100 besten DIY Closet Organization Ideas

100 Closet Organization DIY Ideas

Organize your closet for less with these DIY organization and storage ideas. Many of these closet organization ideas are great for small closets and maximizing space. There are a hundred budget-friendly closet organization ideas for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Closet Organization for Clothes

Shirt Organizer (using a soda tab)

Shirt Organizer (using s hooks)

Jean Organizer (using s hooks)

Clothes Organization with Shelf Brackets
curtain clips with hooks + $2 IKEA shelf brackets 

Tank Top Organizer
shower curtain rings + hanger

Shoe Organizer for Sweaters & Sweats

Organize by Color and Category & Use 2 Rods to Maximize Space

Pipe Cleaners No Slip Clothes Organization

Sweater Organization

Closet Organization for Scarves

DIY Scarf Hanger 

Scarf Organizer
shower curtain rod + curtain rings + scarves

Clothes Hanger for Many Scarves

Sock and Scarf Organizer 
(using PVC pipe)

Ventilated Shelving Scarf Organzier

DIY Slide-Out Scarf Organizers
plywood + 1×2 poplar + drawer slides + towel bars

Tension Rod Scarf Storage

Closet Organization for Belts

Wooden Hanger Belt Rack
wooden hanger + wire cutters + cup hooks + drill/drill bits

DIY Slide-Out Belt Organizers
1×4 board + 1×2 poplar + drawer slides + cup cooks

Belt Organizer
board + clothespins + hot glue

Belt Organizer II
shower curtain rings + shower rod

Belt Ring Organizer

Closet Organization for Purses

Purse Organizer
curtain rings + shower curtain rod (or you could just attach the rings to hangers)

$5 Purse Organizer 
towel bar + hooks

Lid Rack Clutch Organizer

Shelf Divider Purse Organizer 

Hanging Purses on Over the Door Hooks

Closet Organization for Undergarments

Tights Organizer
clothespins + ruler + glue gun

Bra Organizer Using Metal Racks or Towel Hook Rack
You could do the same thing with 2-3 of these Dollar Tree hooks

Hanging Bra Organization
Add hooks to wooden hangers and stack them

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers
plywood + saw

Cardboard Drawer Dividers
cardboard + ruler + box cutter

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Underwear & Tights

Closet Organization for Ties

Tie Holder
screws + decorative drawer handles (you can them at Walmart for $2-$3)

DIY Tie Rack
wood + wood stain + wood glue + nails/hammer + saw + sander/sandpaper + spray sealer + hangers

Space Saving Tie Rack
Saw, Hammer & Drill + clamps + 1×2″ poplar + wood dowel + screws

Towel Bar Tie Organizer

BBQ Rack Tie Hanger
A cooling rack would work just as good and you could spray paint it whatever color you want

Ventilated Shelving Curtain Ring Tie Organization

DIY Tie Rack
trim boards + clothespins + hot glue gun
You could even used spray painted yard sticks for the base as well.

Closet Organization for Shoes

Tension Rod Shoe Organizer
tension rods + masking tape + level + tape measure

Shoe Organizer DIY 
wood glue + 1×3 wood + spray paint + wood screws + drill

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack 

Flats Organization
plastic clips + hangers
You can also use bent wire coat hangers to

Tall Boot Organization 
(using cut in half pool noodles)

Pant Hangers for Boot Organization

DIY Wood Shoe Rack

DIY Shoe Ladder
You can even put them on one of these $5 DIY blanket ladders that take up very little space

Flip Flop Magazine Holde

Plate Rack Flip-Flop Organizer

Closet Shoe Hooks
wood board + knobs + spray paint  + drill

Cheap Bookcase Shoe Organization

Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Wine Box Shoe Organizer for Unused Shoes

Behind the Door Floating Shelves for Shoes
Check out this tutorial for how to make $5 floating shelves. It’s easy, no building required.

