50 besten DIY Outdoor Ostern Dekorationen

50 Best DIY Outdoor Easter Decorations

Brighten up your porch, yard and door for the spring season with these festive and creative DIY outdoor Easter decorations, which includes colorful garlands, cheery lawn decorations, and egg-cellent porch decor ideas.

Yard Outdoor Easter Decorations

Easter Egg Lights
string lights + drill + plastic easter eggs

Yarn Egg Garland 
Mod Podge + balloons + pastel yarn

Easter Egg Tree
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Tree II
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Wood Yarn Carrots
reclaimed post, 2″x4″ & pallet wood + sander + saw + orange & green spray paint + drill + nails + epoxy + polyurethane

Large Wood Egg Stakes
plywood + wood glue + jig saw + paint + sand paper + wood screws + egg template + wood stakes + paint + painter’s tape

Large Peep Lawn Stakes (source unknown)
foam sheet + craft knive + purple spray paint + brown craft paint + glitter + wood dowel
Here is a similar tutorial: Giant Peeps

DIY Rustic Wooden Bunny
chain saw + wood branches + wood glue + long black twist ties + glue gun

Bunny Crossing Sign
scrap wood + post +  paint + acrylic paint for letters + spray sealer + saw

Wooden Hope Easter Wreath Sign
plywood + wood stain + wood letters + white spray paint + Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath + ribbon

Easter Bunny Moves In

Painted Easter Bunny Door
foam core + pink acrylic paint + craft knife + fishing line/wire + glue gun + hinges and finials

Pallet Bunny
I couldn’t find the source for this project. However, it is very similar to this reversible scarecrow/snowman tutorial
pallet + saw + hammer & nails + yellow & white spray paint + paint pens or acrylic paint for face & ears + sealer

DIY Easter Cross

Fence Picket Bunny (source unknown)
dog ear fence pickets + nails & hammer + saw + white spray paint + paint pens (black & pink) + wood glue

Front Yard Easter Decorations (source unknown)

Easter Bunny in a Wagon 

Porch Outdoor Easter Decorations

Egg Doorway Garland
plastic eggs + ribbons + needle and thread

DIY Easter Egg Spring Decor Arrangement
egg picks + spring box + floral foam + easter grass + faux grass + floral wire + foam letters + bamboo skewer
Most of the items for this project can be found at Dollar Tree.

Bunny Paw Prints

 Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny
reclaimed wood + plywood + jig saw + wood glue + white paint + sandpaper + bunny template

Easter Egg Topiary Tree
decorated eggs + styrofoam cone + Spanish moss + terra cotta pot + floral pins + floral foam + ribbon + glue gun

Egg Lantern
painted foam eggs + easter glittery berries (You can get both at Dollar Tree)

Reclaimed Wood Easter Eggs
reclaimed wood + wood glue + jig saw + paint + sand paper + flat head wood screws + plywood + egg template

Easter Egg Front Porch

Giant Peeps
foam sheet + craft knive + purple spray paint + brown craft paint + glitter + wood dowel + ribbon

Rain Boots Stuffed with Easter Grass & Eggs
Great idea for a porch decoration
rain boots + paint + easter grass + plastic eggs

Chocolate Easter Bunny
MDF board + sander + drill + screws + chocolate brown spray paint

DIY Moss Covered Bunny in Lantern
paper cache bunny + moss sheets + bird nest + ribbon

Egg Topiary
large foam egg  + coordinating ribbons  + glue + wood dowel + bucket + floral foam

Easter Egg Porch Decoration
colorful galvanized pails + floral foam + wood dowels + large chipboard eggs + foam eggs

Spring Easter Egg Garland
colorful foam Easter eggs + glue gun + flowery garland

Easter Egg Window Box (source unknown)
large plastic eggs + easter grass

Rain Boot Vase Front Porch

Wreath Easter Outdoor Decorations

Spring Carrot Wreath
scissors + tulip “bushes”+ wire cutters + green burlap ribbon + greens + wire

Rain Boot Wreath
artificial tulips + navy and white chevron ribbon + rain boots

Easter Bunny Wreath
metal wreath form + white feather boas + hot pink felt + glue gun

Burlap Easter Bunny Door Hanger (source unknown)
burlap fabric + no sew glue or bonding agent (e.g. Stitch Stitchless) + stuffing + chevron burlap ribbon + raffia

