Dollar Store DIY Fee Garten Laterne

Dollar Store DIY Fairy Garden Lantern

Make your own indoor fairy garden lantern for less than $10 and in under 30 minutes with this cheap and easy DIY project. This project is perfect for people who don’t have a backyard or space for a real fairy garden but still want to experience the fun of making one. It’s great as a summer craft for kids too. Just build the lantern and let the kids put everything in!

I got everything but the fairy house and the fairy lights at Dollar Tree. I got the fairy house at Micheals using 40% off sale plus 20% off my order coupon so it was only about $3 and I already had the fairy lights, but you can get them at Micheals too for around $5 with sales and coupons.

Supplies for Indoor Fairy Garden Lantern

  • 4 picture frames of the same size (I used 11×14)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • foam board
  • scissors
  • floral moss
  • dollar store fairy figurines and fairy garden village pieces
  • fake succulents, plant bulbs or small fake flowers
  • river rocks
  • moss covered “rocks” (optional)
  • soil (free)
  • brown craft paint (optional)
  • battery operated LED micro lights (optional)

Directions for Indoor Fairy Garden Lantern

  1. Using a hot glue gun, glue the corners of all the picture frames together.
  2. With a pencil trace an outline of the bottom onto a foam board and cut it out. You can paint the foam board the same color as the picture frame to match (That’s what I did).
  3. Glue the foam board to the bottom of the lantern.
  4. Put your floral moss in the lantern first. You can build up a little hill like I did to put the fairy house on top of.
  5. I made a little pond from the metal ring holding a tea light candle and taped some of the small river rocks/pebbles around the rim of the metal. Then, I added a little bit of water and 1/2 drop of blue food coloring. Other Ideas:
    1. You could also make a fairy fire pit instead with some twigs on top of a LED tea light candle inside the metal ring. All of these supplies can be found at the Dollar Tree.
    2. You could also add a patch or two of soil and “plant” your succulents or other small plants, bulbs, flowers etc.
  6. Place all your figurines and village pieces where you want them to be. Add boulders, river rocks, succulents and other little details.
  7. Finally, add the fairy lights around your fairy garden if you have them to make your fairy garden look more magical.


Dollar Store DIY Ostern Dekoration

Dollar Store Easter Decorations

Spring is almost here and Easter is right around the corner so here is a quick and easy dollar store Easter decoration idea that only took about 15 minutes to make and used $1 supplies that you probably already have!

Supplies for Dollar Store Easter Decoration

  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 4 picture frames
  • white foam board
  • pencil
  • craft knife or scissors
  • $1 Easter figurines
  • Easter eggs (Try” this tutorial> for realistic dollar store Easter eggs)
  • Easter grass

Dollar Tree didn’t have any easter figurines this year so I got one of the easter figurines at Target’s Dollar Spot for $1 and the other one I found at Walmart for $2. You could also find them at thrift stores for around $0.50 too.

Directions for Dollar Store Easter Decoration

    1. Remove the plastic, frame back and picture inserts from the picture frames.
    2. Glue the corners of the picture frames together. Hold together firmly until each frame dries (about a minute). Be generous with the glue because you want it to hold up well.
    3. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the box onto the foam board.
    4. Cut out the outline, erase pencil markings and glue the foam board to the bottom of the box.
    5. Put the grass on the bottom of the lantern and arrange your figurines where you want them.

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75-Dollar-Shop Osterdekoration

75 Dollar Store Easter Decorations

Welcome the spring season and brighten up your home for less with these dollar store Easter decorations. There are so many Easter DIY ideas to choose from including Easter wreaths, Easter centerpieces, Easter garlands and Easter floral arrangements.

Supplies You Can Get At Dollar Tree:

  • flowers
  • floral
    • floral foam
    • floral wire
    • wire cutters
    • floral moss and reindeer moss
    • natural raffia
    • twine
    • decorative birds, butterflies and other embellishments
  • wreath forms (metal, foam, willow)
  • ribbons
  • glass vases
  • glass candleholders
  • glassware (mason jars, wine glasses, bowls, candy jars, etc.)
  • candles
  • easter decorations
    • plastic eggs
    • glittery plastic egg ornaments
    • foam glitter eggs
    • baskets
    • easter grass
  • crafting supplies
    • Mod Podge
    • spray adhesive
    • glue sticks
    • glitter
    • foam

Dollar Store Easter Wreaths

Five Minute Dollar Store Spring Forsythia Wreath
grapevine wreath + faux forsythia branches + twine

Easter Bunny Wreath
metal wreath form + white feather boas + hot pink felt + glue gun
Dollar Tree sells the metal wreaths and feather boas. You would just need to sub the felt for Dollar Trees pink foam sheets. You could make the pink ears glittery by adding Mod Podge and sprinkling glitter on the foam sheets.

