100 besten DIY Fairy Garden Ideen

100 Best DIY Fairy Gardens

Get crafty this summer and make your own whimsical fairy garden with these creative DIY fairy garden ideas as inspiration. Since it’s such a fun and easy activity, it makes a great summer craft idea to do with your kids over the break. There are fairy garden ideas for containers, the yard, and indoors. Plus, there are DIY projects for fairy garden accessories so you can build your own fairy furniture and villages.

Here are a few helpful guides for choosing for your miniature garden plants:

  • https://empressofdirt.net/plants-for-miniature-gardens/ 
  • https://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/projects/top-plants-for-fairy-gardens/ 

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

How to Start a Fairy Garden from Crafts by Amanda

Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden from Little Tudor on the Prairie

Magical DIY Fairy House Planter from Crafts Unleashed

Affordable Fairy Garden from Mommy Moments

Tiered Terra Cotta Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden from By Stephanie Lynn

Broken Pot Fairy Garden from J & J Acres

Stacked Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Broken Pot Fairy Garden from Buzzfeed

Step by Step Fairy Garden Tutorial from Joann’s Blog

Beach Fairy Garden from Jolene’s Gardening

Beach Fairy Garden with Mermaid from Home Talk

Beach Cave Garden with Mermaid from Youtube

Beach Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Beach Fairy Garden with Water and Flamingos (source unknown)

Cute Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Fairy Garden from Creamer Chronicles

Easy DIY Fairy Garden from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Terra Cotta Fairy Garden from Purely from the Heart

DIY Fairy Garden from Aidie’s Hideaway

Fairy Garden with Mossy Roofed House (source unknown)

Wheel Barrel Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Fairy Garden in a Barrel Planter from My Frugal Adventures

Fairy Garden Orb (source unknown)
Here is a tutorial for how to make the grapevine balls. Adding the twinkle lights would make it extra magical! Just cut a hole of the ball and add your fairy accessories

Magical Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Thrifted Bird Bath Fairy Garden from See Vanessa Craft

Teacup Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Welcome Village from The Magic Onions

Fairies In The Garden from A Cuppa Tea With Me

DIY Planter Fairy Garden from Life Creatively Organized

Fairy Tree House (source unknown)

Large Fairy Village from Fairy Gardens

Container Fairy Garden with Colorful Banner (source unknown)

Wicker Basket Fairy Garden from Echoes of Laughter

Bonsai Tree Fairy Garden from Lil Blue Boo

Wood Box Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Fairy Garden in Hanging Planter from Dollar Tree

DIY Planter Fairy Garden from I Heart Nap Time

Wheel Barrel Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Pinecone Fairy House from A Little Fur in the Paint

Succulent Fairy Garden from Crafts Unleashed

Stone Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Miniature Fairy Garden (Video Tutorial) from AkameruKawaii

Fairy Garden in a Wagon from Minnie’s Milestones

Fairy Garden with a Patio from 625 Cruse Avenue

DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

Acorn Lantern Fairy “Light”

Magical Doorway from DIY Network

Twig and Twine Ladder from Juise

Fairy Gems from Little Monster

Bridge Over Water from Juise

Fairy Garden Clothesline
tulle ribbon + mini clothespins + cotton twine + decorative hair pins

Fairy Clothesline
thick twigs + twine + min clothespins + fabric scraps + DIY toadstools (see below) + wood slices

Wood Fence and Hammock from The Magic Onion
twigs + wood glue + thread + fabric scrap

Flower Fairies from Lemon Zest

Solar Powered Fairy House from Creative Green Living

DIY Jar Mushroom House from Practik Ideas

DIY Stone Fairy House from The Fairy Garden

Terra Cotta Fairy House
Just paint them, add fairy doors and windows

Pinecone Roof from Jennifer Decorates
This tutorial is meant for a Christmas Village but would also work for a fairy garden