Grapevine Bunny Wreath
grapevine wreaths + vine wreaths + brown wire + ribbon + glue gun + tiny flowers and vines

Easter Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath + moss + painted eggs + flowers stems + hot glue

String Easter Egg Wreath
embroidery floss + water balloon + liquid starch + ribbon

Easter Egg Mesh Wreath
green, pink and blue deco mesh rolls + straw wreath + greenery pins + egg picks

Peep Wreath
Peeps + foam wreath + toothpicks + pink burlap ribbon + floral pin

Spring Baby Grass Wreath
foam wreath + fur yarn + daisy trim + pearlized pink pins

Deco Mesh Carrots
orange & green deco mesh roll + jute mesh ribbon + floral wire + craft wire +  wire cutters


100 günstige und einfache DIY Ostern Dekorationen

100 Cheap and Easy Easter Decorations

These DIY Easter decorations are budget-friendly and easy to make! There are over a hundred fun and colorful ideas for Easter decorations. From wreaths to centerpieces to home accents, there’s something for everyone.

Materials That You Can Get At Dollar Tree:

  • flowers
  • floral & craft supplies
    • wreaths forms (grapevine or foam)
    • floral wire
    • wire cutters
    • floral moss and reindeer moss
    • natural raffia
    • twine (jute and cotton)
  • ribbons
  • vases
  • candleholders & candles
  • easter items

Crafting Supplies You May Need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue (epoxy glue, craft or super glue)
  • Mod” podge>
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Paint or foam brushes
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Pencil / Pen
  • Marker

Wreath Easter Decorations

Yarn Wreath
yarn + laced ribbon + pins + burlap + fabric

Floral Monogram
Chicken wire + floral foam + flowers + floral pins and wire

String Easter Egg Wreath
embroidery floss + water balloon + liquid starch + ribbon

Peep Wreath
Peeps + foam wreath + toothpicks + pink burlap ribbon + floral pin

Plastic Egg Wreath
easter eggs + easter grass + cardboard for base + ribbon

Easy No-Sew Fabric Wreath
4 coordinating fabrics + foam wreath form + jute twine

Easter Bunny Wreath
foam wreath (white) + white feather boas + easter bunny ears headband

Bunny Wreath
foam pipe cover + Lion Yarn Fun Fur + vinyl coated wire + ribbon + white fabric + pink paper

Bunny Wreath II
wire hangers + foam wreath + chunky yarn+ ribbon for hanging

Fabric Scrap Easter Bunny
pastel fabric scraps + wire hangers + wire wreaths + ribbon

Spring Baby Grass Wreath
foam wreath + Lion Yarn Fun Fur + daisy trim + pearlized pink pins

Felt Bunny Door Hanger
bow + basket + brown felt + flowers

Dollar Store Nest Wreath
foam wreath + twine + grapevine wreaths + foam eggs + craft paint

Chick Wreath
grosgrain ribbon +  wire wreath + yellow chenille chicks

Rustic Egg Wreath
grapevine wreath + flowers + painted eggs

Candy Wreath
ribbon + candy + foam wreath

Spring Grass Easter Wreath
2 old picture frame + fake grass + plastic eggs + spray paint + brown acrylic paint + ribbon

Moss Monogram
Cardboard letter + Spray adhesive + Moss sheets + Ribbon for hanging

 Centerpiece, Vase, & Flower Easter Decorations

Peeps Centerpiece
glass vase + flowers + Easter M&M’s + Peeps +  skewers

Easter Peeps Centerpiece
square vases + jelly beans + gerbera daisies + Peeps

Layered Candy Filled Vase with Flowers
glass vase + clear plastic cup + jelly beans + flowers

Chicks & Candy Centerpiece
peeps + easter M&Ms + glass vase + glass cups + easter grass + flowers

Paint Stick Basket
square dowel + paint stir sticks + 3/8 inch staples + wood glue

Eggshell Flower Centerpiece
12 eggs + egg carton or ceramic + mixed bouquet of flowers

Golden Eggshells and Flowers
gold or bronze spray paint + small flowers + eggshells

Eggshell Planters
moss + succulents + small flowers + soil

Easter Egg Vase
clear jar+ drinking glass + dyed, hard-cooked eggs + flowers

Jelly Bean Candle Centerpiece
pink polka dot ribbon + jelly beans + easter grass + glass votives and jars + large white platter

