3. Ugly cardboard boxes can be turn into beautiful storage containers with duct tape.

Tutorial at: diyhshp.blogspot.com

#4. Place a school zone in a mudroom or entry room for backpacks, shoes and jackets.

Source: momtrends.com

#5. DIY Storage Bench with IKEA Shelf

Source: refreshliving.us

#6. Time Management Hack For Kids

Source: princesspinkygirl.com

#7. Set up an art cart on wheels.

Tutorial at: tinkerlab.com

#8. Install metal or wicker baskets on the wall to store children’s boots and shoes.

Source: wonderdump.com

#9. A DIY Chalkboard Backpack Station is the perfect way to keep kids’ school bags and important notes all in one spot.

Tutorial at: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

#10. Over the Door School Supply Organizer

Source: abowlfulloflemons.net

#11. Make a homework station turntable with some mason jars.

Tutorial at: momontimeout.com

#12. Transform an old bookcase into backpacks station.

Source Unknown.


60 Best Pantry Organization Ideas – DIY

60 Best Pantry Organization Ideas – DIY ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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20 DIY Kitchen Organization-Projekte für eine bessere Küche

20 DIY Kitchen Organization Projects to Get a Better Kitchen ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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100 Dollar Store Organization for Small Spaces

100 Dollar Store Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

Organize your apartment for less with these dollar store DIY ideas. These cheap storage ideas will help you maximize your space throughout your home, including bathroom, kitchen, closet and laundry room organization for small spaces.

Kitchen Dollar Store Organization for Small Spaces

Under The Kitchen Sink Organization from Amy New Nostalgia

Under The Sink Brush Holders (using command wire hooks) from A Bowl Full of Lemons

Pot Organizer (using a basic towel rod)

Pot Lid Storage (using command hooks)

Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator
strong magnets (or command hooks) + long plastic basket

Spice Storage from Domestic Imperfection

DIY Dollar Store Magnetic Spice Organization from A Cultivated Nest

DIY Spice Rack from The Storybrook House

Roll Organizer (for foil, wax paper, plastic wrap and more) from Ask Anna Moseley

Measuring Spoon and Cup Organizers
measuring spoons + adhesive hooks

Baking Nook Organization from The Hyper House

Oven Mitts Storage from Krazy Coupon Lazy

Sponge Holder from Driven by Decor

Under the Sink Sponge Holder

Cutting Board Storage
small wire rack + screws

Kitchen Plastic Bag Organization from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Under the Sink Cleaning Supply Organization from Life Hack

Under the Kitchen Counter $1 Caddy from Neat House Sweet Home

Dollar Store Storage for Paper Goods from Organizing Made Fun

Dollar Store Coffee Station from Unlikely Martha

Canned Food Storage (using wire racks) from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Binder Clips for Freezer Organization from Melinda Massie

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
stackable plastic bins

Miscellaneous Organizer (using clear plastic organizer trays)

DIY Produce Rack from Domestic Diva Domain

Hanging Snacks in Pantry

Binder Clip Rack for Packets from Especially Creative Broad

Hanging Produce Rack from The Kitchn

Storage Solutions for Utensils from Tara Dennis

Utensil Storage for Side of Cabinet from Not Martha
You can use tension rods and s hooks found at Dollar General

Pantry Organization from Alejandra TV

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Small Snacks

DIY Dollar Store Lazy Susan from The Country Chic Cottage

Tiered Stand from Prodigal Pieces

Vegetable Storage Using Magazine Racks

Hang Coffee Cups from Tension Rod Using S Hooks from Best Life

Bathroom Dollar Store Organization for Small Spaces

Wall Baskets for Bath Linens from I’m Busy Procrastinating

Bath Product Organization
shower curtain rod + curtain rings with clips

Shower Storage
small mesh over the door shoe organizer + curtain rings with clips