Closet Organization for Jewelry

Simple Jewelry Organization
trim boards + hammer/nails + cup hooks + long chain

Towel Rack Jewelry Organizer
towel rack + s hooks

Ikea Jewelry Organizer
Ikea Fintorp rails, hooks, and baskets

Vanity Organization for Jewelry 

Jewelry and Scarf Organizer
wood + cheap knobs + spray paint + drill + hooks

Paper Towel Holder for Organizing Jewelry 

Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer 

Other Closet Organization Ideas

Winter Accessory Organzier
towel bar + curtain clip rings

Winter Accessory Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Hat Organizer
curtain rings + hanger

Wire Basket Drawers
drawer sliders + wire baskets

Hanging Eyewear from Coat Hanger

Glasses Organizer
picture frame + spray paint + picture hanging kit with picture hanging wire + hooks

Bin Organization for Accessories

Towel Bar Accessory Organization

Cork Board Storage
MDF moulding + peg board + fabric + peg board hooks + baskets + screen clips + staple gun

Organizational Basks Under Shelving
S hooks + dollar tree baskets

Crate Organization Using Cup Hooks

Hang Dirty Clothes Over the Closet Door

Closet Organization Makeovers

Small Space Closet Makeover from Always Never Done

How to Organize a Small Closet from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Custom Closet on the Cheap from Take The Side Street
shelving + new wood closet rod + closet rod supports + caulk, primer & paint

How a Girl Built Her Closet from Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Kids Closet Organization Makeover from Reality Daydream

Kids Closet Organization from A Bowl Full of Lemons


28+ Awesome Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas

Cabinet doors, just like the ones you discover at old homes, are like a blank canvas waiting to be upcycled and repurposed, from making a cabinet shelf to a DIY kitchen table, there’s a lot you can do. Turn your old cabinet doors into beautiful decoration pieces.

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What can you do with old cabinet doors?

The next time you rework your room and alter the cupboard doors or if you simply happen to come across some recent cupboards at a mart or sale, be sure to put a number of these nice repurposing ideas to use. You’ll enjoy turning those doors into something great and new.

What to make out of old doors?

From serving trays to attractive image frames so many things in between, you’re certain to find the proper use for those cabinet doors. from making your own chess board out of a cabinet door to create a beautiful and space filled jewelry organizer?

There are various ways in which you’ll be able to repurpose cabinet doors that is why I am excited to show them to you. Oh, and if you’re trying to find howling ways in which to spruce up you’re outdoors this spring, make sure to give a look at these twenty ways in which to repurpose your cabinet doors into something new and exciting.

28 repurposed cabinet door ideas

1. DIY Cabinet door Bench

This would be nice for sitting on the porch or within the anteroom. have you ever priced a porch bench?

Those things are pretty expensive however you’ll be able to build one yourself, probably at no cost, if you have one or two of old cabinet doors on hand. The seat and back are solely made up of old cabinet doors, a great way to repurpose them.

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2. DIY Chalkboard from Old Cabinet Doors


Chalkboards can be really handy to have in the kitchen for keeping grocery things listed as you would like them and even leaving notes for the family etc.

This chalkboard can be made from any old cabinet door and it’s attractive and so functional! you only paint the cabinet door with chalkboard paint. If you’re using a decorated or framed door, you can paint the frame to match your room and have a beautiful chalkboard that goes absolutely along with your decoration.

3. DIY Porch décor


These skinny cupboard doors turned into porch interior decorations are beautiful. They’re also very easy to DIY. You can use wider cabinet doors if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

Simply paint them with flat solid paint and leave a pleasant welcome message or you could paint them a bright color and paint your message on them however you prefer. Either way, they’re certain to build your porch instantly good and alluring.

4. DIY Cabinet Door Chessboard


Do you play chess? It’s a game of strategy needless to say it’s a lot of fun. What’s also fun is that this beautiful chess board has been repurposed from an old cabinet door.

Imagine twiddling with friends and telling them that you just created the board yourself! this is an easy project and you’ll be able to customize the colors to match your decor. Your family and friends will really like this project and you’re guaranteed to love it too.

5. DIY Cabinet Door Clock


A simple and gorgeous DIY clock that you can create from those old cabinet doors. This gives you so much room to personalize! simply paint, stain, or otherwise beautify that cabinet door and then add a clock kit to it.

Create the numbers however you wish and make the clock work for any place in your home however you like.

6. DIY Cabinet door Easel

This cabinet door turned easel could be used for several things. You can give it away as a present to somebody who loves art or use it yourself anywhere around the house.

You can use this on the porch for welcome messages or you could use it to display pictures or collages or maybe use it as an actual stand for art. It’s incredibly versatile and so very easy to create.

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7. Beautiful cabinet door picture frames


That otherwise useless cabinet door could really make a gorgeous picture frame. You can clean and stain or paint the cabinet door however you want it to look.