Tea Cup Flowers
vintage tea cup (thrift store) + floral foam block + flowers

Spring Mantel
various sized and colored jars and bottles + plant sprigs + water

Ombre Spring Vase
glass vase + acrylic paint in white and green + flowers

Gold Leaf Vases or Votives
gold leaf kit + small glasses or votives

Carrots in a Vase
carrots + tall vase

Mossy Cupcake Stand
cupcake stand + floral moss + plastic eggs + dyed easter eggs + votive candles and candle holders

Nest Cake Stand
wood eggs + blue, yellow, green & brown acrylic paint  + dry grass (or natural raffia)

Burlap Stencil Bunny Table-Runner
burlap + acrylic paint + bunny stencil  + adhesive seam sealer

Robin Egg Nest Jar
wood easter eggs + acrylic paint + Spanish moss + grapevine wreath + apothecary jar

Dollar Store Easter Vases
hurricane candleholders + tapered glass candleholders + floral moss + polyresin birds  + spray paint  + gorilla glue + decorative eggs

Easter Egg Vases
natural raffia + plastic easter eggs

Rainbow Centerpieces
assorted vases + food coloring + flowers

Tall Easter Egg Vase
plastic eggs + easter grass + large vase (thrift store – $3)

Plastic Egg Planter
plastic eggs + flowers + soil

Eggshell Votives
eggs + needle + paint + tea light candles + egg cups + toilet paper tubes + skewers

Easter Candy Mason Jars
cupcake liners + twine + cute printable bunny + mason jar + candy

Recycled Easter Bunny Vase
old jar + chalk paint + craft paint (for face details) + twine + flowers

Easter Candy Jars
round glass candleholder + wood or glass taper candleholder + candy

Easter Candy Mason Jars II
mason jars + vinyl stickers + chalky finish paint+ ribbon

Growing Easter Eggs
couldn’t find the source or tutorial for this particular image, but Dollar Tree has instructions for a very similar project that you could use
clay pots (Dollar Tree) + acrylic paint + foam egg picks + foam brick + easter grass

Edible Easter Terrarium
decorative glass jars + English toffee-chopped into small pieces + Oreo cookies + Edible Easter grass + chocolate bunnies + Ice cream cones + jelly bean +  candy eggs

Easter Glass Vase
stemless wine glasses + chalky finish paints  + natural raffia + succulents

Home Decor Accent Easter Decorations

Egg Topiary Tree

plastic eggs + foam cone + chalky finish paint + brown acrylic paint + floral moss

Egg Tree

plastic eggs + ribbon + branches with flowers + small bucket + river pebbles

Paper Leaf Tree
Patterned paper + branches + white spray paint + vase or pitcher

Easter Egg Tree
foam glitter egg ornaments + easter grass + foam cone

Jelly Bean Tree
vase + branches + jelly beans + pebbles or foam

Jelly Bean Topiary
pastel jelly beans + foam ball + terra cotta pots + square floral foam + treat sticks + moss + white craft paint
(Tip: You can get all these supplies except craft paint at Dollar Tree)

Bunny and Carrot Garland
burlap banner (with twine) + orange and white felt + green raffia + cotton balls

Egg Garland
plastic eggs +  jewelry cord + ribbon

Egg Garland II
foam glitter easter eggs + glitter mini clothespins + baker’s twine

Paint Chip Egg Garland
paint chips + scissors + pencil


Bunny Garland (no tutorial)
patterned card stock + string + small cotton balls + bunny template

Bunny Pom Pom Garland
white yarn + White craft foam + white packaged pom poms + baker’s twine

Easter Sign
wood letters + patterned card stock + ribbon +  mini wooden clothespins


Bunny Burlap Bunting (no tutorial link)
burlap banner + bunny stencil + acrylic paint + small cotton balls

Grass Candles
white pillar candles + nonflammable all-purpose glue stick + blades of Grass

Easter Candy Candle
easter M&Ms + votive candle + glass round candleholder

Easter Egg Candleholder
plastic eggs + round pieces of wood + dowel rod + drill + spray paint


Jelly Bean Candle
glass candle holder + white pillar candle + jelly beans

Papier-Mâché Nest
bowl + plastic wrap + shredded paper + decorative eggs

Easter Bunny Wood Crate
wood crate + white paint + alphabet and bunny stickers + rope
Apply stickers on the crate where you want them and then paint. Let dry and remove stickers.