Twine Beehive from DIY Fairy Gardens

Tiny Fairy Gardens from Think Crafts

Mini Toadstools from The Magic Onions

Acorn Birdhouses from Empress of Dirt

Magical Clay Toadstools from Fairy Gardens

Old Jar Into a Mushroom Fairy House from DIY & Crafts

Polymer Clay Frog from Empress of Dirt

Miniature Birds Nests from The Spruce

Acorn Bird’s Nest from Twig and Toadstool

Fairy Mailbox

Fairy Well from Juise

Fairy Garden Arbor
twigs + wood glue

Fairy Umbrella from Kiwi Co

Water Fountain

Bird Bath Fountains
scallop shells + water + glitter + food coloring + wood slice + hot glue gun + mini birds

Hot Glue Waterfall from Happiness is Crafting

Popsicle Bench from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Fairy Garden Wishing Well from Pinterest

Fairy Garden Tools from Hometalk

Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors

Recycled Plastic Bottles into Fairy Houses from Bored Panda

 Stone Fairy House from Inhabitat

Flickering Fire Pit
LED tea light candle + twigs + pebbles + glue gun

Fairy Garden Chairs from Diva of DIY

Fairy Bicycles from Gardening Living

Fairy Garden Furniture from Our Beautifully Messy House

Fairy Garden Pebble Mosaic Path from The Fairy Garden

Gazing Balls

Dragonflies Using Maple Seeds & Twigs from Filth Wizardry



24 Going Classic: Beginnen Sie jetzt mit diesen Vintage Garden-Designs

As a rising trend in both indoor and outdoor, vintage is the result of the successful combination of quirky or warm antique pieces. It’ll show a complete difference once incorporated into your yard, making neighbours on the block will probably ask for your tips.

What was once dull can be made gorgeous by several of these picturesque vintage garden design concepts. Flea market may be on your next visit, and you can start to recycle and repurpose items for that vintage display. Once you decide to animate the garden with our ideas, start gardening with a lot more fun!

1. Rusty Vintage Wheelbarrow Planter

If you have old wheelbarrows that at least still can stand sturdily, don’t throw it out only because it’s rusty. They can be an exceptional planter in your garden that affords to serve uniqueness and functionality at the same time. Try this rusty vintage wheelbarrow planter in available open space and then plant a lovely collection of flowers.

Using a wheelbarrow planter made of wood will give a vintage rustic feel to your garden so it looks more attractive.
Wheelbarrows planter that made from rusty iron looks vintage so as to provide its own pleasure.
The wheelbarrow planter idea will never fail to decorate your garden. You can do a DIY wooden wheelbarrows project to give a vintage touch to your garden decor.
Vintage garden decoration using a wheelbarrow planter is the right idea. Antique wheelbarrow planters will enhance the decoration of your garden so it looks more beautiful.
Extraordinary growers in your garden by using an old wagon will provide uniqueness in your garden so that it gives its own pleasure.

Image Source

2. Mason jar Outdoor Lanterns

Mason jars aren’t only for overnight oatmeal snacks or those mix-and-match salad recipes. Grab some of your unused mason jars and put lovely fairy lights or neon lights. These Mason jar outdoor lanterns will appear magnificent once evening descends, so you probably can lounge at the garden tonight.

DIY Mason jar lanterns for decorating your garden look simple but still look beautiful. Placing mason jar lanterns around flowers will create beauty in your garden.
Mason jar with neon lights is suitable for lighting your garden. Just hang mason jar lanterns along the fence to create perfect lighting.
Lighting is one that affects your decor. Using a lantern jar to decorate your garden will enhance your garden so it looks more creative and unique.
Grab a few unused stone jars and install beautiful neon lights for your garden lighting ideas. Just hang it on a tree and your garden lighting will look perfect.

Image Source

3. Antique Teacup Vintage Garden Design

Got old teacups lying unused because of little cracks or faded colourations? You can hang them on a tall standing tier or any area with a tall structure. Instead of using them to drink tea like Alice in Wonderland, these lovely teacups will serve their purpose for a dazzling effect in antique teacup vintage garden design.

