Mehr als 25 kreative Möglichkeiten zur Wiederverwendung von Spindelideen

A Spindle is basically a straight designed spike or a handle that is used for various purposes. It can be a wooden handle used in staircases for support.

The word “Spindle” generally means a stick or rod that can be seen on a spinning wheel. A spindle whorl which is a part of the spindle has a round and spherical disk-like structure with a hole in its center.

These whorls are usually added to the top of a spindle and they are made up of different objects like wood, glass, metal, ceramic or amber. The commonly seen spindles are made of wood which is used for wool, hemp or cotton. It is considered as an industrial tool which helps to spin or twist different clothing fibers.

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There are many spindle types and many different spindle craft ideas that you can use to decorate using them. To start decorating your place, you first need to discover the basic types of spindles that you can find around your workplace or home.

Wooden or metal spindles are generally used in different household and commercial places. You can reuse spindles or even get new ones if you have any specific decoration idea in your mind. Before you start creating decorations using spindles, here are some different types of spindles that will help you to gather ideas about how to reuse them.


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Types of wood spindles

Here are a few different types of wood spindles used to spin wool, cotton or other types of clothing materials. They are generally made using Oak or Pine:

#1. Tibetan Style Spindles

#2. Russian Spindles:

#3. Whorl on Top Spindles:

#4. Whorl on Bottom Spindles

#5. Peruvian Spindles:

#6. Akha Spindles:

Spindles Used for Staircases:

Different types of Spindles used for staircases:
Straight Square Spindle, Square Tapered, Chamfered Spindles, Twisted Spindles and Edwardian Spindles.

Staircase spindles can be either wooden or metal.


#1. Metal Spindles

Made from Nickel, Steel, Chrome or Black Metal. Metal Spindles are generally used to make staircases and provide support to the complete staircase from the bottom.

#2. Wooden Spindles

These are usually made using oak or white primed wood.

Industrial Spindles

Industrial spindles can be custom created using different materials and in different sizes as per the needs.

25+ repurposed Spindle Ideas

Using any of the above spindle types, you can create some pretty amazing and innovative pieces of art for your home décor. Check out some great ideas listed below that you will surely love to play around:

#1. Breakfast In The Bed

The perfect start of the day with a perfect breakfast in bed table. You can make such table with the help of 4 short sized staircase spindles.

Just bolt them together on a plain piece of wood. Attach the doorknobs or door handles on each side. This will give you an old and aesthetic table’s feeling which is priceless.

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#2. Beautiful Antique Wall Hanger

Create wonderful looking wall hangings with medium or large-sized wooden spindles. Just add 4 or 5 straight spindles. They can be all the same type or even different, doesn’t matter.

Attach them on a wall and bolt a short rectangular wooden or metal piece onto the spindles. Put on a few hooks on this piece and you will have the perfect wall hanger that will give a unique look to your place.


#3. Raised Garden

For this, take a wooden drawer out of your old, abandoned cupboard which is not in use anymore. Take out 4 different staircase spindles and attach bolt them together using a hammer.

Take it out to your garden, use a layer of fertile soil and shift some of your small plantation to create a” raised garden>. Don’t forget to paint it beautifully, with love.


#4. Sofa Table

Create a short book table or a table close to your bed where you can put your books or decorative items. Take a long rectangular piece of wood and bolt it at the top of spindles.


#5. Table Lamps

Table lamp bases can also be created out of wooden or metal spindles. You can even use a weaving spindle according to the length of your table lamp for that.

Attach a bulb on the top where the whorl is located. You can also add a tablecloth, wires or other items to cover the bulb.

#6. Spindles as handles

Another cool idea is to use small wooden or metal spindles and create handles for various wooden items. For example, in the kitchen you can add a handle on the top of your shelves where you put your plates etc.

You can add handles to photo frames or add spindles on the side of signboards or blackboards if you have any at your place to make them much more attractive.


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#7. Candle Stands

One of the best uses for industrial or staircase spindles is that they make the perfect candle stands. Paint the spindles and make them beautiful before adding a candle.


#8. Christmas Decorations

Simply add a welcome sign on a big wooden spindle and use it as a décor at the entry of your home. Christmas decorations are incomplete without spindles.

Use spindles and paint them accordingly to create some magical Christmas decorations. Add Santa’s red hat on top of spindles with a painted face on the whorl or create a reindeer’s legs using spindles. Use your imagination and create fantastic pieces of art and decorations.

#9. DIY 3 tier stand


#10. Repurposed quilt rack


#11. Spindle ladder


#12. Jewelry display


#13. Entryway table makeover


#14. Barn Board Bricks with Spindle Wall Sign

#15. DIY lamp from table


#16. Reclaimed wood reindeer


#17. A chalk board


#18. Spindle wind chimes for outdoor


#19. Spindle crate


#20. Repurposed table leg wreath holder


#21. Spindle chandelier


#22. Baby room

#23. Rustic clock using spindles for the hour and the minute


#24. Plate holder


#25. DIY spindle Christmas tree



There are dozens of ideas that you can use to decorate your home using various spindles. Wooden spindles are generally attractive and they are perfect to design customized decorations.


33+ wunderbare DIY String Art Ideen

String art! What is it? Do you love it? No one will wait for the inspiration to admire the string art ideas. They are the most celebrated decorative ideas that will make your living room to be brilliant!

The string art is not limited to the living room alone, but you can still have it at your kid’s bedroom or even the family room.


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What kind of string do you use for string art?

There is an overwhelming number of strings that will make the string art to be simple. We love the crochet thread. It’s only the best for the string art projects.

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What supplies are needed for string art?

All you will require for this fantastic art is wood, nails, a hammer, and strings! We love it because every kid admires the string art projects!

How far apart should nails be for string art?

The preferable distance that nails should be set apart is about 0.75 inches apart. While hammering it in leaves, some half-inch showing to allow for

20 string art projects

Twenty string art projects are simply the best! They are a collection of the best art designs out of strings that you should consider for the quality string art projects!

1. The word string art

This art is appealing. Sometimes you can decide to pass the message through a string art. What matters to you is what you use the striking art to design!


2. The pineapple string art

Do you love pineapples? Express your love for pineapples by applying this beautiful pineapple art! It’s a colorful and straightforward string art project.


3. The Wisconsin art

It looks like some graphs and techniques which we use to draw some years back in high school! But it’s an illustration, the fantastic string art!


4. The state-themed string art

It will only design the love for your nation! I will take my beautiful country and simple design using the string art!