Twig Nest
twigs + plastic eggs + narrow ribbon

Fake Chocolate Easter Bunny
cheap ceramic bunny + Krylon Outdoor Spaces Earth Tierra + easter grass + mini egg

Sock Bunny
small sock + felt + large pom pom + googly eyes + ribbon + clear rubber bands + rice

Popsicle Stick Bunny
bunny template + popsicle sticks + mini popsicle sticks + acrylic paint + wood stain + yarn

Paper Egg Decorations
assorted colored cardstock + egg template + ribbon

Wall Art Easter Decorations

Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art
Small burlap canvas + foam bunny silhouette + floral moss

Egg Button Art
white cardstock + printable egg pattern + assorted buttons + picture frame

Bird Burlap Art
picture frame + burlap fabric + bird stencil + acrylic paints

Spring Wallflower Sign
foam or wood board + flowers + plastic plug caps + wood letters

Bunny Canvas Art
art canvas + acrylic craft + multi-color yarn + bunny silhouette


Painted Egg Art
piece of wood + craft paints + stencil

Paper Strip Egg Art
egg template + white cardstock + patterned paper + picture frame

Framed Easter Decoration
wood eggs + picture frame + screw eye hooks + foam alphabet stickers + ribbon + acrylic paint

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Easter Egg Lights
string lights + drill + plastic easter eggs

Easter Egg Tree
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Tree II
plastic eggs with holes + ribbon

Egg Doorway Garland
plastic eggs + ribbons + needle and thread

Egg Lantern
painted foam eggs + easter glittery berries (You can get both at Dollar Tree)

Reclaimed Wood Easter Eggs
reclaimed wood + wood glue + jig saw + paint + sand paper + flat head wood screws + plywood + egg template

Bunny Crossing Sign
scrap wood + post +  paint + acrylic paint for letters + spray sealer + saw

 Reclaimed Wood Easter Bunny
reclaimed wood + plywood + jig saw + wood glue + white paint + sandpaper + bunny template


Dollar Tree Halloween Dekorationen

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Give your home a spooky makeover with these cheap and easy Dollar Tree Halloween decor DIY ideas. I spend $20 at Dollar” tree> and made these 8 halloween projects! A few of the items I already had like the wreath forms, candles and candleholders.

You Will Need These Crafting Supplies:

Dollar Tree Halloween Wreaths

Orange and Black Halloween Wreath


Total Cost – $5


  1. Paint the wreath black and let it dry
  2. Glue the vase fillers on to the foam wreath and fill all gaps. If you want to do both sides of the wreath instead of just one, you will need an extra 2-3 packs of the vase fillers. One side took me about 30-40 minutes.

Haunted Tape Wreath


Total Cost – $3


  1. Wrap haunted tape around wreath, securing the ends with clear tape.
  2. Cut out a section of the tape with the “HAUNTED” words and attach to each side with clear tape.

Skull Garland Wreath


Total Cost – $6


  1. Wrap tinsel garland around the wire wreath and secure to the wreath with the tinsel stems.
  2. Glue the felt skull decoration to the back of the wreath.

Feather Boa Pumpkin Wreath


Total Cost – $7


  1. Wrap boa around the wire wreath and secure to the wreath with the tinsel stems.
  2. Glue the felt pumpkin decoration to the back of the wreath.

Dollar Tree Halloween Candles

 Burlap Pumpkin Candle and Glass Bottle


Total Cost – $3


  1. Cut bottom 1 inch off of treat bags.
  2. The burlap pumpkin bag slips over the bottle perfectly, but you have to cut the side off one of the other treat bags and the glue each side around candle jar.

Orange and Black Striped Candle


Total Cost $3


  1. Put two pieces of tape vertically on opposite sides of candle. If you don’t have painter’s tape, you can use duct tape or shipping tape with the same effect. Any wide tape will work fine.
  2. Paint each side of the candle black and orange.
  3. Remove tape after the paint dries.

Glittery Orange and Black Candleholder


Total Cost = $5

Looking for more  cheap & easy halloween DIY projects?
Check out my other posts:

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halloween decor diy ideas
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30 wärmste Dekorationen für Ihren rustikalen Kamin

The fireplace is part of the house that has a function to warm its owner. In addition, we can decorate a fireplace with various accessories or other decorations. Even more, fireplaces come in a variety of styles, models, and designs. Then each fireplace has unique characteristics that make it special. People like fireplaces because of their ability to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Fireplaces with rustic models can make it warmer than any other models of fireplaces. The materials used to make this fireplace are wood, stone, and other vintage items. And that makes the fireplace cooler even though it has an old-fashioned model. The function and role of fireplaces today are not only as heating but also to add to the beauty of your home. Moreover having a fireplace does help you a lot when winter comes.