Peep Wreath
Peeps + foam wreath + toothpicks + pink burlap ribbon + floral pin

Another Peeps Wreath
cardboard base + Peeps + easter grass + glue gun

Easy Dollar Tree Wreath
deco mesh + wire wreath form + wire ribbon/s + wire cutters + pipe cleaners

Spring Baby Grass Wreath
foam wreath + fur yarn + daisy trim + pearlized pink pins

Easter Egg Mesh Wreath
green, pink and blue deco mesh rolls + straw wreath + greenery pins + egg picks

Easy Bunny Burlap Wreath
burlap ribbon + lime green burlap ribbon + pink wired ribbon + carrots + bunny sign + easter eggs + glue gun

Easy Burlap Easter Egg Wreath (source unknown)
burlap ribbon + wire wreath + Easter eggs + glue gun + floral wire
Here is a tutorial for how to make the burlap wreath

Plastic Egg Wreath
easter eggs + easter grass + cardboard for base + ribbon

Grass & Egg Wreath
green eyelash yarn + various sized eggs + coordinating colored ribbons

Deco Mesh Carrots
orange & green deco mesh roll + jute mesh ribbon + floral wire + craft wire +  wire cutters

Candy Wreath
ribbon + Easter egg candy + foam wreath

Dollar Store DIY Spring Easter Wreath
grapevine wreath + swag of greenery + stems” of white berries +  Easter eggs + chevron ribbon

Dollar Store Nest Wreath
foam wreath + twine + grapevine wreaths + foam eggs + craft paint

Easter Cross Door Hanger
twigs + twine + faux lilies + lavender bushes (or other small flowers)

Dollar Store Easter Centerpieces

Easter Peeps Centerpiece
square vases + jelly beans + gerbera daisies + Peeps

Chicks & Candy Centerpiece
peeps + easter M&Ms + glass vase + glass cups + easter grass + flowers

Jelly Bean Candle
glass candle holder + white pillar candle + jelly beans

Easter Egg Candles
easter grass + glass candleholders + foam eggs + glue gun

Easter Egg Centerpiece
plastic eggs + easter grass + tall vase

Dollar Store Easter Egg Centerpiece
Easter egg picks + easter grass + floral square foam + watering can + narrow ribbons

Easter Egg Vases
natural raffia + plastic easter eggs

Mason Jar Spring Decor (Source Unknown)
mason jars + twine + faux flowers + pastel acrylic paints

Peeps Mason Jar Candles
mason jar with handles + glass votive holders + peeps + votive candles +  wax button

Mason Jar Candy Pedestals

Jelly Bean Candle Centerpiece
pink polka dot ribbon + jelly beans + easter grass + glass votives and jars + large white platter

Easter Egg Mason Jars
mason jars + washi tape + pastel craft paints + round foam brush + sandpaper
Dollar Tree sells washi tape, but they call it craft tape

Dollar Store Easter Vases
hurricane candleholders + tapered glass candleholders + floral moss + polyresin birds  + spray paint  + gorilla glue + decorative eggs

Simple Easter Centerpiece 
artificial baby’s breath + plastic eggs + basket + pastel paint
You can get everything but the basket for under $1. Paint the plastic eggs with this tutorial

Easter Wine Glass Centerpiece (Source Unknown)
wine glasses + votive candles + reindeer moss + foam glitter Easter eggs

Other Dollar Store Easter Decorations

Fake Chocolate Easter Bunny
$1 ceramic bunny + Krylon Outdoor Spaces Earth Tierra + easter grass + mini egg
The only thing you can’t get at the dollar store is the spray paint.

Moss Covered Easter Eggs
moss + glue gun + plastic eggs + twine + button

Dollar Store Shabby Chic Easter Eggs
plastic easter eggs + twine  + lace ribbon + buttons + glue gun

Improved Dollar Tree Carrots 
carrot jump rope + chalk paint + antique wax + grass spray

DIY Easter Decor Carrots
twine + newspaper + tape + greenery

Transform Dollar Store Bunnies
$1 bunny + chalk paint

Dollar Tree Easter Craft

Cheap to Chic Easter Decor
spray paints + plastic and foam eggs + moss + paper twist fillers

Dollar Tree Spring Cloches 
glass bowl + glass candleholder dish + glass taper candleholder + wood knob + moss (Spanish and reindeer) + bunny + stone spray paint

Dollar Store Robin’s Eggs
craft paints + foam eggs + toothbrush

Gussied Up Easter Eggs
plastic easter eggs + chalk paint + brown & blue craft paint ($0.50 each at Walmart)

