17 Praktische Tipps zum einfachen Organisieren Ihrer Backwaren

If you love to bake like me, do you always have trouble finding some little things that you need when you start baking, and cleaning your kitchen counter that has lots of cookie sheets and baking trays after baking? If your answer is YES, then you need some helpful and clever ways to organize your baking supplies. After being well organized, they will look tidy and will be easy to access at the time of need. Many of these baking supplies organizing ideas are easy, so sit back and have a look these little Baking Organizing Tips!

#1. Place acrylic container box inside of kitchen drawers to storage baking supplies.

In this way, flour and sugar can be scooped easily and measured with just a yank of the drawer.

Image Source: finecooking.com and finecooking.com

#2. Use different sizes of wire baskets in the drawer to store the baking tools.

Image Source: kimmccrary.blogspot.com

#3. Clean the cabinet and place the pot organizer to hold the baking dishes.

Image Source:  porch.com

#4. Turn a thrift store magazine rack into a baking pans organizer to help keep the kitchen neat!

More details: cookiescraftsandchaos.com

#5. Do not waste space on the back of the cupboard door, which can be used to store measuring spoons and cups.

Check out the full instruction here: modishandmain.com

#6. Put all the cookie cutters, cupcake cases and piping tips or nozzles in a glass jar.

Image Source: designimprovised.com    and    alwaysacollector.com    and     thehowtohome.com

#7. Add vertical storage rack in the exist kitchen cabinet to hold your lots of baking pans.

“install strips of wood along the bottom and top and leave a space between them to slide dividers in and out of.”

See the tutorial at: takingontoday.com    Image Source: thekitchn.com

#8. Turn an IKEA or any other kitchen cart into a baking station.

When you plan to bake, a mobile baking station makes it easy to get all the baking supplies.

Image Source: bemyguestwithdenise.com

#9. Build a pullout baking sheet drawer that help you easily access your baking supplies.

This project requires a little woodworking skill , and the crafter recommend using cabinet grade plywood because it is a stronger wood.

Get the full tutorial here: twofeetfirst.net    Image Source: instagram.com

#10. Store your cupcake pans in this wicker basket. It works absolutely perfectly!

Image Source: iambaker.net

#11. Keep the baking supplies organized with these IKEA dry food containers.

Print some simple labels, and then write down what is inside the container.

See the more details at: organzia.com

#12. Organize baking supplies using jars and give them adorable labels.

Labels will let you never mix up your different flours or baking powders again.

Get the tutorial “Magic Decal Transfer Tutorial with Free Printables“.   Bottom Image Source: 11magnolialane.com

#13. Take full advantage of the vertical space in the cabinet by hanging measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, KitchenAid mixer attachments, and other baking-related items on the key rails or command hooks.

See the more details at: twotwentyone.net

#14. Install the pegboard in the drawer and use the dowels to hold the baking utensils in place.

Get the full tutorial here: fromhousetohome.com

#15. A baking station that rolls out only when needed.

Image Source: finehomebuilding.com

#16. Turn a $50 bookcase into a very organized and functional baking station.

Image Source: clockworklemon.com

#17. Do not let the space of toe kicks go wasted, it can be used to build drawers for baking supplies storage.


31 fantastische DIY Weihnachtsgeschenk-Ideen, zum Sie zu veranlassen, WOW zu sagen

We all love Christmas, is the best time of giving and receiving gifts. But to be honest, it is not an easy task to prepare a satisfying gift for your family, friends, loved ones and neighbors. Buying gifts from stores or online is simple, but it’s hard to make your gifts stand out from everybody else’s. So have you thought about giving someone a handmade gift for Christmas? Sometimes the best gift is one you create yourself! DIY Christmas gift tells them you took the time, energy, and effort to create something you thought they would like! To give you some inspiration, we brought you 31 of the best cool ideas for DIY Christmas gifts, they’re fresh and interesting. Happy holiday and happy craft!

1. Drop two different colored nail polishes into a basin of water and swirling the mug around it to make these really special mug for holiday gift:

See the full tutorial (Water Marble Mugs with Only 2 Ingredients) at: youtube.com

2. The display of origami forest is super cute, and these trees made out of dollar bills are a fun way to give “money gift”:

How to fold money tree see the tutorial: Youtube.com

3. It’s a Very Sweet Gift to Put Your Handwritten 365 Notes in a Jar:

Source Unknown.

