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Pool Garten

50 atemberaubende Ideen für einen Schwimmbadgarten

Pool Garten

43 Designideen für einen gemütlichen Poolgarten

Pool Garten

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Pool Garten

Bildresultat für australischen Eingeborenen des Poolgartenurlaubsorts

Pool Garten

Bildresultat für australischen Eingeborenen des Poolgarten-Erholungsortes

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The best flowering plants for the cutest garden

Tired of seeing your garden faded and lifeless? In Between Plants and Pots I bring you the best plants with flowers to fill your garden with color and make it the most beautiful of all.


Amaranth can grow from 18 inches to 6 feet tall in a variety of colors that include orange, red, gold, purple and green. This annual direct sowing plant does not tolerate shade, moisture or transplantation.


These tropical-looking flowers have lush foliage and beautiful color. Although they don’t bloom until summer, spring planting will give them time to establish and produce intense flowers.


Plant this fragrant grass in full sun and on well-drained soil. Lavender will attract birds and butterflies to your garden.


Agapanth grows best in full sun or partial shade and in pots.


The garden cosmos is one of the most beautiful flowering plants you could plant. It is a perennial that grows up to 5 feet tall in full sun and in white, pink and crimson.



The lily is the perfect perennial according to gardeners. Its stems of multiple flowers can grow in any type of soil and with very little care.


The Gaillardia looks like a miniature sunset fading between yellow, orange, red and burgundy. Love the sun’s rays, so don’t plant them in full shade.


According to the Victorian language of flowers, daisies represent innocence, but perennials work much harder than their meaning reveals. Lots of tall stems bloom for months and never stop reappearing next spring.

Which of these flowering plants would you put in your garden?



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Garden lilac, a spectacular and easy to care decorative tree for your garden

A very beautiful decorative tree is the garden lilac. It is part of the category of ornamental trees without too many claims regarding the care. Like any decorative plant reaches maturity in a few years, but it is worth the wait because when it spreads a spread around it or a fragrance that we can not confuse.

The stem of this decorative tree is thin, often multiple, has a rich crown and the flowers look like clusters. It is a tree often found in people’s yards, because it looks spectacular when it blooms.

If the spring is mild and with high temperatures the garden blossom blooms in March, but may bloom later, April-May, if the winter has been long.

The lilac produces white or purple flowers. There are also trees with pink flowers, but rarely. Personally I have never seen such a shade in such decorative shrubs, but we can only imagine that they are of a special beauty.

Cosmetic bathing is done according to the preferences of everyone to let it grow in the form of a bush, which means a more frequent trimming. If we want it to become a medium-sized shrub, pruning is rarely done.

With regard to cosmetics, we must also tell you that the cuts are done in the fall, before the leaves fall, the ultimate goal being to enrich their crown and stimulate their growth in the number of flower bunches. It cuts the broken branches, but also those that have grown chaotic or the shoots that exceed a height above average. Pruning can also be done in the spring, but only before you move.

The garden lilac can withstand quite a lot during periods of drought in summer and this because it knows how to save its resources.































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Growing tomatoes as you didn’t know – “upside down”. With these instructions you can grow them even on the balcony

Gardening is a useful form of relaxation with a tasty end result. Did you start to object that you have just enough space for herbs and three cacti in a block of flats? Then this guide is made for you. It can be grown in a small area and even in the air. Unusual hanging pots work like miraculous tomato trees.
How to do it?

You can also grow vegetables without a huge garden. For example, tomatoes, which can be grown in hanging pots, are suitable. You need at least five-liter buckets. You can paint them, decorate them with mosaics or decorate with a decorative rope.
Using a saw, make a round hole in the center of the bucket bottom. It should be approximately 5 cm wide. From there the main tomato shrub will grow. Drill 6 smaller holes around the perimeter. Excess water will flow through them.

To prevent the soil from falling out through the small holes you just created, cut circles out of a semipermeable horticultural fabric that will release moisture. Draw the size of the circles by the bottom of one of the buckets.
In the middle of the circle, cut out a hole on the tomato stem. Fold the circle in half and cut in the center to a depth of 2.5 cm. Then unfold the circle and fold it again so that you can cut again to a depth of 2.5 cm and both cuts to form a cross.
Place the fabric on the bottom of the bucket. Push through the tomato crust through the hole. Then fill the bucket with soil with a little fertilizer.
Hang the finished vertical garden in a place with plenty of sunshine and be sure to water it every day (unless it rains).

“Upside-down” or “down-head” cultivation has many benefits for the grower and the plant itself. Not only will you get rid of the need to hoe and pluck weeds, but it’s also easier to water and plants grow faster. They do not rot because they do not touch the ground and there are no threats of moles. It is especially suitable for people who have little space to grow. You can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and flowers in this way, but you can also try growing other plants.















Images via: Pinterest

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Oleander eine tolle Pflanze für Ihren Garten: Gartenpflege und Tipps

A typical sample of Mediterranean plant is Oleander, or simply “Daphne” as it is often called, everywhere. In parks, squares, sidewalks and even as a major tree planting plant for highways, due to its durability in all weather conditions and the little care it needs.
Evergreen shrub with very dense flowering that with the pruning will give it the shape you want depending on whether you want to grow more height creating trunk or side.

Its height can reach up to four meters, its flowering lasts from early spring until about the end of autumn, while the fact that it also retains its rich deep-green foliage and makes it ideal for planting in winter fences etc.

Can for several years to grow in pots, garden or balcony, provided the position to be the place to be in full sun most of the day. In the semi-shaded spots also Oleander will succeed but the flowering will be reduced.

Its water needs are small, the warm summer season needs watering but more to enhance its flowering, as the foliage can stay alive even if it receives little or no water.

Neither soil quality is particularly important for the development of Oleander and it is not uncommon to see sprouts sprouted and even grown in cement soil without any care.

Its pruning takes place in early spring or late autumn after flowering, and every 2–3 years a very “deep” pruning is needed for the plants that you want to maintain a low height and specific shape.

There are different varieties with variations mainly in the form of flowers, which may be double and more closed with the more common species of Pictraphnite, whose flowers consist of five single petals, while the colors are rarer in varieties of yellow and orange. 

Its propagation is done by cuttings, but in all flower shops from the end of winter you will find small plants in all shades.

At the initial stage of development and until the shoots are wooded, Oleander needs support with a cane or special support rods or even tying the shoots together “directing” the growing plant to obtain the desired shape and inner volume so that the foliage is dense and without large gaps between the shoots.

Although one of the most common species for planting in both private and public places, it belongs to toxic plants since its leaves are poisonous to both the human body and animals and are equally harmful to trunk and foliage fumes when they burn.








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