Three Dimensional Textured Easter Eggs
glue gun + spray paint + plastic eggs

Easter Egg Tree
foam glitter egg ornaments + easter grass + foam cone

Paper Straw Easter Egg Picture Frame
assorted paper straws + picture frame + card stock (Dollar Tree’s poster board would work as well)

Rustic Cross Picture Frame
picture frame + craft paint + burlap ribbon + small flower garland or other accent

Spring Bunny Gumball Machine
flower pots + candy jars with lids  + wood finials  + chalk paint + bunnies + moss + ribbon + glue gun

Jelly Bean Topiary
pastel jelly beans + foam ball + terra cotta pots + square floral foam + treat sticks + moss + white craft paint

DIY Easter Egg Topiary 
mini terra-cotta pots + paper shred + foam egg picks + mini foam eggs + alphabet stickers + white spray paint

Egg Garland II
foam glitter easter eggs + glitter mini clothespins + baker’s twine

Easter Egg Lights
string lights + drill + plastic easter eggs

Easter Egg Tree
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Doorway Garland
plastic eggs + ribbons + needle and thread

Easter Egg Tree
glittery Easter eggs + twigs + moss + tall vase + twine or rope + glue gun

Jelly Bean Tree
jelly beans + twigs + tall vase + glue gun

DIY Easter Egg Basket Makeover
wire basket  + plastic eggs + floral foam + foil + spanish moss + baby’s  breath +chalk paint


Dollar Store DIY-Kommandozentrale für die Planung von Mahlzeiten

meal planning command center

This meal planning command center features a menu, grocery list, coupons, recipe cards, and notepads all in one place to keep you organized and save you time. This project costs $10 to make and about 30 minutes to complete. Everything except the scrapbook paper can be found at Dollar Tree. You could even use decorative gift paper from Dollar Tree in place of scrapbook paper.

I got tired of being disorganized with my meal planning for the week so I created this DIY project to make sure everything was in one spot so I don’t have to wonder where I put my grocery list, coupons, and recipes. I especially like the grocery list board because you can add things to it as you go if you put the command center in the kitchen. So if you open the fridge and realize you are running low on milk, you can just add milk to the board so that its always up to date and you won’t forget to add things later. Before I got organized with this board, I would always remind myself to add things to my list and then forget what I was going to add later. To take the grocery list with you to the store, you can just take a picture of your grocery list board with your phone or you could quickly copy it down on scrap paper. Whatever works for you!

For the recipe cards, you can print out a template or make your own. I don’t bother doing it for recipes I know by heart, but I like to try at least two new recipes every week to mix things up so having those recipes in one spot ready to go makes things go quicker.  I don’t have to bother printing them out at the last minute.

I included some notepads for reminders what days to check which weekly ads and when to have the meal planning done by that week. You could also add other things in that place like pocket sized calendars and circle days for reminders.

What I love about this meal planning command center is that there is a lot of room for customization based on your own needs.

Other Ideas for your Meal Planning Command Center:

  • Add weekly ads to a large board. I personally just look at digital weekly ads so that’s why I didn’t do it, but whatever works for you and your family!
  • Add a monthly calendar if you plan your meals for the month instead of the week.
  • If you are on a strict budget, you can add a board for grocery budget worksheets.
  • You can add a list of your inventory, so that you can plan your meals based off what you already have and it will be easy to update when you stock up on sale because the board will be near your kitchen!


Supplies for Meal Planning Command Center

  • picture frames (two large and four small)
  • scrapbook paper or other decorative paper
  • glue gun (and glue sticks)
  • bull dog magnet clips
  • magnets
  • foam board
  • dry erase marker
  • duct tape or similar tape
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • push pins for hanging

Instructions for Meal Planning Command Center

  1. Unwrap all your picture frames. Clean the glass with a damp paper towel.  Remove the picture frame stand by gently pulling it off.
  2. Trace the picture insert with a pencil onto your decorative paper. Cut it out so that it fits appropriately into the frame. Do this for all the small frames at once. For the large frames, I just used the blank back of Dollar Tree gift paper.
  3. Replace the picture inserts with decorative paper and add the backing back to the frame.
  4. Glue the magnets to the back of the small frames
  5. Glue the picture frames together. I glued two small frames together and then glued one of the large frames to those two frames and repeated for the other side and then glued the two large frames together last. Don’t use too much glue here otherwise it will show through the frames.
  6. Once the glue is dry carefully flip it over to the back and run through all the cracks with your glue gun to make sure its secured in place.
  7. Cut your foam board down to the command center’s size. Tape to the back of the command center for added support. Make sure not to put the foam board or tape over the two picture hangers on the large frames because thats how you will hang your command center.
  8. Add your magnetic clips to the center of the boards with your coupons, notes, recipe cards or whatever else you would like to add.
  9. Bonus Tip: You could glue the tip of your dry erase marker to a small string and glue the string to your board so that you won’t have to worry about finding your marker to write something down. You could also glue a Dollar Tree pencil holder to the side of the frames to put more than one color dry erase markers into for color coded organization.