Stone fireplace to warm your living room
Rustic fireplace with big stone material
River stone fireplace design
Light grey stone fireplace to complete your home
Brick fireplace to perfect your living room
High stone fireplace to complete your living room
Perfect stone fireplace combined with decoration on it
Stone fireplace combined with bull headdress above it
Stone fireplace combined with wooden to perfect your living room
Farmhouse bedroom with light grey stone fireplace
Rustic bedroom with stone fireplace
Modern living room with rustic fireplace
High river stone fireplace to complete your living room
River stone fireplace for living room
All-wooden living room with traditional fireplace
Farmhouse living room with stone fireplace
Simple fireplace with stone materials
Brown stone fireplace for living room
Fireplace with decoration on it
Rustic living room with stone fireplace

Image Source

Floor to ceiling fireplace with floating Tv
High fireplace for living room
Modern living room tone fireplace
Light grey stone fireplace
Reclaimed wood mantel for fireplace
Rustic Fireplace Design
Living room with Stone Fireplace
Stone Fireplace Symmetry
Stone Fireplace With Mantle
Traditional Stone Fireplace

Image Source

A classic fireplace is the most popular type of fireplace. Because of this design that will allow you to enjoy the warmth of a fire fireplace while reading a book or other activity. These fireplaces are generally found in the countryside, but if you want to apply them in your home you must equip your home security with an anti-fire system. So that your fireplace becomes a family’s favorite place, you can simply complete it with interiors such as sofas, coffee tables, and wall hangings.

If you are going to make the fireplace design look like a rustic style then you should also choose an interior that has the same nuance. For example, You can use a large fireplace design made of stone. This material will certainly be an attraction for your family and guests. Furthermore, the rustic fireplace has rough texture characteristics in its application. Then the wall above the fireplace can be decorated with hunting trophies or decorative wrought products.


3 ethnische Dekorationen, die Ihr Zuhause aufpeppen

These days, ethnic decorations are growing in popularity, and it is easy to see why. They look unique, add soul to your home, and often are affordable. Also, thanks to the internet, you can easily find ethnic-inspired home decoration ideas and even buy your own ethnic items. Unsure where to start? This article will explain three of the most prominent ethnic decoration variations available.

1. Japanese-style home decor 

When talking about ethnic decorations, Japanese-style decor would often pop up on your mind. The philosophy of Japanese decoration is “Zen”, which means peaceful simplicity and love for natural beauty. Adding Japanese element to your home could be as simple as adding traditional Japanese plants, such as bonsai and bamboo. If your home allows, you can also add sliding doors and expansive windows that emphasize the Zen philosophy further.

To get the impression of traditional ethnic style in Japanese home decor, putting bamboo trees at the corner is the most appropriate way. The natural and fresh impression makes the bathroom more comfortable.

image source

Doors are a top priority for home design in Japanese style. Sliding door designs like houses in Japan are usually made with simple and thin material. It will beautify your room if your room probably to install with this door.

image source

Simple but it has aesthetic and philosophical values are install sliding door. It will represent the characteristics of an ethnic style in Japanese home decoration.

image source

Even though it looks small, bonsai can give an extraordinary appearance in your room. Natural green and cute impression will makes the home design have ethnic style like in Japanese home decoration.

image source

2. Moroccan home decor

Another ethnic decoration that might be interesting is Moroccan decoration. It mixes well with trendy bohemian interiors, and the ornaments are easy to find. For example, to start decorating your home with Moroccan style, you need to buy Moroccan rug or throw pillows. Then, expand the style one step at the time by adding more elements, such as vintage vase or pot. The beauty of Moroccan style is that it is a versatile style so that you can incorporate it easily to various architecture design.