5. The monogram wall hanging

The monogram wall hanging is another smart idea that is considerable for the string art project. It will just be bright for those who admire that string art.


6. The DIY string art wall hanging

Simplicity and elegance are what makes us choose this stunning string art Design!

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7. The Elephant string art

You might be wondering as to why an elephant art? You may customize this. Get what you want. It is art!


8. Love

Love will never miss all the skills! String art will deliver a love theme. Consider this fantastic string art idea and express your real love.


9. The heart string art

At a glance, you may be tempted to believe that it’s a complex project, but once you get started, everything is simplified!


10. The canvas wall art

This fantastic DIY canvas wall art will warm your hearts. Did you ever think that the string art projects can deliver this?


11. The bird string art

The string is appealing. They can be molded into anything; that’s why we love bird string art. What we see confirms the beauty of the string art.


12. The deer head!

Have you ever come across a real deer? This is part of the amazing animals that you may consider someday at Maasai Mara Park! But we are not actually about tourism, we want you to design your deer park made of strings!


13. The reverse string art

Now how do we even explain this? Isn’t it so appealing?


14. The DIY art

We can decide to play with letters! Out of the 26, you won’t miss your favorite!


15. Another word project

Yes, we are merely giving you choices. How about this string art??


16. When were you born?

You can answer this using the perfect string art! It’s marvelous for your birthday!


17. The shamrock string

St Patrick’s Day is so famous at shamrocks! Look at this art, and it’s an excellent way to commemorate the day!

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18. The abstract string art

We love art. We love it even when it entails adventures of using strings! Go for this smart art design that melts the hearts!


19. Love never ends

Yes, love is what drives the world crazy! You need options to express it; that is why we are delivering another love string art!


20. The rustic arrow

Did you even imagine that the rustic arrow designs can be arrived at using the string art.


21. Sunflower string art


22. DIY snowflake string art


23. DIY fall string art


24. DIY nursery string


25. DIY bunny string art


26. Christmas tree string art


27. Palm leaf string art

28. Heart string art


29. Joy string art

30. DIY antler string art


31. DIY pumpkin string art for fall


32. DIY ‘home’ string art


33. Giraffe string art


To conclude, the string art ideas are just so overwhelming! Listing all will take us a lifetime since it entails creativity and passion!

You can have anything, including even drawing what you love! You may also consider having a string art of your PC. All these are reasons why string art projects will never end!


22+ Kreative DIY Kaffeebecherhalter Ideen

Are you that person who feels disturbed with just massive amounts of coffee mugs? You want them to be in a safe place, but you can’t find the best way to store them? Why can you try some coffee mug holder ideas that exist in just varieties?

This article will deliver the best for you consider the 20 simple coffee mug holder ideas that simplify every task. All you need is to understand the coffee mug holder and make the perfect choice that you think is best for you.


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Below are steps on how to make a coffee mug holder

1. Plan your design

There are many ways to design the coffee mug holder, depending on the choice that you really want. You need to decide on the design that you wish to have.

2. Actual designing and measurements

The second step is the actual designing that entails the accurate measurements and the choice of the right materials that will suit the choice of your coffee mug holder.

3. Cutting the designs

Once the actual models and measures have been established, you need to cut out the materials into the desired sizes ensure that you use the perfect tool such as a circular saw while cutting the wood. Safety gear must be worn during the process.

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4. Complete the process

The last stage entails the attachment of the measured materials in suitable places. Ensure that every hook, wood, or metal fits the right place that it should as per your chosen design!

Where can I find the coffee mug holder?

Coffee mug holders can be found in almost all the selling platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, banggood, and even eBay! All you need is to make an order of your choice as you agree to the billing information! The rest shall be done. It shall be delivered at your doorstep at the time of convenience.

Let’s now consider 20 coffee mug holder ideas that you may consider while choosing the best option that will fit your needs. they are 20 different varieties that you may find for your coffee mug storage.

20 Coffee mug holder Ideas

1. Pallet style rack

Pallet style rack is undoubtedly one of the best coffee mug holder ideas that are designed in a lovely way! You intend to properly store your mugs. You will need some woods and hooks, and you are ready to enjoy the pallet style rack mug holder ideas!


2. Little house for coffee mugs

How about the little house for your coffee mugs? The name is derived from the way the mug holder looks like! You will love this small house that will act as the habitat for your coffee mugs!


3. Metal wall racks

Another fantastic idea is the metal walls racks. You need metals and hooks where you will hang your mugs on the walls. Metals and hooks are attached to the wall hence allowing room for the mug storage.


4. Cup hooks in the cabinet

Cup hooks in a cabinet is also another secure way to store your coffee mugs! Just erect hooks along the walls of your office, and there you are. Your cabinet is ready to save the coffee mugs safely.


5. Wall shelf with hooks

Did you know that your wall shelf can be the best way to store your coffee mugs? What you will only need the hooks along the wall shelf that is appropriately held at the wall. The results are a fantastic idea just for you!

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6. Moose head mug holder

The moose head mug holder is so careful about the beautiful appearance in the room! You need to give it a try.


7. Coffee mug holders with barrel staves

The holders with the barrel staves are other options that deliver simply the best way to store your coffee mugs. The advantage here is the easy DIY manufacturing that only takes a” small space> and gives that fantastic scenic wall design.


8. Little pedestal rack

It is the purest form of the mug holder. All you need are hooks that alternate along with a pedestal rack, and then you get a fantastic storage place for your mugs!


9. Gray stained rack

The gray stained rack is just another one that you consider when you are keen on the appearance and proper arrangements. The hooks will be located at the upper end of your cabinet.


10. Heart-shaped coffee mug

The heart will always bring love closer. We admire the heart-shaped idea, for it will only explain how we love coffee! We need to keep these coffee mugs at a beautiful place, and we believe this one will do it!


11. Pallet DIY coffee mugs

This idea is the simplest. It takes less space and will hold all your mugs. Give it a try and save yourself the challenges that come with a disorganized kitchen.


12. Four peg mug holder

It’s just for you and your wife. It will be useful if you get two more friends, but the idea here is to get a perfect place for your coffee mugs! Don’t you think the four peg coffee is simply the best?


13. Mug holder with plumbing pipe

How about the coffee mug holder with the plumping tube? This criterion is a fantastic idea that aims at utilizing scarce resources. The plumbing pipes will still play a role as a support compartment for your mug platform!


14. Lazy Susan mug holder

Lazy Susan Is for real the best! I love how this fantastic mug holder is versatile. It will still retain more space for the storage of other kitchen utensils! It is a cheap way to stay organized in your beautiful kitchen.