Dekorationsideen zum Valentinstag im Dollar Store

valentine's Day decor ideas

Spread the love with these cheap and easy valentines day decor ideas. Each of these projects can be made for around $5 each. They only require basic crafting supplies and take less than 15 minutes to make. The majority of the materials needed for these projects can be found for $1 each or less at Dollar Tree or Walmart.


  • round paper doilies
  • heart doilies
  • empty jar (I used an old pickle jar from Sam’s Club)
  • white and red acrylic paint
  • wood knob (optional – decorative accent)
  • mod podge and foam brush


  1. Wash the jar and remove any stickers or residue from the jar with homemade goo gone (vegetable oil and baking soda)
  2. Using the foam brush, coat the back of the heart doily with Mod Podge and then flip it over and place it in the center of the round doily.
  3. Wait until dry then coat the back of the round doily with Mod Podge and place in the center of the jar.
  4. While it’s drying, paint the jar lid red and the wood knob white.
  5. Using a glue gun, glue the knob to the center of the jar lid.


  • foam wreath
  • Valentine’s Day ribbon
  • paper doilies (heart and round one)
  • glue gun


  1. Wrap the ribbon around the foam wreath and glue each end in place with a glue gun.
  2. coat the back of the heart doily with mod podge and put it in the center of a round doily.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the edges of the round doily to the back of the ribbon wreath, facing forward.


  • red & white pillar candles
  • glass candleholder
  • glitter hearts
  • red twine
  • red burlap ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  1. Red Candle: Put hot glue on the back of a glitter heart in the center of the red candle.
  2. White Candle: Wrap red twine around the center of the white candle and glue into place using a glue gun and then put glue back of a glitter heart in the middle of the twine.
  3. Glass Candleholder: Wrap burlap ribbon around the candleholder. Cut off excess ribbon. Glue ribbon into place with a glue gun. Put glue on the backs of the glitter hearts and place them in the middle of the ribbon.


  • wire heart wreath
  • 3 tinsel foil valentines day garlands
  • red and pink pipe cleaners
  • glitter hear chipboard


  1. Wrap garlands around the wire heart wreath, securing it with pipe cleaners on each end of the garlands.
  2. Fasten the chipboard glittery heart to the back of the wreath using whatever you have on hand (I used 4 mini clothespins to pin it to the back of the garland)


  • tall jar candle
  • red glitter
  • mod podge
  • glitter heart
  • foam brush
  • newspaper or paper plate


  1. Using a foam brush, coat the bottom half the jar candle with Mod Podge
  2. Sprinkle glitter heavily on the bottom and then lightly toward the top to create a tapered effect. Make sure to lay down newspaper or a paper plate underneath the candle before you start glittering the candle so that it is easy to clean up.
  3. Using a glue gun, add glue to the back of the glitter heart and glue it to the center of the jar candle.



  • white picture frame
  • 1/2 bag of conversation hearts
  • glue gun


  1. Glue conversations hearts onto the picture frame. It only takes about 15 minutes to do. I only used a half bag of conversation hearts for a 4×6 frame


  • foam conversation heart stickers
  • foam cone
  • glass taper candleholder
  • glitter or foam heart topper for tree
  • scissors and/or craft knife


  1. Add the stickers to the foam cone, making sure to not leave any gaps. When you get to the bottom of the tree, you may have to cut the bottoms of the stickers to fit.
  2. Using sharp scissors or craft knife, cut a small slit in top of the tree. Fill with hot glue and put glitter heart into the slit.
  3. Let dry and then glue around the base of the taper candleholder and put the cone in the middle.



DIY Dollar Store Weihnachtsschmuck

DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decorations

dollar store christmas

Each of these decorations cost a couple dollars to make! I got all the supplies at the Dollar Tree. I have a very small Christmas decoration budget, but I am still able to make it work with some creativity.


  • 4 candles in various sizes.
  • Green and red burlap
  • Snowflake stickers
  • Letter stickers
  • Bows
  • Jingle bell ornaments
  • foam wreath
  • Red and white garlands

Total Cost: $13

To put make these items, I only needed a mini glue gun, which you can get at Walmart for $3 and a pack of glue sticks for $1.