Using used cups for decorating your garden is a creative idea. Teacup garden design will give a vintage impression to your garden so it looks more pleasant.
Teacup planting is a creative idea to get a vintage garden. Putting teacup pots on the table will give a beautiful feel when you relax in the garden.
Planting a succulent in teacup will enhance your garden decor so that it gives a vintage impression. Place the secondary plants on your garden table so you won’t miss it.
Creative garden decorations using teacup pots look unique and amazing. Place it on a wooden table to give a vintage feel to your garden.

Image Source

Teacup will give a unique beauty to your antique teacup garden design. Placing it in a place with a high structure will enhance the decoration of your garden so it looks more beautiful.

Image Source

4. Vintage Coffee Pot Planters

Alright, coffee pot? Don’t start assuming that this won’t be possible. If you want your garden to feel as if in period movies, and you somehow happen to have one antique coffee pot, then this idea is for you! Create that vintage coffee pot planters with favourite plants.

Coffee Pot Planters will provide its own uniqueness in your garden. Planting a succulent in coffee pots will enhance your garden decor so it looks more classic.

Image Source

A house plant in a glass coffee pot will look more beautiful. Coffee pots will give a simple vintage impression to your garden so it looks more perfect.

Image Source

Using a coffee pot planter will create a vintage atmosphere for your garden. Hang the coffee pot planter on the fence to make it look neater and more beautiful.

Image Source

Blooming flowers with a coffee pot planter will give a vintage feel to your garden. Using a coffee pot planter will provide beauty without having to cost a lot.

Image Source

Simple garden decorations using coffee pot planters look unique and give a vintage feel. Place the coffee pot on a garden table to make it look more beautiful and neat.

Image Source

5. String Lights Garden Design

You can make that vacation vibe by placing string lights garden design by wrapping them around garden trees or backyard pillars. If you don’t want to buy, you might want to check your Christmas light collection last year.

Simple garden decoration with string light will provide a pleasant holiday vibe. Just wrap the rope lights around the tree and your garden will look more festive.

Image Source

Wrap a string of light around the tree will enhance your garden decoration so it looks more beautiful.

Image Source

String light will provide its own beauty for your garden decoration. You can decorate your patio with string light to make it look more festive and beautiful.

Image Source

Garden lighting ideas using string light will give a romantic feel to your garden. Just wrap the string light around the patio and your garden will look amazing.

Image Source

To give beauty to your garden, adding string lights to lighting ideas will never fail. Wrap a string of light around the tree to make your garden look more festive.

Image Source

We hope that these vintage garden design concepts can inspire you to make a change in your home!


9 Vintage Garden-Ideen, die Ihre Außenansicht verbessern

Garden becomes one of the most favorite places for everyone who wants to get fresh air and wonderful scenery at their own house. Designing garden may not hard. When you love vintage thing, you can design your garden with classic elements.

Nowadays or years later, vintage garden is still applicable. Further, it is neither requires more budgets nor certain skill. See these vintage garden designs that may inspire you;

Vintage Garden With Plates

Vintage Garden With Plates


If you have many vintage plates that are not used anymore, you may take them as garden décor. Hang them on the garden fence. It will give different view for your garden but with no money to spend.

Design with Galvanized Pots

Design With Galvanized Pots


You may have old galvanized pot at your ware house or just buy it at the nearest store to design vintage garden. It only needs a bench made for old wood palette and arrange some galvanized pots there. you may add some bird houses as well.

Garden With Old Chair

Garden With Old Chair


Two dark wood old chairs are there to make you have warm conversation with your spouse. A vintage side table made form old bucket adds classic tone very well. Then, a wire basket that filled with some stones also gives another focal interest.

Garden With Old Ladder

Garden With Old Ladder


Just put a ladder against the wall and arrange your flowers at it vertically. The use of old galvanized teapots as vases already tells more about vintage-inspired style. Both of these vintage elements give us classic garden tone perfectly.

Old Bed Planter

Old Bed Planter


If you wonder where you will put old industrial bed, you use it to decorate outdoor garden. Fill the bed with soils and fertilizer as much as needed and plant your favorite flower. Someone who loves flower will adore this idea.