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15. Weathered look coffee mug holder

Look at this appealing weathered coffee mug holder shelf? Every compartment is reserved for the safety of a single coffee mug! It’s just perfect for the fragile utensils.


16. Stenciled wall rack coffee mug holder

It will take no more of your space! All you need are hooks above your head, and it becomes the permanent storage place for your coffee mugs! We care about the area, and that’s why we are coming up with smart ideas to serve you better!


17. Box with screws and coffee pod holder

Have you ever considered this little and spectacular mug holder? It is a secure storage place for your mugs. You will appreciate the coffee pod holders that are amazingly designed!


18. Coffee mug hung on rustic planks

Too many coffee mug holder ideas will impress, but of course, the coffee mug hung on rustic planks is merely another idea that you may wish to have. Everything is done on your wall, and you don’t have to reserve a place in your little room!


19. Pallet holder with a quote

We love quotes; Love, attitude, motivational, and the rest! But how about this? Just the two of you sharing a cup of coffee! It’s really a fantastic coffee mug holder that will bring you closer!


20. Mug tree

You need some little art skills to design this. It’s effortless and does serve a smart purpose to hold your mugs properly!


21. Farmhouse mug rack


22. DIY shutter plate rack



All these are the best ideas that will make serve to hold your coffee mugs! Choose the best that suits your needs and have a blast!


34+ Kreative Ideen und Designs für DIY-Palettenschilder

Pallet signs are a great way to make your house or office look smart. Interior designers can help you get an excellent wooden design.

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How do you hang a pallet sign?

There are two ways that a pallet sign could be hung up. One is by finding the studs on your wall and then drill screw studs, and the other one is by putting drywall anchors and put the screws on these anchors, either way, all will work.

How to make pallet sign vinyl.

Use any craft cutter that you can get if you want to use Vinyl lettering. Then design the writings using a matte white vinyl and silhouette cameo. Weed the words out and transfer to the boards.

DIY Pallet sign projects you should try

1. Hello Sunshine sign

This gorgeous and attractive DIY sign will not only light up your house but also cheer everyone that lays their eyes on it. It distinguishes your house from others giving your visitors a relaxed and welcoming feeling.

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2. Coffee mug pallet project

You can’t help but fall in love with this unique pallet idea. This coffee mug pallet hung on your kitchen wall where you can hang your coffee mugs is just satisfying.

3. Love at home DIY Pallet project.


This classy and elegant pallet idea adds a warm and cozy feeling to your house. It looks even better when paired with other enhancements like painting or a bouquet of flowers beside it.

4. Pallet idea for garden planters

This is a great idea for gardeners who love to create fascinating projects for their gardens and flower beds. This pallet idea brings out a sense of art-making your garden and flowers have an exciting and appealing look. Every gardener should try out this idea.


5. DIY welcome sign idea

This anthropology-inspired welcome sign on the front porch gives your home a welcoming feel and is easy to make. This is just the perfect way to welcome people to your home without saying a word, and they will feel at home!


6. DIY Laundry Room Sign idea

Anyone with young kids can relate very well to this pallet. This humorous pallet will remind the kids what to do while still decorating the laundry room. If you have kids and find that your pantry room is always in muddled condition, you should definitely try this.


7. The Heat Pallet project idea

This heart pallet created by Kristi is a simple but mind-blowing idea. With just a few pallets, Kristi was able to create this heart-soothing heart pallet, which she hung in her master bedroom.


8. DIY Today I’m Thankful for Pallet idea

This pallet idea is a great piece, especially if you are parenting wishing to teach the kids the importance of being grateful for every little thing that they have. With just a few wood pallets and a piece of chalk you can make this for your home and kids.

9. Wood pallet idea for your laundry room

This simple yet sophisticated looking idea can light up your laundry room. With just a wood pallet, you can come up with hanging station which when paired up with an ironing table is just magical!

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10. DIY Inspirational Quote Pallet Idea

Inspirational quotes play a vital role in the growth of an individual in different dimensions. If you need a reminder to help you focus on what is important in your life, this pallet idea is perfect for you!


11. Wedding Anniversary Pallet Idea

A significant day like a wedding commemoration is a significant memory. Such significant dates can be shown in a wooden pallet in block numbers on the topmost part of the wall of a room to bring a comforting feeling which is a constant reminder of that important day in your life

12. Christmas tree pallet project

This involves setting up a wooden Christmas tree from old wood pallets or any idle pieces of wood lying around the compound. The Christmas tree, when placed at the front porch gives the house a sparkling and lively look during the festive season.

13. “Let it snow” DIY pallet Idea

Express your DIY skills in different seasons of the year. Express the snowy winter days using white or light blue lettering and sparkles on a grey wooden pallet. You will be surprised by the magical look of the snowy winter season pallet!


14. DIY Express your feelings on a pallet

Express your feelings on a pallet and let everyone know what you are feeling. Use bold letters and bright colors to emphasize your personal feelings.

15. The Scrap Wood Ornament Pallet idea

Do you want to spice up your indoor décor? Then you have to try out these ornaments on the pallet idea. You are open to choosing the design that resemble your ornaments to make it even more interesting.

16. Wood Home Sign

This eye-catching wood home sign with wreath makes your home feel lively and more welcoming especially when you are having a couple of family and friends over for a small gathering such a birthday occasion. Place it at the entrance where it can be easily seen.

17. The Love Story Pallet Idea

Everyone has their own personal version of how they celebrated love. Feel free to express your own version in a beautiful large pallet hang on the wall just above your bed that catches your attention each morning, reminding you of those heartfelt memories.

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18. The Distressed wood Pallet sign Project

Let people close to you know that they are important in your life through this fascinating and heart-warming distressed sign. The whimsical white cursive letters presented on the painted wood will announce your inner feelings in the perfect way.

19. DIY Sibling Pallet sign Idea

Allow your children to express their love and feelings towards each other by making their own signs. You can hang these pallets in their rooms as a constant reminder of what they are.

20. “I love you” DIY Pallet Idea

Express your intimate feelings to your partner through this simple yet charming wood love pallet. Simply curve a gray shaped frame, then carve out a few love words, paint them white, then glue them on your frame, and you are done. Isn’t this just amazing?