I had enough stickers, burlap, and ornaments left over to make several more Christmas projects so the real cost is much lower than $13

So here’s what I made:

dollar store

4 Cute Christmas Candles


Candy Cane Wreath

The wreath is made from white and red garlands that I cut into smaller pieces and glued to a foam wreath.
It took less than 10 minutes to make!



I will be adding other dollar store Christmas projects to my blog every week so stay tuned for more!

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Dollar Tree Halloween Dekorationen

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Give your home a spooky makeover with these cheap and easy Dollar Tree Halloween decor DIY ideas. I spend $20 at Dollar” tree> and made these 8 halloween projects! A few of the items I already had like the wreath forms, candles and candleholders.

You Will Need These Crafting Supplies:

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreaths

Orange and Black Halloween Wreath


Total Cost – $5


  1. Paint the wreath black and let it dry
  2. Glue the vase fillers on to the foam wreath and fill all gaps. If you want to do both sides of the wreath instead of just one, you will need an extra 2-3 packs of the vase fillers. One side took me about 30-40 minutes.

Haunted Tape Wreath


Total Cost – $3


  1. Wrap haunted tape around wreath, securing the ends with clear tape.
  2. Cut out a section of the tape with the “HAUNTED” words and attach to each side with clear tape.

Skull Garland Wreath


Total Cost – $6


  1. Wrap tinsel garland around the wire wreath and secure to the wreath with the tinsel stems.
  2. Glue the felt skull decoration to the back of the wreath.

Feather Boa Pumpkin Wreath


Total Cost – $7


  1. Wrap boa around the wire wreath and secure to the wreath with the tinsel stems.
  2. Glue the felt pumpkin decoration to the back of the wreath.

Dollar Tree Halloween Candles

 Burlap Pumpkin Candle and Glass Bottle


Total Cost – $3


  1. Cut bottom 1 inch off of treat bags.
  2. The burlap pumpkin bag slips over the bottle perfectly, but you have to cut the side off one of the other treat bags and the glue each side around candle jar.

Orange and Black Striped Candle


Total Cost $3


  1. Put two pieces of tape vertically on opposite sides of candle. If you don’t have painter’s tape, you can use duct tape or shipping tape with the same effect. Any wide tape will work fine.
  2. Paint each side of the candle black and orange.
  3. Remove tape after the paint dries.

Glittery Orange and Black Candleholder


Total Cost = $5

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halloween decor diy ideas
100″ cheap easy halloween decoration diy ideas>


13 DIY-Dollar-Shop Halloween-Dekorationen für mehr Spaß im Urlaub

Soon, the Halloween season will be upon us. Ghosts and skeletons will make their appearances. Unless your home has a portal to some other dimension, this means planning and purchasing Halloween décor. The key to making your theme stand out is by having a good” mix of scary and cute>.

13 Clever DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decorations to Welcome Trick or Treaters

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

Making a splash when it comes to decorating does not mean having to spend top dollar. This is especially true for seasonal events like Halloween. If you want to have a different set of decorations every year, it does not make sense to spend so much. Whether you are going for cute or outright scary, all you need is a pinch of creativity to decorate for this season.

If the cost of decorations is the scariest part about Halloween, then here is a trick that can be quite” the treat for you>. The Dollar Store can be your go-to place in finding decorations on a budget. It is a great resource for crafting supplies and other materials that you can modify to create Halloween décor. Here is a list of some DIY Dollar Store Halloween decorations you might want to try out.

1. Hang Balloon Jack O’ Lantern Buntings

Hang Balloon Jack O’ Lantern Buntings

Who says that Jack O’ Lanterns need to be made from pumpkins? Balloon Jack O’ Lanterns are easier and more versatile. Hang these buntings on the doorway or across a window. It’s also a great way to decorate when there are kids in the house. The little ones will get a kick out of seeing these lanterns and their goofy smiling faces.

2. Craft Some Mason Jar Mummies

Craft Some Mason Jar Mummies

Extremely adorable and extremely simple – that is the winning combination of this decor. Imagine lining up your porch with these little mummy mason jars. Both the jars and the googly eyes can be purchased for a song in the Dollar Tree shop. There is also the bonus of having a lot of containers for food after the Halloween season is over.

3. Make your Own Spooky Welcome Signage

Make your Own Spooky Welcome Signage

A spooky sign outside your house will tell trick or treaters exactly what they are in for. This is the perfect decoration for those who want to flex their lettering skills. It is also a great way to have a more personalized décor for Halloween.

4. Let the Door Do the Welcoming

Let the Door Do the Welcoming

If you are looking for something that is easy to do but has a great impact, then this décor is for you. You can use your existing door as a canvas to this larger-than-life scary smiling face. It is made completely out of paper and can be customized the way you want.