Moroccans have created unique rugs and cushions for centuries. Carpet and throw pillow designs that focus on abstract patterns and thickness, make the style of the house like being in Morocco

image source

Placing some thick carpets and pillows for the room is the best way to display Moroccan-style home designs. Simple but comfortable to look at

image source

Flower vases and pots provide a high level of power to beautify a Moroccan style to the room of the house. Adding a Moroccan rug can create the room looks more like in Morocco. Easy to apply and hassle-free.

image source

One of the beauty of Moroccan style home designs is the flower vases and pots that are lined up. Unique and natural impression combined with other interiors.

image source

3. Indian home decor

Last but not least, let’s talk about Indian decoration. Indian home decoration also works well in homes of any size. The signature touches of Indian decor are colors, warmth, and handicraft. Add Rajahstani turban as a key holder or plant holder or get colorful Indian painting to enhance the warmth of your home. 

Bright colors can provide warmth and comfort to your home’s room with India home decoration. Colors like light brown with a soft texture give it a feel of being in India. Moreover adds a rug with the Indian motif can make the room more Indians.

image source

The hallmark of an Indian-style house is a painting of an elephant. It will enhance the warmth of your bedroom.

image source

Hand paintings Hyena are the characteristic of Indian culture. The historical value that you have in it supports the Indian-style home interior.

image source

To get the character of Indian culture, just put the picture paintings of dancing people. With perfect detail, the room will be like an Indian home and can spice up your home.

image source

Decorating your house couldn’t be easier with these home decoration ideas. 

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/moroccan-decor-ideas-4171509


8 Empfohlene Krippen-Überdachungs-Dekorationen für reizendes Kinderzimmer

8 Recommended Crib Canopy Decorations For Lovely Nursery Room

Having a baby becomes wonderful gift that dramatically change parent’s life. They tend to prepare anything to welcome the baby such as nursery room. Furthermore, designing nursery room will be the most exciting thing for parent. That room should be comfortable, chic, and interesting. You can try to decorate nursery room with crib canopies as follow;

Bohemian Crib Canopy

Bohemian Crib Canopy


Build bohemian crib canopy for your baby is not hard. This attractive crib canopy may look awesome for baby girl nursery room. However, you are free to make this bohemian crib canopy for baby boy as well.

Fairy Lights Over Classic Crib

Fairy Lights Over Classic Crib


Decide to apply earthy tone for baby nursery room. With fairy lights over this classic crib canopy, the baby’s room looks more classical. No matter what the gender of your baby, this vintage crib canopy will fit to them.

Enchanted Forest Nursery

Enchanted Forest Nursery


Darker canopy may look spooky, but it is awesome for night sleep. With fairy lights, the design appears more eye-catching. You can apply this enchanted forest nursery room either for baby girl or baby boy.

Earth-Tone Flowers

Earth Tone Flowers


Apply earth-tone flowers for the top of canopy may inspire you to do the same thing for your baby girl. This design looks neutral for any house style. Moreover, you are free to add some fairy lights or just simple bulb at this sweet crib canopy decoration.

Dainty Butterfly Mobile

Dainty Butterfly Mobile


Add dainty butterfly mobile gives more effect to this crib canopy decoration. Your baby will see the butterfly over its eyes that move whenever someone touches it. So, your baby will learn that something can mobile after being touched.

DIY Crown Canopy

DIY Crown Canopy


When you get your little prince or princess, you may treat her or him as like as that. Make a DIY crown canopy may be one of the best things that you can do. It needs time to create, but will allow you to see wonderful nursery room design.

Crown Of Large Flowers

Crown Of Large Flowers


Here is again baby girl nursery room design that will inspire you to do the same thing. With crown that makes this crib canopy looks eye-grabbing, the flower mobile also add interesting element. Pom pom pillow gives more than just beautiful effect.

Under The Moon And The Stars

Under The Moon And The Stars


Show your imagination with this dreamy crib canopy design. Pretend that your baby sleep outside with some stars and a moon on the sky. Moreover, this design can be used for all. Add some star pillows and dolls.






17+ Spaß 4. Juli Dekorationen für Ihren Garten Dieses patriotische

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30 DIY Shade Canopy Ideen für Patio & Hinterhof Dekorationen

When the weather warms up there’s nothing better than spending time out in your backyard. It’s important to have plenty of canopy or shade to protect everyone from the sun rays.

There are many ways to bring shade to an outdoor space. You can build a new freestanding structure or enhance an existing patio or pergola through the addition of a shade screen.

Scroll down and see through our gallery to get a selection of yard improvements that will have you made in the shade and pergola decor.