Ready for more? Check out our other Christmas Gift collections and tutorials ==>  Top” cheap easy last-minute diy gifts for this christmas>

4. Decorate an Inexpensive Pre-made Tree with “Money” to as A Gift for Those Who Always Dreams of Winning the Lottery(he/she could scratch off a ticket each day of December leading up to Christmas.):

View the more details at: mydancingrain.wordpress.com

6. Stick Ferrero Rochers and Leaves on Wine Bottle or Other Plastic Bottle to Create a Candy “Pineapple”(You can use double sided tape or hot glue gun to stick):

7. These Christmas Tree Tea Bags Are Both Perfect Either as Small Gift or Party Favour:

See the full instructions here: dearedna.com

Ready for more? Check out other Christmas Gift collections we’ve found ==> Best 40 Last Minute Very Cheap and Cool DIY Holiday Gifts

8. Homemade bath bombs adorned with green, red, and white pearl sprinkles are especially suitable as Christmas gifts:

Here is the recipe how to make it: fleecefun.com

9. A Fun Way to Gift Utensils is Wrapped Inside Kitchen Towels and Potholders:

See the instructions here: hip2save.com

10. Make a more lighter, prettier and best of all healthier “Candy Topiaries” with tea bags:

Visit the full tutorial here: thirstyfortea.com

11. Grab a Hot Glue Gun and Stick a Kitkat Bar, Two Candy Canes and 10 Mini Hershey Bars Together to Make a Cool Candy Sleighs:

See the instructions here: ellynsplace.blogspot.com

12. Prepare a Glass Cup, then Fill it with the Ginger-Lemon Fruit Gums and Marshmallows You Will Get a Cool Gift:

Source: utes-scrapblog.blogspot.com

13. Snow Man Hot Chocolate in a Jar:

Similar tutorial for this project: hammerandthread.blogspot.com

14. Basket and wreath create out of garden hose and filled with essentials(zip ties):

15. Stretch a rubber band around a vase, then stick in candy canes until you can’t see the vase. Fill with red and white roses or carnations:

(Tie a silky red ribbon to hide the rubber band.)

16. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments – You Can Choose From Different Hot Cocoa Varieties and Dress Up a Variety Of Little Candies:

Check out full instructions here: sprinklesomefun.com

17. Build portable Lego tray with a plywood board, four wood strips, a standard Lego baseplate and other simple tools:

See the step by step tutorial here: jaimecostiglio.com

18. DIY Reindeer Cocoa Cones for Little Ones:

The tutorial and materials can be learned in the image.

19. Simply a roll of Christmas wrapping paper,a 3 pack of tape and a tag:

Get more details at: itsalwayscrafttime.blogspot.com

(The tag reads:

Since November you’ve been shopping,
barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
Now it’s late you’re in a scrape, out of paper, out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day!
Have a Happy Holiday! )

20. Hershey’s Christmas Tree:

Check out the step by step tutorial here: qbeesquest.blogspot.com

Ready for more? Check out other Christmas Gift collections we’ve found ==>  30 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone will Love

21. Create a sweet little winter scene in a vintage lantern, and this gift may take a little time and skill:

22. Little burlap treat bags to fill with candy, cookies or any other goodies you can think of:

See the more details at: ahomemadeliving.com    Full tutorial:  livelaughrowe.com   and   ahomemadeliving.com

23. The township candles will add a bit of magical and cozy atmosphere to your Christmas home:

(There is no template for this project, you should make townships by hand… first drawing the design and then cutting it out with a scalpel knife.)   Check out the full instructions here: shabbyartboutique.com

Source: pinterest.com

24. Mix spices and fill ornaments with mixture using a funnel:

You can buy these “Hobbies Clear Plastic Bulb Shape Ornaments” on amazon.com    See the full instructions here: sprinklesomefun.com

25. Grab a box frame then fill inside of it with your ’emergency supplies’ of sweets, chocolates, alcohol…and use the sticky letters to write your wording and use plastic sheeting to hold the wording and placed it behind the glass:

(You can buy an Ikea box frame 10 (w) x 10 (h) x 3 (d) inches)   Source: oliharricreations.co.uk   and  etsy.com