And once it’s ready, you can drill holes in it to attach hangers and then you can easily hang your pictures from clips onto the wall or wherever you want. This is a great idea if you like to change your picture frames from normal to vintage.

8. DIY Wall Décor From Cabinet Doors


If you’ve been thinking of redecorating the room, a new headboard can create a big difference in how the room appears. And, you don’t need to purchase a new bedroom set or pay a fortune on a new panel.

You’ll be able to create one yourself with old cabinet doors and give your space an exquisite natural look. These look great stained or painted.

9. DIY Cabinet Doors Wall Art


You will really love the old rustic look that comes from these cabinet doors. They can look great as house signs – just put your name and your house number on them and drop them on your porch. Or, use them indoors for a little added decoration.

You can place any number of things on them from your name to some sacred words or quotes. They can also be wonderful gifts to give.

10. DIY Cabinet Door Jewelry Holder


That old cabinet door is just the perfect tool for this rustic jewelry organizer. Rods hold your necklaces and bracelets or you can just attach a hook to the bottom for holding extra jewellery or store scarves on it as well. Just suspend it on the wall and get that jewellery a better place to stay.

11. DIY Coat hanger


This wall pegboard is ideal for keeping your coat put neatly away and you can simply DIY it from an old cabinet door. Smaller doors may work best depending on how much wall area you have got, however you can use this idea on a bigger door too. Decorate it however you like, you can make this perfect management tool for coats and backpacks.

12. Redesigned Cabinet door mail holder


This nice mail holder can simply be made up of a slender cabinet door. It’s got a hook at the top if you wish to hang your coat or purse and a good catch-all bottom for holding your mail. It’s a wire basket that gives the whole thing a good rustic look.

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13. DIY Jar Holder


Take that old cabinet door and use it hang jar vases. simply use metal clamps just like the ones that hold your dryer vent in place to hold the mason jars. The clamps are connected to the cabinet door firmly with screws and also the project incorporates a very farmhouse like vibe.

14. DIY Communication Doors


If you can’t decide between a blackboard or a note board, why not do both? This family communication center has everything you need to stay organized and on prime of things, and you’ll be able to create it in barely one or two hours from that old cabinet door. This works nicely for doors that are doubled paned however you can do it with one.

15. DIY Door Frame Picture Collage


Turn that old rustic cabinet door into a photo frame. Hand it on the wall or anywhere, let your pictures stand out with its appealing look.

16. DIY Cabinet Door Serving tray

This cabinet door serving tray is pretty easy to make and it’s gorgeous, simply use your old door paint it however you like and attach some hooks and voila.

17. Make Your Own DIY Earring Holder

Need a new home for your earrings? Well, you can use that old cabinet door and transform it into a unique masterpiece to hold all your precious gems.

18. DIY Cabinet Door Towel Holder

Sick of your old towel holder? Well, you’re in luck, use your old cabinet door, you just have to paint it or stain it in your chosen color.

19. DIY Cabinet door Shelves

Stack your plates in a more organized manner, make yourself this easy to make DIY project to make the space more elegant and sorted.

20. DIY Cabinet Door Item Holder


This DIY project is really easy to make and comes in really handy when considering storing your items in a unique space.

21. DIY Desk Out of Cabinets


22. Welcome to our home sign

23. Easy cabinet door


24. Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket


25. Repurposed cabinet door before and after


26. Mason jar and old cabinet door

27. Bathroom organizer


28. Wreath hangs on the door



20+ Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas

Wait, don’t ditch that old window, first take a look at these wonderful Repurposed Old Window Ideas

Whether you’re replacing your old windows, or have reclaimed some of your own, you should know that there are so many creative things that you can do with them. 

Repurposing old windows is a great way to add vintage character to your home. Create a unique look that your friends and family will admire.

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Can Windows Be Recycled?

Many people wonder whether old windows can be recycled. 

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Old windows can sometimes be recycled, but it’s not” a simple process>. Unlike glass bottles, the glass in windows is treated differently, making it very hard to recycle

Many recycling firms just can’t do it.

If you have the option, you shouldn’t leave old windows by the curbside for collection. 

Instead of recycling old windows, reuse them. It’s much more environmentally friendly and a great creative opportunity.

What Can You Use Old Windows For?

Old windows can be transformed into greenhouses, rustic headboards, beautiful decorative displays and even plant holders

You can also transform old windows into coffee tables and window chalkboards.