21. “Eat” sign

Source: theturquoisehome, sweetpickinsfurniture

22. DIY jute rope love sign


23. Rustic blessed sign


24. DIY fab 5 sign


25. Pineapple welcome art


26. DIY Monogram Pallet Family Name Sign


27. Pallet home sign


28. Happy fall sign


29. DIY anchor sign


30. Burnt pallet sign


31. Reclaimed wood love rope sign


32. DIY Embroidered ‘Hello’ Pallet Wood Art


33. “I’ll eat you up I love you so” sign


34. Coffee crate lid sign



These are very simple DIY” pallets ideas> that you can customize any way you want. Simply select what you need the sign to say and then paint it onto the wood, adjust a few things, and then add a hanger, and you’re all done!


35+ kreative DIY-Ideen zur Wiederverwendung alter Schubladen

Are you looking for some crazy ideas to recycle your old drawer? Want to use your old drawer and make something creative and sexy out of it?

There is absolutely no need to throw your old drawer out just because it’s old, or if it doesn’t look sexy enough for your bedroom anymore. We are going to throw some of the best ideas to come up with something wonderful using your boring drawer that you are going to throw out anyway.


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1. Turn Your Old Drawer Into A Mirror


One of the best things you could think of, turn your old drawer to make a mirror out of it. That mirror could be hung on a wall in your room or can be placed in your lobby. It makes the room or the place look more beautiful.

2. Hang Them On The Walls And Use As Shelves


This is another idea for using your old drawer. You can hang it on the wall and can actually use it as a shelve. Great way to keep your daily routine things or even decorations.

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3. Make Wall Arts Out Of Them

This idea will make your lobby or your drawing room more attractive. You could make wall arts using old drawers that can be used in your bedrooms or place you feel like to make them prettier.

4. Make A Beautiful Bed For Your Puppy Out Of It


One of the best ways to build your puppy its new bed. You can place it anywhere according to your wish, inside or outside of your house, wherever you feel like. You will see your pet jumping all over with joy…we are pretty sure about it.

5. Hang The Drawer With Old Belt

If you can’t think of anything, don’t just throw it away. You can still simply hang it using your old belt which you probably are not wearing anymore and just hang it somewhere. It’s still great to keep things like your shades, belts, perfumes, purse or maybe decorative items, isn’t it?

6. Use Different Kind Of Drawers And Make Vintage Drawer Chest

With the different set of drawers, you can actually build a chic and vintage drawer chest which can be placed anywhere in your living room or any room you feel like. Moreover, you can paint it with different colours.

7. Create Super Cute Shelves Out Of Them

You can create cute shelves out of your old set of drawers. They can be placed or hung anywhere in the house according to your needs. You could place your daily use kitchen items, accessories or decorative in them and it will just look beautiful.

8. Oh, Wait! How About Making A Jewellery Hanger Out Of It?

Are you someone who loses the jewellery items every other day, or just can’t recall where they are kept when getting ready for special occasions? And let us guess, you don’t have a fixed place to keep your stuff, right?

Well, this is THE BEST EVER idea or advice, especially for women. Just turn your old drawer into a jewellery hanger and hang it in your dressing room where you get ready every day. Keeping your entire jewellery ready at one place saves tons of time.

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9. Your Very Personal Garment Hanger? Lol!

It’s a challenge for many people to find their garments in the morning, and we are not kidding, it’s actually true. You could use your old drawers as a garment hanger. Just hang that old drawer in your room and use it. You will find all your garments at one fixed place in the future.

10. Cute Shelf For Your Jewellery


You can make a cute looking shelf for your jewellery and wearable items and arrange them at one place. By doing this, you will get all your stuff managed at one place.

11. Playful Place For Your Cats

Recycle your old drawers and create a playful place for your cats out of it. If you don’t have any suitable place at your home for your cats to play at, just do it using the old, unused drawer which will look amazing and then you save a lot of bucks by doing it.

12. Make Rolling Drawers Under Your Bed

One fantastic suggestion is to create under-bed drawers using old, unused drawers where you can keep your daily use items such as wallets, purses etc. so that you locate them easily when they are needed.

13. Use Them As Shelves In Kitchen

Is your kitchen messy and dirty? And you are not able to arrange things properly? This idea will totally help you in keeping your kitchen clean and make it more beautiful and impressive. Making shelves and hanging them in the kitchen can help you a great deal.

14. Vintage Drawers For Family Pictures

If you have got a great collection of old pictures of family and friends but don’t have an appropriate place on the walls to hang them all, you can use your old drawer as a shelf to keep your memories and give them a vintage look.

15. Make Shelves For Kids Room

To make your kids’ room more interesting for them, you can create shelves using the old, unused drawers for their room. They can keep their toys, colour pencils, comics, games and all their cool fun things that they like the most in it.

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16. Make Drawers For Your Bathroom

Make drawers for your bathroom to keep all your bathroom accessories that you need on a daily basis. You can make your bathroom look clean and much more arranged by keeping everything at one place.

17. Turn Them Into Flower Pots

Turn your old drawers into flower pots which will make your living room more attractive and beautiful. Plant different types of flowers and make your living room more graceful.

18.Create Bulletin Boards Using Old Drawers

This is one of the best ideas. Turn your old drawers into bulletin boards where you can stick anything with a pin. Anything like a thing to remember or just for decoration.

19. Gift Yourself A Small, Little Personal Library

If you are a book lover and you don’t have a proper place to keep your books, you can actually create a mini library for your books by using your old drawers.

20. Make Shelves For Your Garden

If you are keen to decorate your garden, your old drawers can help you in doing so. You can make colorful drawers that will light up your garden.

21. Library

22. Plan board from corks

23. Magazine holder


24. Shabby chic shelves


25. Jewellery Hanger

26. Drawer shelf


27. Teapot birdhouse


28. Vintage planters


29. Bathroom storage


30. Vertical garden

31. Vintage cabinet


32. DIY Fabric Bulletin Board


33. Storage box


34. Under bed storage

35. Upcycled drawer


These are the best 35 recycling ideas that you can utilize to put your old drawers back in use, making them useful and beautiful and of-course save some bucks. This way, you will be able to utilize your old drawers without having to throw them out of the house.


21+ umfunktionierte Projekte mit alten Buchseiten

If you don’t have the guts to throw your old books away, and you don’t have use for them any longer, there’s a lot you can do. You can craft ideas and make new things, don’t throw away your old books, be creative and make something beautiful out of them.

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What can you do with old paperbacks?

There’s a lot you can do, from making a paper rose decorations to adding an interesting twist to items including gifts and Christmas tree ornaments. The paper decor is interesting and can realistically add good impressions to your interior if you do it the right way.

What can you make out of old books?