Under the Sink Makeover from 320 Sycamore

Under Sink Organization from The Crazy Craft Lady

Hair Appliance Storage from My So Called Home

Inside Cabinet Door Storage
plastic baskets + command hooks

Shower Storage
shower rod + hangable bins or baskets with handles + curtain rings

Behind the Door Towel Storage

Over the Door Beauty Supply Storage from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Closet Dollar Store Organization for Small Spaces

Shirt Organizer (using a soda tab)

Shirt Organizer (using s hooks)

Tank Top Organizer
$1 shower curtain rings + hanger

Hat Organizer
$1 shower curtain rings + hanger

Jean Organizer Using S Hooks

Ventilated Shelving Shower Curtain Ring Tie Organization
If you don’t already have ventilated shelving, you can get it at Habitat for Humanity for a few dollars

Clothes Hanger for Scarves

Scarf Organizer from From the Desk

Towel Bar for Belts from Best Life

Lid Rack Clutch Organizer from Fabulous Fashions for Sensible Style

Paper Towel Holder for Organizing Jewelry from Perpetually Chic

Tiered Shelving for Accessories
$1 wire cabinet shelves

Plate Rack Flip-Flop Organizer

Ventilated Shelving Gift Wrap Organization
If you extra shelving, this is a perfect idea for using up empty space in the closet. If you don’t have some already, you can get it at Habitat for Humanity for a few bucks.

Other Dollar Store Organization for Small Spaces

DIY Storage Shelving from Hometalk

Dollar Store Homework Caddy from Simple Made Pretty

Laundry Basket Idea for Extra Storage from DIY Energy

Iron Board Storage (using wall hooks)

Cookie Jar Laundry Pod Holder

DIY Lint Bin from Polished Habitat
She uses a literature box, but you could easily use a plastic wastebasket from the dollar store.

Small Space Laundry Room Organization from Waffling Blog

Car Organizer
All you need is a small over the door shoe organizer to hang over the back of the seat

Floating Storage Space
small jars with lids + adhesive

Organization Hub from Better Homes and Gardens

DIY Cube Organizer from Aimee Weaver

 Under Bed Storage DIY from Pins and Procrastination

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16 DIY Organization Hacks zur Verwendung von IKEA Spice Racks

I was lost on what to buy every time I went to IKEA, do you feel like that you have no idea which one to buy as I do? We have IKEA Hacks which give us some inspirations on buying useful stuffs for home improvement, and today we are going to explore the simple humble IKEA spice rack. If you look with an open mind, you’ll find a lot of ingenious usages you may never think of. Here comes these organization and storage hacks you can reuse these ordinary pieces around almost every corner of your house.

IKEA Spice Rack has similiar features as Rain Gutter Home Decoration IDEAS, so get inspired and start your own adventure.

Rain Gutter Home Decoration Garden DIY ideas

Rain Gutter Home Decoration IDEAS

Use IKEA Spice Racks as Wall Bookshelf Library

DIY Organization Hacks to Use IKEA Spice Racks as Wall Bookshelf Library

Image: Pinterest.com; Tutorial: Thesweetestdigs.com

Mounted Bookshelves on Dresser

IKEA Spice Racks for Dresser Side Shelf-DIY Organization Hacks

Image and Tutorial Via On the Banks of Squaw Creek

IKEA Spice Racks As Key Hanger

Add a few hooks to the underside of an IKEA spice rack to organize your keys and other belongings. Store gloves, sunglasses and other small stuff on top.

IKEA Spice Racks As Key Hanger-DIY Organization Hacks

Image and Tutorial:  ikea hackers

For Nursery Wardrobe

Part closet and part wall decor, use spice racks to put your toddler’s most adorable outfits on display.

IKEA Spice Racks for Nursery Wardrobe-DIY Organization Hacks

Image: Piper and Poppies

For Baby Changing Station

If there’s one activity where you always want to be prepared, it’s changing a diaper. Instead of digging through a diaper bag, make sure you have all your baby-changing necessities at the ready.