13 DIY-Dollar-Shop Halloween-Dekorationen für mehr Spaß im Urlaub

Soon, the Halloween season will be upon us. Ghosts and skeletons will make their appearances. Unless your home has a portal to some other dimension, this means planning and purchasing Halloween décor. The key to making your theme stand out is by having a good” mix of scary and cute>.

13 Clever DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decorations to Welcome Trick or Treaters

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

Making a splash when it comes to decorating does not mean having to spend top dollar. This is especially true for seasonal events like Halloween. If you want to have a different set of decorations every year, it does not make sense to spend so much. Whether you are going for cute or outright scary, all you need is a pinch of creativity to decorate for this season.

If the cost of decorations is the scariest part about Halloween, then here is a trick that can be quite” the treat for you>. The Dollar Store can be your go-to place in finding decorations on a budget. It is a great resource for crafting supplies and other materials that you can modify to create Halloween décor. Here is a list of some DIY Dollar Store Halloween decorations you might want to try out.

1. Hang Balloon Jack O’ Lantern Buntings

Hang Balloon Jack O’ Lantern Buntings

Who says that Jack O’ Lanterns need to be made from pumpkins? Balloon Jack O’ Lanterns are easier and more versatile. Hang these buntings on the doorway or across a window. It’s also a great way to decorate when there are kids in the house. The little ones will get a kick out of seeing these lanterns and their goofy smiling faces.

2. Craft Some Mason Jar Mummies

Craft Some Mason Jar Mummies

Extremely adorable and extremely simple – that is the winning combination of this decor. Imagine lining up your porch with these little mummy mason jars. Both the jars and the googly eyes can be purchased for a song in the Dollar Tree shop. There is also the bonus of having a lot of containers for food after the Halloween season is over.

3. Make your Own Spooky Welcome Signage

Make your Own Spooky Welcome Signage

A spooky sign outside your house will tell trick or treaters exactly what they are in for. This is the perfect decoration for those who want to flex their lettering skills. It is also a great way to have a more personalized décor for Halloween.

4. Let the Door Do the Welcoming

Let the Door Do the Welcoming

If you are looking for something that is easy to do but has a great impact, then this décor is for you. You can use your existing door as a canvas to this larger-than-life scary smiling face. It is made completely out of paper and can be customized the way you want.

5. Catch Dirty Shoes with a Spiderweb Welcome Mat

Catch Dirty Shoes with a Spiderweb Welcome Mat

With so many people coming in and out of the home during the Halloween season, going for décor that lands on the practical side are not a bad idea. All you need is to do a bit of cutting and a bit of painting and you add a nice little Halloween touch. Plus, you save yourself from clean-up after – a definite win-win situation.

6. Go for Stack O’ Lanterns Instead of Jack O’ Lanterns

Go for Stack O’ Lanterns Instead of Jack O’ Lanterns

Everyone has seen those inexpensive jack o’ lantern baskets kids use to get their treats. But that’s just one way to look at them. Stretch your imagination and see this common Halloween item can look like when all piled up high to create more impact. The tall structure makes it look like you put more effort into the décor, when in truth, it is as easy as one, two, three… or four pumpkins all piled up.

7. No Escape from the Tablescape

No Escape from the Tablescape

Make your dinner party extra special by adding place cards. The bright green succulents show that Halloween does not have to be all about gloom and doom. It can also bloom. These miniature jack o’ lantern will save guests from the awkwardness of not knowing where to sit. It can also show guests how much you prepared for their company, making them feel more welcome.

8. Make Like a Spider and Weave

Make Like a Spider and Weave

Yarn as spiderwebs is perhaps one of the oldest decorating tricks in the book. Update this classic craft project by adding more structure through popsicle sticks. The black and white palette if these decorations also look quite modern. If you want to up the creep factor, make sure to add more spiders.

9. Make Boo-tiful Ghost Décor

Make Boo-tiful Ghost Décor

What is Halloween without a specter or two? These ghosts are much friendlier-looking than the average ghoul, so it is perfect for homes with little kids. You can easily hang them in groups to make more of an impression. While the white motif is considered a classic, you can also show a bit more personality by changing up the colors of the fabric.

10. Get Lit with Halloween Lights

Get Lit with Halloween Lights

Anyone who has ever designed a party knows that having the right lighting is half the battle. Halloween is the perfect time to bust out candles and tea lights because it is all part of the tradition. These candleholders are the perfect way to inject some fun into the décor. DIY dollar store Halloween decorations are easy ways to emphasize the theme even more.