If can’t understand what to do with previous books, try this. It takes a small amount of patience, but you can really make some good decoration pieces, from making wreaths to Artichoke pendants you can do it all from an old scrappy pile of books. Let’s talk more about this…

20 DIY Old Book Craft Ideas

1. Book Planters

Book Planters


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Never know what to do with previous books, try this. It takes a small amount of patience, and an outsized hole to make this well-read planter, however, the hassle is going to be worthwhile for book lovers.

Play with completely different mixtures of books and pots, stacking wherever required to make a mini garden of words

2. Try a Christmas Wreath

Try a Christmas Wreath


This book wreath is nothing short of breathless and excitement and it involves crafts with old books.

Patience and careful designing can lead to a really one-of-a-kind decoration item that guests to your home will swoon over. Simply make sure to hold it in an exceedingly outstanding location for max results.

3. Make a Paper Rose

Make a Paper Rose


Make some beautiful paper rose decorations by using book pages, you can place these decors anywhere to enhance the overall aesthetics and to give places a unique look.

4. DIY Greeting cards

DIY Greeting cards

Use old-book pages and covers to make Greeting cards. You can make any type of Greeting card with a background that is suitable for all types of occasions — events, birthdays, etc

5. Make a Vintage book Safe

Make a Vintage book Safe


A hard book which is hollowed is can always be used as a safe place to keep valuables and trinkets from access and it’s always very secured.

Store it with the matching colored books on your shelf or anyplace else to make it blend in seamlessly together with your decoration.

6. Make a Vintage Wall Clock

Make a Vintage Wall Clock


What better way to keep track of your time in vogue than an upcycled book clock? you’ll be able to add panache to your decoration for little to no price by making this refined piece, a true wow factor for friends and family to witness.

7. Make a Mail holder

Make a Mail holder


Keep your mail organized and attainable, rather than stacking a pile on the table you can use this mail holder to keep your files organized. Created from any kind of book into something that acts as a store folder, this DIY isn’t only simple but helpful, too.

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8. DIY Book Picture Frame

DIY Book Picture Frame


The next time you’ve got a photograph you’d like to frame, think about making a book image frame instead of getting a generic frame at the shop. Trust me, it’ll take on more meaning in that manner and you’ll be able to tailor the frame’s look to the image you’re displaying.

9. A Stylish Book Lantern

A Stylish Book Lantern


A beautiful and elegant Book lantern made solely out of book covers and pages. You can easily DIY this project and make that empty corner shine bright and beautiful.

10. Make Cool Book Spine Book Marks

Make Cool Book Spine Book Marks


Many times, recycling centers won’t accept book covers, because of the glue that is used to manufacture the bindings. So, you’re kinda stuck with them and you try to seek out what to do with those books.

There are crafts with old books you’ll want to do, like build Bookmarks! They come in handy to keep a note of the work you do.

11. DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder


This quaint pencil holder could be a genius DIY project because it is created with the artichoke design in mind. Once you grace your table with this masterpiece, you’ll wish to grasp more of what you could achieve from scraps of books, make your space really practical by doing more.

12. Scrapbook Plain Bag

Scrapbook Plain Bag


You will never need to worry about somebody coming up with a similar bag as you have once you make your own purse out of a much-loved book. Settle into your own DIY space to make this beautiful bit of crafting magic.

13. Make a Beautiful Book Pennant

Make a Beautiful Book Pennant


This book-page pennant is an easy-effort craft to do with children and is endlessly customizable.

Simply cut, paste and thread the pennant flags and adorn with no matter which written material you wish. Stickers, stencils, and paint are all the ways in which you can create this DIY interior decoration your own.

14. Book Envelopes

Book Envelopes

Source and tutorial

Use old book pages to make envelopes for cards or just for simple gifts, looks elegant and unique.

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15. DIY Book leaf Décor

DIY Book leaf Décor


A little glitter goes a long way to make these book feathers pop. Spread them out in your room or hang them on the entranceway, either way, they will bring out the beauty in things.

16. Not so scary Halloween Pumpkins

Not so scary Halloween Pumpkins


The kids will love helping you make these pumpkin faces. Spread some positivity and give out some candies, or make your boring space feel alive again.

17. Make a Chandelier from book

Make a Chandelier from book


Whenever you think about chandeliers you probably think about something very expensive, well guess what you can make yourself a DIY chandelier from old rusty books. Break, torn and cut yourself some slack and make a beautiful chandelier.

18. DIY Study lamp

DIY Study lamp


This short stack of books might seem like the side reading novels, however, in fact, it conceals the wiring that powers the bulb. Filled with excitement it’s prone to create an energetic environment in its surroundings.

19. Coasters made from book cover

Coasters made from book cover


Make yourself beautiful DIY coasters by using book pages, with a few layers of decoupage glue and varnish.

20. DIY BirdHouse

DIY BirdHouse


It’s about time we made something for the feathery and fluffy population, we did this fun DIY colorful birdhouse. It’s beautiful, helpful and unique.

21. Dahlia book page wreath

Dahlia book page wreath


22. Stacked-books table lamp


23. DIY a 3D Paper Lamp


24. Make book balls


25. DIY dollar store book topiary


26. DIY butterfly ornaments


27. DIY book headboard

28. DIY book flowers


29. New star design from vintage bookpages


30. DIY book planters


31. DIY wreath with paper book pages



30+ Beste DIY Upcycled Müll Ideen

Are you left with lots of trash and have no idea what to do with it? Turning your trash into some cool decor is the latest trend nowadays. The need of upcycling or recycling is greater than ever before. Whether your trash includes plastic, old furniture or any scrap of junk material lying in the backyard of your house, turning it into something of value is a great deal.

We are going to give you some of the best upcycled trash ideas so you can turn your old trash into valued items. We bet that your neighbours will probably knock up your door to ask where you have bought this décor from.

Won’t these statements amaze you? You just need a couple of hours and some crazy ideas to turn old trash items into beautiful things that we believe you have never even imagined.

You May Like These Garden Ideas


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1. Old Ladder Into Bookshelf


Isn’t it amazing? Did you ever have a thought of making a bookshelf out of an old ladder in your backyard that is of no use?

You simply just need to find a wall where you want to hang this bookshelf, creating your cool personal library for keeping books and files and have them all at one place rather than having to look for them here and there.

2. Vintage Suitcase Into A Chair


Has this thought ever come to your mind before? You can make a chair out of your vintage suitcase. Instead of throwing your old vintage suitcase in your backyard, it can be used to create a chair.

All you need is a piece of plywood to fit inside the inner portion of the suitcase and wooden legs for the support. Wow! Your creative and cool looking vintage suitcase chair is ready for you to use.