Old Cart as Planter

Old Cart As Planter


Using old art as planter may look as common idea, but it will applicable for all season. Further, you are free to plant any kinds of flowers as you like.

Outstanding With Bike

Outstanding With Bike


Vintage garden with old bike will also become outstanding outdoor decor. Paint the bike with your most favorite color to have it more inviting. Then put a planter box whether at front or back part.

Vintage Garden with Birdcage

Vintage Garden With Birdcage


Old birdcage can be functions as flower planter as well. You may also plant herbs, cactus, or succulents. Hang this planter anywhere as you like.

Repurpose Old Window

Repurposed Old Window


This may looked as the easiest way to create vintage garden. You only need an old window and paint it with white color. Put against the wall and hang some pots vertically.




9 kreative DIY-Ideen für Reifenpflanzgefäße zur Aufwertung von Garden View

9 Creative DIY Tire Planter Ideas To Upgrade Garden View

Instead of throwing old tires away, it will be better to use them as planter. Only by painting them in some variety colors, the tire dramatically change the garden look. With a touch of creativity, the tire planter gives more than you wish. DIY tire planter should be one of your projects this week. Here are nine inspiring ideas to try;

Flower Teacups

Flower Teacups


Look at this sweet pink tea cup! This fun idea can be apply at any garden style. In addition, the tea cup looks great with small white circle. Choose any flowers to plant and see how pretty your garden will be.

Draw Well

Draw Well


This artificial tire planter can be the most interesting figure of your garden. Paint the tire planter as like as the brick wall. Three vertically organized tire planters are enough to make this wonderful landscape. Don’t forget to cover the flowers from direct sunlight.

Hang Tire Planters

Hang Tire Planters


DIY hang tire planters can be made immediately within less than an hour. You only have to put some soils and plant the flower you like. However, pay attention to the hook that will be used for hanging the tire. It should be strong.

Tire Crown

Tire Crown


Paint six tires with orange color and one tire again in white. Arrange the six orange tires in around shape and put the white one on the top of it. Plant the flowers at each of them as your desire. Then, don’t forget to give water periodically.

Joyful Tire Planter

Joyfull Tire Planter


This excellent tire planter design looks great for your garden. Add a touch of creativity to create this amazing fish. In addition, paint it at silver color to make it looks modern. Your children will be amazed seeing this tire design.

White Painted Tire

White Painted Tire


Tire planter hanging from the tree will dramatically attract you eyes with white paint. It seems eye-grabbing by violet flowers on it. Moreover, there are some chairs in white that in one harmony to create simple and cozy garden look.

DIY Combo

DIY Combo


DIY combo looks wonderful for your porch. You can plant some varieties of flowers on it. It doesn’t matter whether pink, red, yellow, violet, and many more. Even, you can bring this DIY Combo tire planters at your backyard.

Tire Planter Border Line

Tire Planter Border Line


Paint the tire in white to use it as space divider. Take a look at the picture of border line above that uses tire planters with flowers. Therefore, those tire planters are amazingly become the line to separate between grass and pebbles area.

One-Eye Planter

One Eye Planter


There is a big Minion at the garden that watches you along day and night. This tire planter idea is unexpected. With one-eye planter, the garden looks more friendly and cute. Furthermore, the green grass seems comfort to grow up there.




Garten Der Welt

Wie man einen Indoor Tabletop Garden anpflanzt

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15+ Kreative Einmachglas Fairy Garden Ideen

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Garten Der Welt

Pflanzen Sie einen Family Ballpark Snacking Garden auf Home Turf

Load the bases with garden grown popcorn, peanuts, and sunflower seeds and bat a grand slam homerun of healthy ballpark snacks for the family dugout.

Whether you are off to Little League, heading to a Major League game, or watching the game at home, munch on healthy snacks grown in the family ballpark snacking garden.

Instead of buying overpriced and over processed ballpark food, plant homegrown popcorn, peanuts, and sunflowers seeds.