26. Simple supplies like: paper boxes, tissue paper, washi tape and small gifts, can be used to make a lovely punch box:

Source: bysophialee.com

27. Make these easy candy filled ornaments:

28. Cookies stacked in a spaghetti canister:

Source: acasarella.net

29. Snowflake Stocking Stuffer Gift:

30. Fill a sturdy box with lightweight balloons filled with candy, cash etc…

Tutorial: shescraftycrafty.com

31. Dollar Tree Gift Baskets Baking Set:


Verwandeln Sie alte Möbel in frische Fundstücke für Ihr Zuhause

If you have some pieces of outdated or stained furniture lying around your basement, in your backyard or inside the house, you may want to think twice before you throw them away; because just with a bit of creativity and woodworking skills, you can transform old furniture into something that is not only practical but also modern and unique. And you don’t need to invest a lot of money on old furniture makeovers. Sometimes a small change makes a big difference, like getting some new spray paint, upholstering with some fabric, adding new hardware and so on. Here are 23 Upcycled Furniture Ideas we have gathered for you to check out. We adore these ideas and think they are so creative. Have a look and get inspired!

#1. Repaint an old dresser and add Ikea spice racks to the side of it as storage shelf for children’s books.

Instructions: onthebanksofsquawcreek.com

#2. Remove the bottom drawers and add a layer of woven baskets for storage. This TV Stand refurbished by the old dresser looks very atmospheric:

More Details: handimania.com

#3. Turn an old, non-working piano into a unique bookshelf.

Tutorial: instructables.com

#4. Old Step Stool Turn Into a Lego Table:

Tutorial: fussymonkeybiz.blogspot.com

#5. Make a seat frame in front of a lovely headboard, and paint them with your favorite color to get a cozy “Back Porch Headboard Swing”:

Full Instructions: therusticpig.com

#6. Little farmhouse display cabinet built from old chest of drawers.

The clever change is that add chicken wire to the inside of the doors.  More Details: hometalk.com

#7. Transform an old dresser into a cozy bench with a bit of woodworking skills.

More Details: photokapi.com

#8. Recycle an Old Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity by Giving it a Fresh Paint, a Counter Top and a Sink.

Source: woohome.com

#9. DIY Useful Coat Rack Shelf Repurposed From Hutch Top:

Full Instructions: myrepurposedlife.com

#10. Play kitchen upcycled from an old entertainment center.

Tutorial: giggleberrycreations.blogspot.com

#11. A beat-up dresser from the 80s has a whole new life…a bench with storage plus a built-in side table.

Source: thequirkycottage.com

#12. Give a makeover to a spool and fill it with books to get your new bookcase.

Full Tutorial: pinkxstitches.blogspot.com

#13. Install four wood legs at the bottom of the dresser drawer and repaint it to turn it into a storage box. It will look pretty cute at the foot of your kid’s bed.

Full Instructions: twoityourself.com

#14. Turn an old coffee table into an upholstered ottoman.

Tutorial: newlywedmcgees.blogspot.com

#15. Refinished side table with lots of storage.

Full Instructions: ellaclaireinspired.com

#16. Remove the panel of the door and add the shelves to get a bookshelf against the wall.

#17. Take some large mid century drawers and turn them into bright side tables.

More Details: hometalk.com

#18. Cut the desk in half and turn them into bright nightstands.

Full Instructions: sugarbeecrafts.com

#19. Create An Up-cycled Drawer Pedestal Plant Stand.

More Details: hometalk.com

#20. Dresser Hutch Turned Into Shelves For The Bathroom and Entryway.

Source: hannahbunker.com

#21. Using scrap wood to make two chairs into a bench.

Tutorial:  mylove2create.com     and    hubpages.com     and     instructables.com

#22. Remove the drawers and paint the dresser into grey to turn it to storage console.

Full Instructions: 100things2do.ca

#23. Turn an old desk into a kitchen island.

Source Unknown.


16 Elegant DIY Triangle Shelf Ideas

16 Elegant DIY Triangle Shelf Ideas ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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20 Genius Ideas for Using Wasted Space on Kitchen Ends Of Cabinet

Have you dug out all the storage spaces in the kitchen? There is a place I think most of people will ignore it. That space is full of potential at the end of kitchen cabinets. If you plan well, this bare spot is much more useful than you think. So, if you want to boost the storage of your kitchen you can do so with this space that you have always overlooked. For example, you can attach spice shelves to the end of the cabinet to get food magazines storage. You can also hang heavy kitchen tools at the end of kitchen cabinet, by using pegs or hooks, so next time they will be easy to grab and put away… If you want to learn more ideas about adding storage to the underutilized ends of all the cabinets, then check out below 20 solutions:

1. Add some decorative open shelving on the end of your kitchen upper cabinets:

Tutorial: charlestoncrafted.com

2. Add some greenery on the side of your cabinet instead of planting them in the boxes on windowsill:

Source: domestically-speaking.com and houseofhepworths.com

3. Build float shelves or hooks rack on the end of the cabinet:

Source: thechroniclesofhome.com

4. Attach hooks to hang kitchen utensils on the end of your cabinet:

Source: notmartha.org and woohome.com

5. Instead of taking up space with a bar cart, hang a wire holder from the end of a cabinet:

Source: between3sisters.com

6. Fix a flip-down shelf onto the end of cabinet to place your cookbook or drink, so that you will get extra countertop space:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

7. Create a spice rack narrow enough to fit neatly on the end of your kitchen cabinet:

Top Project Tutorial: confessionsofaserialdiyer.com    Center Image Source: katheats.com    Bottom Project Tutorial: instructables.com

8. Attach a Ikea’s Bygel rail or spice shelves to the end of the cabinet to get food magazines storage:

Tutorial: whitetulipdesigns.com   and   the2seasons.com

9. Hang a wire basket from the end of your cabinet to create a tea rack filled with loose leaf or bagged tea:

Or used to storage kitchen napkins, plates and silverware:

Source: goldenboysandme.com

10. Set up a ground level drawer at the end of cabinet, which has hidden storage space and can be turn into a chic and cozy seat:

Source: myparadissi.com

11. Create a message center with a mail pocket and key hooks, on the end of kitchen cabinet:

Source: huntedinterior.com   and   thisoldhouse.com

12. End the cabinets with a shallow utility cabinet:

13. Add wine storage to end of cabinets:

Tutorial: chriskauffman.blogspot.com

14. Hang heavy kitchen tools at the end of kitchen cabinet, by using pegs or hooks, so next time they will be easy to grab and put away:

Source: anitafaraboverubies.com

15. Add a built-in shelf to the end of your kitchen island that used as microwave or woven baskets storage:

Source: atcharlotteshouse.com   and   drivenbydecor.com

16. Utilize vertical space in your kitchen with these cool little shelves. (mount them flush with the side of the cabinets, and reinforce them with basic shelf supports from the hardware store.)

More great details at: myperfectnest.blogspot.com

17. Install a shower caddy on the end of your cabinet to hold fresh veggies or fruit:

Tutorial: domesticdivadomain.blogspot.com

18. Expand your kitchen storage by placing an IKEA raskog cart at the end of cabinet:

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

19. Create built-in dog bowls at the end of a kitchen island:

Source: hgtv.com

20. Add open shelve to the end of cabinet to display your colorful accessories:

Source: makinglemonadeblog.com


20 Best DIY Driftwood Mirror Ideas

The driftwood is often to see while enjoying a beach picnic. There many of us who bring this driftwood in the home as a beach memory or beach decor. There weathered odd rustic appeal, makes it a hot rustic element that you can display in your interior home decor to feature rusticity. One amazing way to bring a pop of rusticity to your interior home ambiance is to make a driftwood mirror.

They will be like you are seeing nature’s purity in your elegant, well established and modern chic interiors. The wall mirrors with rustic boundary will go deep in everyone’s heart from the eyes. Let your interiors wow the onlookers with impactful beach effect that will come from these 20 DIY driftwood mirror ideas that will be on your walls as impressive whimsical decor too.

20 Best DIY Driftwood Mirror Ideas

What to do with driftwood? Don’t miss the chance to bring these million-dollar beauties to your home at no cost. No boring wood cuttings are a party of these projects, all these driftwood mirror projects are simple and easy to make and will fit every skill level.

Set stands of your interior decor by adding these DIY driftwood mirror to your home walls will be a rustic alternative to modern sunburst mirrors. These wall accents are easier to make than you think. Making involves setting a round mirror in the center of a round base, must be selected in a little bigger size.

Next, fill the empty area around the mirror with a dense filling of driftwood planks. Look through all the DIY Driftwood Mirror Projects to get a lot of more interesting hacks and info will provide ease of doing of these projects like a pro.

How to Make a Driftwood Mirror:

How to Make a Driftwood Mirror

This will rock in a beach house, the driftwood around this rustic sunburst mirror will be the most loved natural decor element in your entire modern interior.

Redefines the modern elegances of your interiors by adding this round driftwood mirror on the wall. How-to details here sustainmycraft

Easy DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Easy DIY Driftwood Mirror

Bring vintage and country decor style vibes to your home with this rectangular driftwood mirror. It has a nice rustic border made of tightly packed driftwood pieces.