5. Catch Dirty Shoes with a Spiderweb Welcome Mat

Catch Dirty Shoes with a Spiderweb Welcome Mat

With so many people coming in and out of the home during the Halloween season, going for décor that lands on the practical side are not a bad idea. All you need is to do a bit of cutting and a bit of painting and you add a nice little Halloween touch. Plus, you save yourself from clean-up after – a definite win-win situation.

6. Go for Stack O’ Lanterns Instead of Jack O’ Lanterns

Go for Stack O’ Lanterns Instead of Jack O’ Lanterns

Everyone has seen those inexpensive jack o’ lantern baskets kids use to get their treats. But that’s just one way to look at them. Stretch your imagination and see this common Halloween item can look like when all piled up high to create more impact. The tall structure makes it look like you put more effort into the décor, when in truth, it is as easy as one, two, three… or four pumpkins all piled up.

7. No Escape from the Tablescape

No Escape from the Tablescape

Make your dinner party extra special by adding place cards. The bright green succulents show that Halloween does not have to be all about gloom and doom. It can also bloom. These miniature jack o’ lantern will save guests from the awkwardness of not knowing where to sit. It can also show guests how much you prepared for their company, making them feel more welcome.

8. Make Like a Spider and Weave

Make Like a Spider and Weave

Yarn as spiderwebs is perhaps one of the oldest decorating tricks in the book. Update this classic craft project by adding more structure through popsicle sticks. The black and white palette if these decorations also look quite modern. If you want to up the creep factor, make sure to add more spiders.

9. Make Boo-tiful Ghost Décor

Make Boo-tiful Ghost Décor

What is Halloween without a specter or two? These ghosts are much friendlier-looking than the average ghoul, so it is perfect for homes with little kids. You can easily hang them in groups to make more of an impression. While the white motif is considered a classic, you can also show a bit more personality by changing up the colors of the fabric.

10. Get Lit with Halloween Lights

Get Lit with Halloween Lights

Anyone who has ever designed a party knows that having the right lighting is half the battle. Halloween is the perfect time to bust out candles and tea lights because it is all part of the tradition. These candleholders are the perfect way to inject some fun into the décor. DIY dollar store Halloween decorations are easy ways to emphasize the theme even more.

11. Hang Witch Face Ornaments

Hang Witch Face Ornaments

If you think that Christmas gets a monopoly on hanging ornaments, think again. This witch face shows that Halloween can also pull off the look with this felt and green glitter combination. Guests and family will surely get a kick out of seeing these faces peering back at them.

12. Shadow Play with Flashlights

Shadow Play with Flashlights

The best kind of decorations is those that are fun. What can be more fun than projecting your own designs on walls or the ceilings? These flashlights can be handed out to kids so they can play with it as they go trick or treating. Better yet, involve them in making these flashlight crafts so they can also have a Halloween activity at the same time.

13. Elegant Candy Jar Candleholders

Elegant Candy Jar Candleholders

Create an easy centerpiece by putting together these candles and pumpkins. It is a subtler approach to Halloween because it avoids the ghouls and skeletons. But, it is still on theme. The colors are certainly on point when it comes to the fall season. With the candy and the bow details, this décor is ideal for those who want something sweet rather than spooky.


12 entzückende DIY Dollar-Speicher-Fertigkeiten, die Sie sich schnell bilden können

If you are a fan of DIY projects, chances are you care about how you spend your money. After all, just about anything you can make with your hands, a glue gun, and some creativity could be purchased online if you were willing to fork over enough dough. That’s not you, though. You want the satisfaction” of having made it yourself>, plus that bonus incentive of making it for a fraction of the cost.

12 Stylish and Adorable DIY Dollar Store Crafts that Won’t Break the Bank

DIY Dollar Store Craft Ideas

But where is that perfect intersection between thrift and fashion, that just-right balance between affordability and sensibility that will keep your projects cheap but your style priceless?

These inspiring DIY dollar store crafts achieve that exact balance, bringing out the very best of what DIY projects have to offer. They take inexpensive materials and with some ingenuity and vision create stellar décor items that will enhance” any home>. Your guests won’t ever guess that these pieces originated from a value store; they will simply admire what fine taste you have, and what sophisticated style.

These projects will make you want to take a break from the craft store and check out the thrift shop instead. DIY ideas are a dime a dozen, but these ones are worth their weight at just a buck a pop.

1. Harvest-Inspired Etched Glass Jars

Harvest-Inspired Etched Glass Jars

Having single-letter personalized votive jars can be a great addition to the mantel. To make your own, you will simply need to pick up some local dollar store staples and get creative! By making them at home you have the freedom to personalize what they say, make them double-sided, and get creative with colors and design.