How To Decorate Old Window Panes

To decorate an old window pane consider hanging a wreath, adding pictures of your family, or even adding ambient lighting.

You can sand them down and add a lick of paint to match your new decor. 

20 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas 

Give your old windows a new chance at life with these 20 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas

#1. Write Messages On A Chalkboard Window

Use chalk paint to transform your old window into a chalk message board. Window sills are great for storing chalk and erasers.


#2. Transform Your Window Into A Mirror

A splash of silver spray paint will turn your windows into wonderfully reflective mirrors.


#3. Make Your Own Window Frame Cabinet

The best way to display your possessions is through glass. That makes repurposed window frame cabinets brilliant.


#4. Create A Window Frame Headboard

Turn your windows into a bedroom feature by creating a brilliant Repurposed Window Frame Headboard.

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#5. Make It Green With A Window Frame Plant Hanger

Repurposed old window frames make great hanging planters. This one hangs perfectly from a tree’s branch.


#6. Build Your Own Window Frame Coffee Table

Store your coffee books stylishly with this repurposed old window coffee table


#7. Get Creative With A Window Pane Fireplace Screen

Keep out cold draughts while maintaining a perfect view with this DIY Window Pane Fireplace Screen.


#8. Transform Your Window Frame Into A Picture Display

Turn your window frame into an exhibition, with pictures of your family and special places.


#9. Create Your Own Window Shadow Box

Old windows are easily repurposed into shadow boxes, helping you show off your treasures in the kitchen or living room.


#10. Grow Herbs With This Great Window Box Planter

Create an artistic backdrop for your flowers and herbs with this great window box planter.


#11. Unleash Your Style With A Groutless Mosaic Window

Mosaics don’t need to be difficult. An old window makes the perfect frame for an easy and stylish groutless mosaic display.


#12. Keep Coats Tidy With A Repurposed Window Rack

This repurposed window coat rack looks rustic and is an easy way to store your coats with vintage flair.


#13. Make Your Own Window Greenhouse

Have a lot of old windows? Why not build your very own repurposed old window greenhouse?


#14. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Repurposed old windows make great DIY bathroom cabinets. Why hide your product’s pretty labels when you can put them safely on display?

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#15. Extend Your Outdoor Space With A Window Garden Mirror

Enlarge your small garden with reflective surfaces. Repurposed old windows are durable and really add to the outdoor space.


#16. Hang Towels On Your Vintage Window Towel Rank

Nowhere to hang your towels? Make a vintage towel rack out of your old windows!


#17. Light Up The Night With A Repurposed Window Light

Add some fairy lights to create ambient, rustic nightlights with your repurposed windows.


#18. Create Stained Glass Window Art

Be creative and paint your old windows with patterns to create beautiful stained glass art that’s a fitting addition to your new windows.


#19. Never Get Lost With A Repurposed Window Map Display

Look out onto the open road by adding your favorite map to an old window.

#20. Small Window Greenhouse

Greenhouses” don need to be large. add one the end of your house with a few>repurposed windows.


Something New, Something Old

Give new life to your old windows by repurposing them into useful household features.

These great designs will help you make the most of your repurposed windows. Adding an authentic rustic feel to your home. 

Reusing is always better than recycling.


21+ Genius Gardening Ideas bei geringem Budget

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Garten Der Welt

Apartment Gardening Ideas: Containerfreundliche Pflanzen für den Balkongärtner

Amazon Associates Program

FarmFoodFamily.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Additionally, FarmFoodFamily.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.


10 Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas You Should Try

Utilizing the roof for a vegetable garden can be applied to homes. All that is needed is not concrete-floored land, raised beds for planting, and a roof to control the absorbed water.

Plant the type of short-lived vegetables, between four to five weeks, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, carrots.

Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas
Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas

Plant crops alternately. For example, after planting water spinach, the land is not planted with water spinach but replaced with lettuce. After lettuce, the same land is planted with spinach. And so on alternately.

This method can naturally break the life cycle of plant pest. The pests that came when they planted water spinach were cut off in their life cycle with different plants that were planted thereafter. Thus creating a balance.

Vegetable gardens on the roof of the house should be equipped with a transparent roof so that the sun can be absorbed well but rainfall can be blocked. The intensity of water that is still in the planting medium must be controlled.

Watering is done twice a day with moderate intensity. It is best to do it with a watering can.