Popcorn Up to Bat

Delight children by including them in sowing and harvesting popcorn. After danger of frost is past, plant popcorn in a sunny, well-composted infield with good drainage. A soil pH of 6.0 is recommended. Poke seed 1 inch deep in rows or hills.

Popcorn needs 1 inch of water per week. Since it requires abundant nitrogen, add composted manure throughout the growing season. Next year plan to plant popcorn where nitrogen-fixing peanuts have grown.

Popcorn on the Bench

Keep ears on the stalk until kernels are firm and dry. When you pick the ears, peel back the husks and hang them to cure in a dry well-ventilated area for about two weeks.

Kernels may remain on ears until needed for use. If you remove kernels, store them in a covered container in a cool dry place.

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If stored kernels fail to pop, they may be too dry. Add a few drops of water to the container, cover, and try again in a few days. Kernels can absorb moisture to reverse dryness.

Popcorn’s Starting Line Up

Seed catalogs offer an interesting starting lineup of heirloom and hybrid popcorn in many sizes and colors, e.g., red, purple, black, maroon, yellow, calico. No matter how colorful on the cob, all kernels pop white.

A few of the cultivars are listed below:

  • Calico
  • Cherokee Long Ear
  • Dakota Black
  • Japanese Hulless
  • Ladyfinger
  • Strawberry
  • Tom Thumb
  • White Cloud

The Peanut Gallery

The familiar chant by vendors, ‘Peanuts, Popcorn, and Crackerjack®’ has been heard at ballparks for decades. But in recent years some ballparks have banned peanuts on the premises because of the number of fans allergic to the legume.

When you watch the game on TV at home, crunch on garden grown peanuts.

Peanut seeds take 85-100 days to mature so don’t expect a popping party until the World Series. Sow seeds 2 inches deep, in shells or without, in a deep friable soil with plenty of composted manure. Peanuts prefer sandy soils and a slightly acidic soil with a pH range of 5.8-6.5. Seeds sprout in 2 weeks. Yellow flowers appear in 30-40 days.

The entire family will marvel at the unique way peanuts set their pods. After flowers are fertilized, they start to wither. The withering flower becomes a stalk-like peg sending its tip down into the soil burying the developing fruit. Peanuts form and ripen in clusters underground.

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In fall dig up one plant to test if the peanuts are mature. Soft, pale and squishy nuts are not ripe. As shells ripen, they become dry, dark and hard. A yellow vine is a sign of ripening.

To harvest dig up the entire plant letting the peanuts dry on the plant by hanging in the sun for several days.

Then remove the sundried peanuts and roast them in their shells in an oven set at 325° for 15-20 minutes. Taste test!

There are four main types of peanuts: Valencia, Spanish, runner, and Virginia. Southern” exposure> Seed Exchange has a large selection of peanut seed. Once you grow a crop, save some seeds for next year’s ballpark snacking garden.

Sunflowers Step Up to the Plate

The easiest of the trio of ballpark snacks to grow is the sunflower. The best snacking seeds are from ‘Mammoth Russian,’ and ‘Peredovik.’ These sunflowers will be giants towering 9-10 feet tall with heads a foot or more across.

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Sunflowers will grow anywhere in the United States. North Dakota farmers boast the largest commercial crop and most of these sunflower seeds are sold at baseball game concession stands.

Plant seeds 1 inch deep in a sunny location after the last frost. Maturity takes 85-100 days. Consider planting giant sunflowers in rows as a fence or along a fence.

Harvest heads in fall before the birds do. Suspend seed heads in a well-ventilated area to cure for several weeks. Drying enhances the nutty flavor. Then rub seeds from heads and store in airtight jars.

During the seventh-inning stretch, fill your fists with homegrown concession stand garden snacks of popcorn, peanuts, and sunflower seeds.


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  • Pleasant, Barbara. “Grow” great goobers anywhere>,” Mother Earth News, December 2002/January 2003 website.


15+ Coole Garden Globe Ideen

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Garten Der Welt

15+ River Rock und Stone Garden Ideen

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Tea Pot Garden: Pflanzen anbauen, die köstlichen Tee machen

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