2. Faux Metal Locker-Inspired Storage Bins

Faux Metal Locker-Inspired Storage Bins

These bins provide the galvanized look of a school locker with the ease and price of simple plastic bins. With just a little spray paint, a simple storage bin of any color is transformed into a piece that will add a vintage chic look to your storage shelf.

3. Summery and Sweet Foam Lighthouse Décor

Summery and Sweet Foam Lighthouse Décor

These fun and simple lighthouses are great DIY dollar store crafts that the whole family can enjoy. Not requiring any hot glue, you can have every family member create a lighthouse and then set them out together as a centerpiece or an accent on an end table. The personalization of these lighthouses is endless, and they will fit right in with any nautical décor.

4. Golden Pop-Out Animal Magnets

Golden Pop-Out Animal Magnets

This fun and funky DIY craft has a big impact for a small amount of time and money. Simply pick your favorite animal, be it cow or dinosaur, cat or donkey, and the thing that really brings it all together: gold spray paint. These playful magnets are great for the fridge at home or a cabinet at the office.

5. Rustic and Wild Framed Moss Shamrock

Rustic and Wild Framed Moss Shamrock

Who doesn’t have an old frame lying around? Put it to good use and create this nature- inspired shamrock wall art that will make for a fun and creative conversation piece. Bringing nature into the home can be a risk, but this project keeps everything held together perfectly and looking good all year long.

6. Customizable Paint Chip and Glass Calendar

Customizable Paint Chip and Glass Calendar

This DIY calendar is a great project for anyone who loves the magic of the paint section at the hardware store. It is hard to resist picking up all those beautiful paint chips, and now you have a great use for them! Since you can pick any color you like, you can set your calendar up to match your interior décor, or go wild and do a rainbow-inspired calendar for the kids.

7. Soft and Sweet Yarn-Wrapped Word Art

Soft and Sweet Yarn-Wrapped Word Art

A perfect expression of how DIYers feel about their crafts, this simple and cute yarn art will add a pop of hominess and color to your home. This craft especially lends itself to customization, so feel free to mix up the lettering, color, and size to express whatever best suits your space.

8. Retro Dairy Label Coaster Set

Retro Dairy Label Coaster Set

If you are looking to add a subtle pop of vintage to your current home décor, then these coasters are a great project. Simple as can be, you can take any round labels or stickers, attach them to your coaster base, and voila! You have a chic and personalized new coaster set ready to go.

9. Romantic Multi-Framed DIY Wall Art

Romantic Multi-Framed DIY Wall Art

Creating a larger piece of wall art on your own can be daunting. However, this quick, easy, and lovely at-home piece will surely have all your guests begging to know where you found it. The soft, gentle colors of the image and frame add a cool dreaminess to this piece.

10. Positively Yummy Strawberry Lemonade Candle

Positively Yummy Strawberry Lemonade Candle

Keep summer burning all year long with this deliciously scented strawberry lemonade candle. Besides adding sweet summer scents to your home, this candle gives a pop of color and adds a bright cheeriness even before it’s lit. This candle works great in the kitchen or can make a fabulous homemade gift.

11. Chic Black and Gold Cylinder Vase

Chic Black and Gold Cylinder Vase

Some DIY dollar store crafts aim for cutesy, others for shabby-chic. This one is all about the lux. Though the primary black color comes from a humble sheet of cardstock, the effect is tremendous, adding a bold pop to the tabletop. Gold accents courtesy of some polyester tape and glue dots make this an especially expensive-looking item that (shh!) only costs a few dollars to make.

12. Cute Gold-Dotted Rose Bowl Vase

Cute Gold-Dotted Rose Bowl Vase

This light and simple vase is a perfect addition to any spring or summer décor. You can often find these adorable rose bowl vases at the dollar store, and applying a little gold paint takes it to the next level of cute. The clear glass shows off your flowers’ natural beauty, while the DIY touch will put your tasteful handiwork on display.


13 kreative DIY Dollar Store Bauernhaus Dekor Ideen, um Ihr Haus ein rustikales Gefühl auf ein Budget zu geben

The farmhouse style has quickly become one of the most popular home decor styles in the country, and for good reason. This popular trend blends rustic and modern in a way that gives your home a warm, fresh feel. This look features neutral colors and clean whites that will fit in well with almost any color scheme. It is easy to incorporate this style into any room of your home, from living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. A few elements here and there can give an entire room the farmhouse style. Many stores now sell decor items in this trend, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to get this look. You can even make a lot of these items yourself and save” a lot of money>.

13 Easy DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Add Rustic Flavor to Your Home

DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor Ideas

While this style looks expensive and difficult to achieve, there are many projects that you can easily make yourself. The materials needed for these projects are inexpensive” and easy to find>, but look like you bought them at a high-end decor store. In fact, you can find many of these items at your local dollar store. Below, we have 13 DIY dollar store farmhouse decor ideas of some beautiful projects you can make for your home.

1. DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decorative Plates

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decorative Plates

These adorable plates with fork, knife and spoon details will look perfect hanging anywhere in your kitchen. This DIY project starts with cheap white plates you can find at any dollar store. You can make these in an afternoon and have them up in your kitchen before dinner.

2. Farmhouse Wire Basket Sconce Lights

Farmhouse Wire Basket Sconce Lights

Nothing warms up a room like the soft lighting from a sconce. These lights can be hung in any room and look great in your living room, dining room or bedroom. This is one of the more challenging DIY dollar store farmhouse decor ideas as it requires a few more tools and know-how, but this is still an easy project you can complete in a few hours. It allows you to repurpose basic pendant lights to achieve a farmhouse look.

3. Efficient and Attractive Little Wire Baskets

Efficient and Attractive Little Wire Baskets

Blizzards of letters, bills and to-do lists on a desk or foyer console table are quickly cleared up with tidy little wire baskets attached to the wall. Bite-sized plaques painted with chalkboard paint and attached to the baskets keep everything separate. These nifty baskets are just the thing for your busy kitchen or home office where space is a premium.

4. DIY Distressed Candle Holder with Greenery

DIY Distressed Candle Holder with Greenery

Some of the best DIY dollar store farmhouse decor ideas involve using a little greenery to give your home a cozy feel. These candle holders will look gorgeous on your mantle or bookshelf. They are very simple with items that are easy to find at your dollar store, including wooden candle sticks and metal cake pans. You can then dress it up with some live greenery.

5. Easy DIY Farmhouse Topiary Trees

Easy DIY Farmhouse Topiary Trees

Another way to bring a little greenery into your home is with these DIY farmhouse topiary trees. You will pay high prices for topiary trees at a home decor store, but these trees can be made easily and inexpensively with materials you can find at the dollar store. With an afternoon’s work, you can have some adorable topiary trees to liven up any living space.

6. DIY Vintage Notes in a Bottle

DIY Vintage Notes in a Bottle

Vintage texts and fonts are a beautiful accent in the farmhouse decor. This easy project utilizes vintage books and jars and burlap string that you can find at almost any dollar store. You can put this together in less than half an hour and it will look adorable on a shelf or end table.

7. Easy Repurposed Dollar Store Pedestals

Easy Repurposed Dollar Store Pedestals

One of the cutest DIY dollar store farmhouse decor ideas are these repurposed pedestals. The project starts with simple pedestals from the dollar store, but with some paint, wood and distressing, you get these lovely farmhouse style pedestals that will be a welcome addition to almost any room in your house. These pedestals can hold anything from candles to foliage.

8. Easy DIY Farmhouse Rustic Planters

Easy DIY Farmhouse Rustic Planters

These adorable herb planters serve two great purposes. They add a touch of color, warmth and greenery to your kitchen and allow you to grow fresh herbs, which is sure to liven up any meal.

9. Dollar Store Pumpkins to Spice Up Autumn

Dollar Store Pumpkins to Spice Up Autumn

For a beautiful blend of fall and farmhouse decor, these rustic painted dollar store pumpkins are the perfect detail. This project starts with cheap plastic and foam pumpkins in bright colors. You can give the pumpkins a rustic, distressed look that will be perfect for your fall display.

10. Mason Jar Farmhouse Wall Decor

Mason Jar Farmhouse Wall Decor

Nothing brings the farmhouse decor element to your home like a Mason jar craft. This easy DIY project uses plain wall sconces and Mason jars you can purchase at the dollar store. These will look lovely hanging in your living room or bedroom.

11. Dollar Store Farmhouse Wooden Garland

Dollar Store Farmhouse Wooden Garland

Anything made from wood is the perfect accent for the modern farmhouse style. You can dress up a large jar, a shelf or a mantle in your home with this garland made from simple wooden beads. You can easily assemble it in a short time.

12. Easy DIY Farmhouse Copper Patina

Easy DIY Farmhouse Copper Patina

Another one of the best DIY dollar store farmhouse decor ideas uses a patina detail to give almost anything a rustic flair. This paper mâché deer head can be styled with the farmhouse look with a simple copper patina that only requires a couple of coats of paint. Once it’s finished, you can hang it on a pallet wall and add some greenery, making it a beautiful focal piece for your living room.

13. DIY Farmhouse Rustic Repurposed Pots

DIY Farmhouse Rustic Repurposed Pots

You can easily transform a variety of dollar store pots into the farmhouse style. You can use these pots to hold any number of things around your home, from greenery to kitchen supplies.

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