3. Chair Into A Shelf Or Closet Unit


Well, you must be thinking that we have gone crazy, how one can make a shelf or closet out of chairs? But yes, you can do it by using your old folding chairs that you must have used regularly for sitting year ago in your garden, but now, they are of no use to you. You can simply hang folding chairs on a wall and use them to keep your clothes on hangers.

4. Old Books Into Shelves


We all know that reading books is a good habit but after we are done with them, they are just simply lie in your cupboard or in boxes under your bed for years.

This is one of the unique ideas of creating a shelf out of your old books. Heck, this will be the coolest thing that you will ever do, to your books. The things that you need to make shelf are old books, some wall brackets and nails. You are done making your cool unique and sexy bookshelves.

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5. Bowlers into Lamps

Many of you may like wearing bowler hats as they add that cool and the grace to your looks. But once you are bored of them, you simply throw them in closets or thrown with old clothes.

Well, there is something you can do about it, you can actually make lamps out of them. The things that you need for that are your unused bowler hats, bulbs and a hanging wire. You can simply hang them in your lobby, kitchen or can increase the beauty of your bedroom with them.

6. Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors


Okay, tennis rackets. What can we possibly do with spare, unused tennis rackets? Well, we can actually upcycle them and transform them into mirrors, lol!

Everyone has one or the other broken sports equipment that is uselessly lying in the storeroom. But if you have an old tennis rackets that are of no use, you can turn them into mirrors. Just remove the nets from it cut a piece of glass mirror according to its dimensions.

Hang them over the places you like, for example, your washbasin, bedroom, dressing room that will give unique transformation to the place.

7. Vintage TV Into Pet Bed


If you are a fan of retro pieces, then why not give your pet’s bed the vintage treatment too? You must have the old vintage TVs lying in the backyard or in a storeroom which are of no use. But now, it’s time to give them a vintage glow.

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Simply remove the screen and components of the TV, you can add a cosy cushion in order to soften the place inside and we are sure that your four-legged friend will love it.

8. DIY Three Tiered Stand From Baking Tins


9. DIY Grater Owl


10. DIY Lampshade from Sweater


11. Recycled bottle pendant lamp

12. From coffee can into a planter bucket


13. Bicycle rim clock

14. Christmas lantern lights


15. Repurposed Wooden Industrial Spool


16. DIY farmhouse light from chicken wire for laundry room


17. Upcycled pallet shelf


18. Turn old piano into outdoor fountain water


19. Spoon lamp


20. Outdoor burlap pillows

21. DIY plate mirror


22. Turn a glove into a chipmunk


23. Recycled bottle to broom

24. DIY lace lamp


25. Enamel Mug Organizer


26. Chainmaille From Pop Tabs


27. Bike vanity


28. Turn bathtub into couch

29. DIY Missoni Shoes


30. DIY suitcase coffee table


These were the best upcycled trash ideas that you can utilize to put your old trash back in use, making it useful and off-course save some money. This way you will be able to reuse your trash items instead of throwing it in the backyard of your house.


28+ Awesome Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas

Cabinet doors, just like the ones you discover at old homes, are like a blank canvas waiting to be upcycled and repurposed, from making a cabinet shelf to a DIY kitchen table, there’s a lot you can do. Turn your old cabinet doors into beautiful decoration pieces.

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What can you do with old cabinet doors?

The next time you rework your room and alter the cupboard doors or if you simply happen to come across some recent cupboards at a mart or sale, be sure to put a number of these nice repurposing ideas to use. You’ll enjoy turning those doors into something great and new.

What to make out of old doors?

From serving trays to attractive image frames so many things in between, you’re certain to find the proper use for those cabinet doors. from making your own chess board out of a cabinet door to create a beautiful and space filled jewelry organizer?

There are various ways in which you’ll be able to repurpose cabinet doors that is why I am excited to show them to you. Oh, and if you’re trying to find howling ways in which to spruce up you’re outdoors this spring, make sure to give a look at these twenty ways in which to repurpose your cabinet doors into something new and exciting.

28 repurposed cabinet door ideas

1. DIY Cabinet door Bench

This would be nice for sitting on the porch or within the anteroom. have you ever priced a porch bench?

Those things are pretty expensive however you’ll be able to build one yourself, probably at no cost, if you have one or two of old cabinet doors on hand. The seat and back are solely made up of old cabinet doors, a great way to repurpose them.

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2. DIY Chalkboard from Old Cabinet Doors


Chalkboards can be really handy to have in the kitchen for keeping grocery things listed as you would like them and even leaving notes for the family etc.

This chalkboard can be made from any old cabinet door and it’s attractive and so functional! you only paint the cabinet door with chalkboard paint. If you’re using a decorated or framed door, you can paint the frame to match your room and have a beautiful chalkboard that goes absolutely along with your decoration.

3. DIY Porch décor


These skinny cupboard doors turned into porch interior decorations are beautiful. They’re also very easy to DIY. You can use wider cabinet doors if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

Simply paint them with flat solid paint and leave a pleasant welcome message or you could paint them a bright color and paint your message on them however you prefer. Either way, they’re certain to build your porch instantly good and alluring.

4. DIY Cabinet Door Chessboard


Do you play chess? It’s a game of strategy needless to say it’s a lot of fun. What’s also fun is that this beautiful chess board has been repurposed from an old cabinet door.

Imagine twiddling with friends and telling them that you just created the board yourself! this is an easy project and you’ll be able to customize the colors to match your decor. Your family and friends will really like this project and you’re guaranteed to love it too.

5. DIY Cabinet Door Clock


A simple and gorgeous DIY clock that you can create from those old cabinet doors. This gives you so much room to personalize! simply paint, stain, or otherwise beautify that cabinet door and then add a clock kit to it.

Create the numbers however you wish and make the clock work for any place in your home however you like.

6. DIY Cabinet door Easel

This cabinet door turned easel could be used for several things. You can give it away as a present to somebody who loves art or use it yourself anywhere around the house.

You can use this on the porch for welcome messages or you could use it to display pictures or collages or maybe use it as an actual stand for art. It’s incredibly versatile and so very easy to create.

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7. Beautiful cabinet door picture frames


That otherwise useless cabinet door could really make a gorgeous picture frame. You can clean and stain or paint the cabinet door however you want it to look.

And once it’s ready, you can drill holes in it to attach hangers and then you can easily hang your pictures from clips onto the wall or wherever you want. This is a great idea if you like to change your picture frames from normal to vintage.