A green open space on the roof of a house does have an ecological benefit. But it also has a decorative function at once.

You can adjust the layout of the plants you plant and decorate it with various decorating elements so that the garden on the roof of the house will remain beautiful and eye-catching.

Do not forget if the plants are planted in pots, then choose pots with decorative elements. Choose a pot with a color and design side that is very interesting because it will make your roof more ideal later.

You can also decorate your garden by placing park benches and adding lighting ornaments as well as garden lights.

This way when night falls you can sit relaxed while looking at the sky full of stars perfectly.

Below Are Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas

A good looking roof top garden Garden design
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Amazing Roof Top Garden
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Beautiful Roof Garden Ideas
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Great Homes With Beautiful Rooftop Decks And Terraces
Great Homes With Beautiful Rooftop Decks And Terraces – homedit.com
Patio Garden Rooftop
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Roof Terrace Garden
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Rooftop Garden Ideas
Rooftop Garden Ideas – dovolenakuba.info
Rooftop Gardening Ideas
Rooftop Gardening Ideas – saucyonion.blogspot.com
Rooftop gardens
Rooftop gardens – luxaflexsa.blogspot.com
Start Rooftop Garden
Start Rooftop Garden – eemcnow.net

Thank you for reading our article, hopefully, you can give an idea or inspiration about Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas.

Whirlpool Outdoor

102 Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas You’ll Summer in Love With

The suitable small backyard landscaping ideas will be able to help you squeeze a whole lot of use out of a tiny land. Landscaping for Small Backyard Ideas Landscaping ideas for smaller backyards are a good way to improve outdoor house and garden. Cut out all of the clutter to earn your backyard feel more open.

Designing your garden all around your slope means making it low-maintenance in order to don’t need to be concerned about accessing high places. With beautiful pool landscaping ideas you may have a great looking space in your backyard. Landscaping is great means of making your pool area look picturesque.

Behind the wall, you may have a colorful decorative such as flowers and smallish plants. Vertical landscaping lets you make usage of your yard’s vertical space, providing you a means to fit in your favourite flowers, ornamentals and possibly even vegetables. Moreover, it is going to be helpful because you won’t bend as much once you tend to the plants.

Backyard landscaping concepts include things like asking for everybody’s aid in addition to for their recommendations too. So before you proceed and implement any ideas, there are a few tips you should follow as a way to have the ability to lay the proper foundation toward designing your landscape. There are a couple things to consider prior to thinking about any green landscaping ideas.

Tiny front house can be transformed into a wonderful cottage completed with a broad range of decorative trees in various colours. It’s also wise to take a look at the idea of square foot gardening. There are several outdoor patio ideas to select from.

Possibly a porch or terrace needs to be sheltered or protected, or a unique window from which you’d love to visit a flowering tree or other feature. If you’ve got small space in front of your residence then a little garden with grass and flower will appear so cute and perfect for your front yard area. Designing the front yard is quite important.

Landscape lighting highlights architectural materials and features on your home and enhances special characteristics and details in your lawn. The value of fencing in a little area is also an essential design feature. Before you start your backyard landscaping, choose a master program.

Whirlpool Outdoor

39 Spring Garden mit Flower Ideas starten

In the fall, the local garden center needs to have a choice of cool-weather loving flowers prepared to take home. The spring season is the perfect time to dress your house in a number of bright blooms that could add major personality to your space. Spring beauty is normally seen over a variety of the park.

Spring is a good time to get ready for a new flower bed. Tulips come in a vast number of colours and sizes. The flower is expensive as it survives only for a couple weeks after it’s cut from the stem.


75 Incredible Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

The master bedroom is usually the largest one in the house but there are also other elements that capture the essence of the concept.

Your master bedroom should feel like an oasis. It should be the relaxing space where you can go to escape the rest of life’s never ending pressures. We’ve compiled some master bedroom ideas to help take your space from simply being where you sleep to your favorite room in the house.

Enjoy our collection of master bedroom decorations below!


40 kleine Badezimmer Badewanne Remodel Ideas

Thinking of remodeling your bathrooms but have limited space. The answer to these questions is usually a bathtub and shower combo. Apart from saving you quite a few space, this kind of great bathroom design ideas.

Small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task. Creating a functional and storage friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs.

Whether you are looking to decorate your bathroom or design one from scratch, this post will help you find an 40 amazing small bathroom design and decoration that fits your needs.