This is something you will love to display in both modern and rustic home spaces. Instructions here thewoodgrain

DIY Round Driftwood Mirror for Home Decor:

DIY Driftwood Mirror for Home Décor

Are you decorating your spaces on a nautical decor theme? Then gain amazing results by incorporating this driftwood mirror to your home decor.

Just add a round mirror with rustic accent boundary of driftwood pieces. Another smart way to add weighty natural elements to your home while working on a rustic home decor style. Details here thelearnerob

DIY 5 Minute Driftwood Mirror:

DIY 5 Minute Driftwood Mirror

Rustic yet modern decors always go appreciated, this driftwood mirror will also earn a lot of praising comments.

Make it in 5 minutes and wow the home audience with your amazing crafting talent. The driftwood is highly cheap to get, and you can find a good stock of it at every beach visit. How-to details here consumercrafts

Turn Old Driftwood Into a Beautiful Mirror:

Turn Old Driftwood Into a Beautiful Mirror

Having nothing to do with the driftwood pieces you have collected as beach memories? Display them on the wall as a rustic boundary to a round wall mirror, will instantly increase the rustic visual of that particular wall. A cost-efficient rustic decor treatment to give to a boring blank indoor wall. Details here littlethings

Pretty Simple DIY Drift Wood Mirror:

Pretty Simple DIY Drift Wood Mirror

Give a glimpse of rustic living to your bathroom also by building this round driftwood bathroom mirror. it will hang like a charm over the bathroom vanity or sink.

Because of the solid weather wood appearance, the driftwood pieces give a great foundation for bringing a rustic decor style to your bathroom. Details here thecubaninmy

How to Create Drift Wood Mirror:

How to Create Drift Wood Mirror

The driftwood is one of the amazing natural raw elements that may help in the easy gaining of rustic decor theme in your home.

Willing to display the rustic decor theme throughout your entire space? Take a great start by creating this driftwood mirror, a beginner-friendly project. Full how-to instructions here lbratina

DIY Driftwood Starburst Mirror:

DIY Driftwood Starburst Mirror

Accomplish your rustic home decor plans by using the driftwood in lots of genius ways. It can be displayed in your home as a charming rustic decor element.

The best way to do so is to put the driftwood around another wall accent you already have like a round wall mirror. Details here seecatecreate

Colorful DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Colorful DIY Driftwood Mirror

A more special and modern way to feature rusticity in your home decor style. Establish an amazing rustic reputation of your interior walls by hanging this colorful driftwood mirror.

This project is also all about to build a sunburst wall mirror using driftwood. Bring colors to driftwood pieces using paint, washi tape, and even the colorful twine. How-to details here alisaburke

Easy and Quick DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Easy and Quick DIY Driftwood Mirror

If you have fallen in love with these rustic driftwood wall mirrors and are wishing to make a one same at home then follow the guides here.

Put a round mirror on a painted lazy susan base and arrange the driftwood pieces around the mirror covering the lazy susan. Full instructions here rachelteodoro

Wonderful DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Wonderful DIY Driftwood Mirror

A handsome rustic edition of a modern sunburst wall mirror has sunburst pattern done with well dried rustic driftwood pieces.

It can be your first choice to bring beach decor vibes to any particular room. The best decor treatment to give to your walls based on natural decor elements. Complete how-to help here homeonthecorner

DIY Driftwood Round Mirror:

DIY Driftwood Round Mirror

Making a round driftwood mirror is pretty quick and easy to do DIY home decor project, and you can also do it at home with quite an ease.

Glue a round mirror in the center of a round base may be made of corkboard, plywood or any other wood. You can also use ready-made wooden rounds like lazy susans.

Next, to finish by adding driftwood planks all around the mirror. Details here makeitfuncrafts

Make Your Own Driftwood Mirror:

Make Your Own Driftwood Mirror

Looking at the natural decors fills your inner with happiness. To turn ON a happy mood of you by looking at this driftwood mirror every day, will be something everyone will love to cast a glance at.

Opt for it to give a touch of rusticity, vintage decors, or country decor style to your home. Here is how to make it harlowandthistle

Driftwood Starburst Mirror:

Create Driftwood Starburst Mirror

Achieve this round sunburst mirror by dense filling of driftwood around the mirror. Use the hot glue to fulfill your adhesive demands and adhere the round mirror in the center of the base.