8. DIY Wall Décor From Cabinet Doors


If you’ve been thinking of redecorating the room, a new headboard can create a big difference in how the room appears. And, you don’t need to purchase a new bedroom set or pay a fortune on a new panel.

You’ll be able to create one yourself with old cabinet doors and give your space an exquisite natural look. These look great stained or painted.

9. DIY Cabinet Doors Wall Art


You will really love the old rustic look that comes from these cabinet doors. They can look great as house signs – just put your name and your house number on them and drop them on your porch. Or, use them indoors for a little added decoration.

You can place any number of things on them from your name to some sacred words or quotes. They can also be wonderful gifts to give.

10. DIY Cabinet Door Jewelry Holder


That old cabinet door is just the perfect tool for this rustic jewelry organizer. Rods hold your necklaces and bracelets or you can just attach a hook to the bottom for holding extra jewellery or store scarves on it as well. Just suspend it on the wall and get that jewellery a better place to stay.

11. DIY Coat hanger


This wall pegboard is ideal for keeping your coat put neatly away and you can simply DIY it from an old cabinet door. Smaller doors may work best depending on how much wall area you have got, however you can use this idea on a bigger door too. Decorate it however you like, you can make this perfect management tool for coats and backpacks.

12. Redesigned Cabinet door mail holder


This nice mail holder can simply be made up of a slender cabinet door. It’s got a hook at the top if you wish to hang your coat or purse and a good catch-all bottom for holding your mail. It’s a wire basket that gives the whole thing a good rustic look.

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13. DIY Jar Holder


Take that old cabinet door and use it hang jar vases. simply use metal clamps just like the ones that hold your dryer vent in place to hold the mason jars. The clamps are connected to the cabinet door firmly with screws and also the project incorporates a very farmhouse like vibe.

14. DIY Communication Doors


If you can’t decide between a blackboard or a note board, why not do both? This family communication center has everything you need to stay organized and on prime of things, and you’ll be able to create it in barely one or two hours from that old cabinet door. This works nicely for doors that are doubled paned however you can do it with one.

15. DIY Door Frame Picture Collage


Turn that old rustic cabinet door into a photo frame. Hand it on the wall or anywhere, let your pictures stand out with its appealing look.

16. DIY Cabinet Door Serving tray

This cabinet door serving tray is pretty easy to make and it’s gorgeous, simply use your old door paint it however you like and attach some hooks and voila.

17. Make Your Own DIY Earring Holder

Need a new home for your earrings? Well, you can use that old cabinet door and transform it into a unique masterpiece to hold all your precious gems.

18. DIY Cabinet Door Towel Holder

Sick of your old towel holder? Well, you’re in luck, use your old cabinet door, you just have to paint it or stain it in your chosen color.

19. DIY Cabinet door Shelves

Stack your plates in a more organized manner, make yourself this easy to make DIY project to make the space more elegant and sorted.

20. DIY Cabinet Door Item Holder


This DIY project is really easy to make and comes in really handy when considering storing your items in a unique space.

21. DIY Desk Out of Cabinets


22. Welcome to our home sign

23. Easy cabinet door


24. Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket


25. Repurposed cabinet door before and after


26. Mason jar and old cabinet door

27. Bathroom organizer


28. Wreath hangs on the door



20+ Coole und einfache Sprühfarben-Projektideen verwandeln Ihre Möbel

Spray Paint Designs are a brilliantly creative way to add personality to your home.

Spray Painting isn’t always about vandalism. No, It’s an inexpensive and versatile decorating method that can add color and great designs to your home and garden quickly and easily.


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What Kind Of Spray Paint To Use On Wine Bottles?

General purpose spray paint and decorative spray paint can be applied to glass.

However, if you want to be confident that your spray paint will stick to the surface of your wine bottle, All Surface Spray Paint may be a better option.

When applying spray paint to a glass wine bottle, always lightly sand the surface. This helps the paint stick better.

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How To Spray Paint Designs

Spray paint stencils allow you to repeat designs again and again. It’s a great way to create a wallpaper effect, or to add floral patterns to furniture.

You can make your own spray paint stencils. Use acetate or cardstock to prevent your stencils from getting soggy. When designing your stencils, get some spray paint inspiration from DeviantArt.

Follow this WikiHow guide to make your own spray paint stencils.

Spray Paint Patterns

Repeated patterns are easy to recreate with spray paint and stencils. You can also create cool shapes out of ordinary objects like leaves.

Remember, you don’t need to create your own stencils, you can buy them premade.

20 Best DIY Spray Paint Ideas

Get creative and spray up a storm with these 20 Best DIY Spray Paint Ideas.

1. Make A Plastic Tub Look Galvanized

Who would believe that rustic, galvanized container was once plastic? Transform yours today with this great guide.


2. Transform A Glass Vase Into A Mirror

Use silver or gold mirror spray paint to revamp tired glass vases into shiny new living room features.


3. Spray Paint Flower Art

Stencil art is beautiful. Admire these elegant floral designs. Find a flower you love and make your own.


4. Flawlessly Spray Paint Your Furniture

Chipped and shabby furniture? Give it an immaculate revival with a spray paint makeover.


5. Stencil Pretty Patterns Onto Furniture

Add gorgeous designs to your furniture with spray paint stencils.

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6. Give Your Mailbox A Makeover

Be bold and try out a new mailbox color. Spray paint is the perfect medium for repainting metal.


7. Upcycle Your Own Caddy

Shabby chic caddies are great, but sometimes they don’t match your decor. Upcycle yours with a coat of spray paint to make this great centerpiece.


8. Update Your Vent Covers with Spray Paint

Tired of ugly vents? Refresh them with a coat of spray paint.


9. Spray Paint Patio Furniture

This bold blue patio furniture is now longer life, thanks to the protective qualities of spray paint. It also looks fantastic.


10. Save Money Spray Painting Outlet Sockets

Why replace your sockets when all they need is a bit of paint? Save money and spray paint yours.


11. Upgrade Old Brass Handles

Everyday use can make brass handles look tired and old. Breathe new life into yours with a dash of spray paint.


12. Spray Paint Your Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets don’t need to be boring. Spray paint them white to create a modern and stylish look.


13. Be Amazed By Glass Spray Paint

Glass spray paint is so chic. Look at how it transformed this glass table into a reflective wonder!


14. Create Faux Wallpaper with Spray Paint

Wallpaper is expensive. Make your own patterns with a can of spray paint. Would you believe that’s how this look was achieved?


15. Transform Wicker Trays

Spray your wicker trays for a coordinated new look. This blue matches the table perfectly.