11. Hang Witch Face Ornaments

Hang Witch Face Ornaments

If you think that Christmas gets a monopoly on hanging ornaments, think again. This witch face shows that Halloween can also pull off the look with this felt and green glitter combination. Guests and family will surely get a kick out of seeing these faces peering back at them.

12. Shadow Play with Flashlights

Shadow Play with Flashlights

The best kind of decorations is those that are fun. What can be more fun than projecting your own designs on walls or the ceilings? These flashlights can be handed out to kids so they can play with it as they go trick or treating. Better yet, involve them in making these flashlight crafts so they can also have a Halloween activity at the same time.

13. Elegant Candy Jar Candleholders

Elegant Candy Jar Candleholders

Create an easy centerpiece by putting together these candles and pumpkins. It is a subtler approach to Halloween because it avoids the ghouls and skeletons. But, it is still on theme. The colors are certainly on point when it comes to the fall season. With the candy and the bow details, this décor is ideal for those who want something sweet rather than spooky.


25 DIY St. Patrick's Day Dekorationen, um Ihr Zuhause grüner zu machen

Holiday crafting is so much fun, especially when you get to work with lots of glitter and gold! Whether you are looking to make fun wall art, pretty centerpieces, a unique garland, or party table décor, this list of DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations has it all. Each of these St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas includes the typical green, white, and gold color scheme of the holiday. The ideas range from cute touches for a kids’ party to subtler pieces you can leave up in your home all” month long>.

25 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Anyone Can Make

St. Patrick's Day Decor Ideas

From shamrocks and leprechaun hats to horseshoes and gold coins, the list below has something for you no matter what your DIY St. Patrick’s Day décor style is. Many of these easy to make St. Patrick’s Day decor ideas use simple items you can find around” your house> like clothespins, balloons, plastic containers, and even split peas! No need to buy a bunch of random crafting items. These projects will bring a touch of Irish charm to your home. Some are so pretty, you may want to keep them on display all year round! Read on for shopping lists and tutorials for 25 fun holiday projects.

1. DIY Gold Shamrock Mason Jars

DIY Gold Shamrock Mason Jars

2. Super Easy St. Patrick’s Day Candle Centerpiece

Super Easy St. Patrick's Day Candle Centerpiece

3. Terra Cotta Pot of Gold Craft

Terra Cotta Pot of Gold Craft

4. DIY Mini St. Patrick’s Day Banner

DIY Mini St. Patrick's Day Banner

5. Glitter Horseshoe Garland for St. Patrick’s Day

Glitter Horseshoe Garland for St. Patrick's Day

6. DIY Lucky Penny Wall Art

DIY Lucky Penny Wall Art

7. St. Patrick’s Day Hat Planter

St. Patrick's Day Hat Planter

8. Shamrock String Art DIY Project

Shamrock String Art DIY Project

9. St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor for Adults

St. Patrick's Day Party Decor for Adults

10. Upcycled Scrabble Tile St. Patrick’s Day Art

Upcycled Scrabble Tile St. Patrick's Day Art

11. Super Simple Pot of Gold Topiary

Super Simple Pot of Gold Topiary

12. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Gold Lucky Rocks

DIY St. Patrick's Day Gold Lucky Rocks

13. Cute Coin and Shamrock Garland

Cute Coin and Shamrock Garland

14. Lucky Green and Gold DIY Art

Lucky Green and Gold DIY Art

16. Keep Calm and Kiss Me DIY Sign

Keep Calm and Kiss Me DIY Sign

17. Super Easy DIY Balloon Shamrock

Super Easy DIY Balloon Shamrock

18. Rustic Burlap St. Patrick’s Day Banner

Rustic Burlap St. Patrick's Day Banner

19. Pretty DIY St. Patrick’s Day Striped Wreath

Pretty DIY St. Patrick's Day Striped Wreath

20. Irish Eyes Quote DIY Art

Irish Eyes Quote DIY Art

21. Upcycled Plastic Container Leprechaun Hat Craft

Upcycled Plastic Container Leprechaun Hat Craft

22. Eat Drink and Be Irish Table Setting

Eat Drink and Be Irish Table Setting

23. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Clothespin Wreath

DIY St. Patrick's Day Clothespin Wreath

24. Framed Burlap Shamrock Art Trio

Framed Burlap Shamrock Art Trio

25. Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Decor