Next, go for a starburst pattern around the mirror using the driftwood pieces. Details here saltygirlandthe

DIY Round Driftwood Mirror – Weekend Project:

DIY Round Driftwood Mirror Weekend Project

Spend also a Sunday afternoon to make this enchanting rustic decor delight, the round driftwood mirror. It will trigger mesmerizing broadcasting of rusticity in your entire home ambiance.

Its something you can’t get your eyes off while looking at it, weighty rustic wall decor centerpiece. How-to instructions here scavengerchic

Gorgeous DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Gorgeous DIY Driftwood Mirror

Setting your home decors close to nature can be a great mantra to bring a great sense of rusticity to your home decors. So take your first smart step to live in the enticing rustic space by making this driftwood mirror, something gorgeous to look at again and again.

Add up a chipboard letter “O” with accent nautical rope lines, fill with driftwood oval for a glorious rustic texture. Add the mirror in the center at the end. Details here littlebitsofhome

DIY Drift Wood Mirrors – Driftwood Crafts:

DIY Drift Wood Mirrors Driftwood Crafts

One more glamorous model of driftwood mirror is here to achieve in a different way. Cut out a card stock circle and gently press and glue it to the center of the mirror.

Fill the rest of the mirror with cool alignments of driftwood pieces, can be glued in place. Carefully remove the card stock circle to gain a driftwood round mirror. Details here happydeal

DIY Driftwood Mirror for Less Than $10:

DIY Driftwood Mirror for Less Than 10

Glue a 6″ round mirror in the center of an 8″ foam disc. Fill the rest of the foam sheet with driftwood pieces; you can grab a whole bag of them.

Next, finish it up with accent ribbon bow and gain a dainty rustic centerpiece to hang on your walls. A quick and easy to make driftwood mirror. Details here smoothfoam

Thrifty & Pretty DIY Driftwood Mirror:

Thrifty Pretty DIY Driftwood Mirror

Use also the heavy cardboard to make elegant round driftwood mirrors. Place a round mirror in the center of a cardboard circle cut out into a size a little larger than the mirror.

Next, keep on filling its sides one by one using glue and driftwood planks. Step-by-step guides here cityfarmhouse

Fun Driftwood Mirror for The Nursery:

Fun Driftwood Mirror for The Nursery

The driftwood wall mirrors will be a smart choice for bringing a touch of glam rusticity to any space under renovation. Let the nursery room also speak volumes for the rustic decors by building this fun driftwood square mirror, something the home audience will love to look at twice.

Use painted driftwood pieces for accent boundary. Details here tarynwhiteaker


25 Best IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks

25 Best IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks (100%Free Plans) ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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11 DIY Daybed Plans Made With Plywood

11 DIY Daybed Plans Made With Cheap Plywood ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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Awesome Ways to Display Your Planters on The Wall

There are no better decorations than plants in your outdoor space. But sometimes we don’t have enough places to put beautiful plants, such as a small yard, tiny porch, a mini balcony, and so on. Under such conditions, if you still insist on greening your space, walls can be the ideal space to display your plants. You can plant some plants, or flowers, or even you can plant herbs and lettuce. Everything depends on your imagination and creativity. So, if you still have bare walls in your home’s outdoor, then beautify them with live plants.

#1. Mount several different size wooden boxes on the wall, then perch your planters inside:

#2. Decorate your porch wall with these wooden frames, and turn one of them into a vertical garden:

Get great tutorial at: inspiredbycharm.com

#3. Tranform wooden lattice into a holder and backdrop for plants that you want to display:

#4. Paint some old wooden crates in different colors and then fix them on the wall as planters holder:

#5. Create a iron framework in the form of tree branches to show your beautiful plants:

Source: danspeicherphoto.pass.us

#6. Hang herb plants and flowers in colorful tin cans:

7. Renovate old window frames with different colors of paint, and then they can be used as planters holder for outdoor wall:

#8. Transform a recycled bicycle and a bicycle wheel into a stand for wall flower pots:

Source: decorsteals.com    and    itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com

#9. Fix the half of the flower pots to the wall and use recycled wood to make the frames:

#10. Repurpose a file organizer to an outdoor wall vertical garden:

Tutorial: inspiredbycharm.com

#11. Make a wall planter shelf in the shape of a house:

#12. Reuse old pallet wood and create butterfly shaped wall stand for planters display:

Source: 1001pallets.com

#13. Give a fresh coat of paint to an upcycled pallet and then hang some tiny planters from it:


28 DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

28 Unique DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas ⋆ DIY CraftsTop

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