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16. Spray Paint Nicer Table Legs

Contrasting table legs and tops look very modern. Refresh your table by spray painting the legs with a new color.


17. Give your Shower Features New Life

You can’t avoid it. Faucets and showerheads stain. It can be impossible getting them clean. Give yours a matte spray paint finish. They’ll look like new!


18. Spray Paint Terracotta Pots

We love terracotta, but it can be so boring. Add some color to your pots with a bit of spray paint.


19. Revolutionize Your Silverware

Forget silver spoons, look at this gorgeous gold silverware. The effect is achieved with a stream of gold spray paint.


20 Spray Paint Kitchen Appliances

Fridges and kitchen appliances can be so drab. They always look the same. Fill yours with character with this bold spray paint design.


Spray Up A Storm

There’s so much you can do with spray paint.

Take some inspiration from these wonderfully creative spray paint designs and gift your house with an expressive personality.

It’s easier and much cheaper than you think. Be imaginative and see if you can come up with your own incredible designs.


45+ Clevere, zweckentfremdete Ideen für alte Leiter

Wooden ladders are more prone to wear due to heavy usage over the years. Therefore, the ladder might need seasonal cleaning and refurbishment to maintain that sparkling look.

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How do you clean an old wooden ladder?

The first step is to take the ladder apart after figuring out parts that might need repair. The next thing is to sand it down gently to remove any old paint splotches or accumulated dust until it is all smooth.

Using a varnish brush, coat the ladder with a clear layer of varnish and let it dry overnight.

How to make a rustic Rudder

Making a rustic ladder to hang some clothes or blankets is a pretty straightforward task. Materials needed are rods, studs wood glue and sandpaper.

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Cut your dowel rods into long lungs according to the size you need for your ladder. Sand the rods gently and mark the sides for wholes.

Drill small holes on the marked sides and sand them down to ensure that the lungs will fit in the holes. Fill the holes with glue and gently place the lung in and do the same on the other side.

Attach clumps for a few hours to allow the glue to dry. Finally, you can decide to paint the ladder and let it dry to achieve the look that you want.

How to paint an old ladder

Before painting an old wooden ladder, first, you need to clean and sand it and repair any broken parts and coat it with varnish, as explained earlier, to give the paint a layer to stick on.

Do you know that that old ladder laying in your garage can be of great use? Come with me as I take you through 45 Interesting repurposed old ladder ideas that you should try.

45+ interesting repurposed old ladder ideas

1. DIY Old Ladder for More Shelves

Create more shelving space by placing two ladder side by side and joining the two with a distressed rod along the rungs.


2. Repurposed Ladder Plant Stand

This Rustic step ladder fitted with shelving boards across the center acts as a perfect plant ladder with such a satisfying view.


3. DIY Pot Rack

Add hooks to your old ladder and chain it somewhere in your kitchen to create a charming pot rack for your kitchen.

4. DIY ladder for a Bookshelf

That tiny corner in your living room can be of great use. When fitted horizontally, your old ladder acts an attractive bookshelf for your book collection.

5. DIY Repurposed Ladder for your Herb Garden

This is a brilliant idea to spice up your garden by simply laying down your old ladder and getting these even portions for your plants.

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6. DIY Entrance mud Coat Rack

If your house does not have a mud coat room, you can turn that old ladder into a coat rack just at the entrance of your living room.

7. Repurposed Ladder into an Arbor

Are you tight on a budget in your upcoming wedding? Convert three of your old ladders into a beautiful charming wedding arbor.

8. DIY Old ladder into a Wardrobe

With just a few pieces of pine plank, you can transform your old ladder into this freestanding and elegant wardrobe for your clothes.

Source information: bobvila

9. DIY Old Ladder into a Nightstand.

This simple and appealing vintage ladder converted into a nightstand with an inbuilt table is a perfect when placed on your bedside, where you can place lightweight personal items.

Source information: bobvila

10. DIY Leaning Ladder Shelf Idea

Create a simple shelf from your old ladder by attaching wire baskets to the rungs of your ladder where you can store different accessories and crafts.

Source information: thisoldhouse

11.DIY Bathroom Towel Rack

Fitting your old ladder with attached baskets in your bathroom will give you extra space where you can place your towels and other toiletries.

Source information: thisoldhouse

12. Flower Display Shelves Idea

Convert your old ladders into this stylish display of shelves for your flowers and other accessories for your house.

Source information: abeautifulmess

13. DIY Old ladder for your Dining Lighting

Light up your dining table by chaining your old ladder horizontally and attach lighting fixtures to it.

Source information: thespruce

14. Old Ladder to hang Jewelry

This is a super easy idea where you can use your old ladder to hang your vast jewelry design and access them easily when you need them.

15. Old Ladder for Herb Drying.

This is a perfect idea for gardeners. Fit your old ladder in your garden and use it to dry your herbs.

16. DIY old ladder into a shoe Rack

If you are a shoe lover with too many shoes that don’t fit into your closet, this is a perfect idea for you. Your old ladder can perfectly hold your shoe collection in cute appealing way.

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17. DIY Laundry Room Clothing Rack

Your old ladder chained horizontally from the ceiling of your laundry room will go a long way in helping you organize and dry your clothes when doing laundry.

18. DIY Blanket Ladder

When leaned against your living room wall, your old ladder holds up a few well folded blankets keeping the room tidy.


19. DIY Old ladder garden Homewalk Entrance

Enhance your garden entrance with this beautiful home walk made from old wooden ladders.

Source information: hometalk

20. DIY Birdhouse Stands

These beautiful birdhouses made from old ladders will attract birds creating an amazing and natural feeling in your compound.


21. Old ladder for Home décor

Suspend your old ladder horizontally on your ceiling and decorate it using flowers and other decorations of your choice to lighten up your room.


22. Ladder lighting

23. Hanging lanterns


24. Christmas tree


25. DIY basket ladder


26. DIY weathered ladder


27. Birdhouses


28. Outdoor Hanging Planters


29. Ladder shelf for board game storage


30. Wooden step ladder


31-32. Rustic ladder flower planter


33. Recycled ladder shelf


34. Bed canopy


35. Another ladder planter

36. Rustic herb garden planter


37. Ladder table

38. Hanging ladder for wedding

39. Christmas wreath hanging


40. Bathroom ladder storage

41. Bathroom towel storage using ladder

42. Vintage ladder shelving

43. Antique Ladder Pot Rack


44. Ladder shelf in guest room


45. Plant stand


Don’t let your old ladders go to waste. Try out these wonderful DIY old ladder ideas and have fun all the away!