IKEA Spice Racks for Baby Changing Station-DIY Organization Hacks

For Craft Supply Storage

Spice racks make the perfect storage system for Ribbons. Simply thread the ribbon through the gap between the bar and the bottom of the rack and you’ll always have ribbon at a moment’s notice

IKEA Spice Racks for Craft Supply Storage-DIY Organization Hacks

Image: 7 Layer Studio

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19 Brilliant Bathroom Organization DIY-Ideen

19 Brilliant Bathroom Organization Ideas

With so many stuffs there, bathrooms are one of the easiest rooms to get out of control with clutter. This awesome roundup of 19 ingenious organization ideas will help you claim back the space and transform it from a clutter time bomb to a relaxing heaven. Whether you need small change or big modification this post has it all. Let’s check them out:

Upcycle An Old Chair Into A Stylish Bathroom Shelf – Transform an old chair from shabby to chic with this creative DIY! Not only is it completely original but it’s practical too and can be used to store everything from towels to toothpaste!

DIY Bath Caddy & Magazine Rack – With this brilliant bath caddy you can make your time in the tub even better! It’s great for adding extra storage to your bathroom and the built-in magazine rack means you can sit back, relax and read your favorite articles!

Build Your Own Corner Shelf – If you have a tiny bathroom then you’ll know how important it is to use every inch of space…including the corners!

Homemade Toilet Paper Storage – Never get caught short with this fantastic DIY! You may prefer to hide them away but it’s always better to keep the spare toilet rolls within easy reach…and this artistic display even makes them look good!

DIY Vintage Bathroom Storage Canisters – Keep all your bits and pieces safely tucked away in these beautiful homemade canisters.

How To Install Floating Shelves – You may have to use a few power tools to complete this craft, but the extra effort will be worth it when you see the results!

Wine Rack Towel Storage – Keep your towels close at hand with this ingenious storage solution! If you have to drink that last bottle of wine in the name of DIY, then so be it!

DIY Toothbrush Holders – Hidden away on the inside of a cupboard door, these toothbrush holders are easily accessible and a great way to save counter space. You can even personalize them so each member of the family has their own unique holder!

Cabinet Door Storage – A cheap and easy way to organize your cabinets? You’ll definitely want to add this DIY to your ‘to do’ list!

Beauty Bar Cart – With a growing collection of cosmetics, beauty products and hair appliances, it’s likely that your bathroom is getting quite cluttered! This amazing bar cart is a great way to store everything all in one place…and it looks great too!

Bathroom Drawer Makeover – This inspiring tutorial should give you the motivation you need to complete your own mini makeover and organize your bathroom drawers.

DIY Rotating Organizer Stand – A few simple supplies is all you need to create this handy stand!

Hanging Hairbrush Storage – This solution is perfect for hairbrushes but would work just as well with your curing irons, straight irons and hairdryers too!

Make Your Own Crate Shelving – Create your own fast and easy storage…it’s functional and decorative, it’s super simple to make, it’s everything you could want from a DIY!

Towel Hooks – Adding space to your bathroom doesn’t get much easier than this!

DIY Wood Caddy – With so many lotions and potions, it’s easy to see how our bathrooms become so messy! This rustic wooden caddy will solve all your problems and keep everything all in one, neatly contained space!

Spice Racks In The Bathroom – Are you wondering what a traditional kitchen item is doing lurking in the bathroom? Helping you to organize, that’s what!

DIY Toothbrush Wraps – Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and wash cloth…everything you need for your morning routine is in one wrap! They’re portable too so when you next have an overnight stay, just grab this and you’re good to go!

Ikea Hack Shower Shelf – With this handy shelf, you’ll never have to store your shower items on the floor again.

To get the full list of must see storage solutions visit homemadehomeideas.com here…

19 Brilliant Bathroom Organization Ideas