70 besten DIY Feuerstellen

70 Best DIY Fire Pits

Summer is almost here so now is the perfect time to build a fire pit to enjoy the warmer weather with your friends and family. There are projects here for every budget, style and skill level so you are sure to find the perfect project for you!

Many of these DIY fire pits are fairly simple, can be completed in a few days and use inexpensive materials. There are a handful of more complicated and expensive projects here for those that have a bigger budget and more DIY expertise.  In addition to the materials listed here you will need some basic tools like shovels, trawl, level, work gloves, dust mask(if working with concrete), etc.

Circular Fire Pits

$50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings
portable charcoal grill + concrete tree rings + pebbles

Easy Fire Pit DIY
retaining wall blocks + cap blocks + drainage gravel + decorative rock + construction outdoor adhesive + metal ring

$60 DIY Fire Pit
 gray pavers + square pavers +  triangle pavers + paver sand

Simple DIY Fire Pit
limestone retaining wall blocks + gravel + landscape retaining wall adhesive

DIY Brick Fire Pit For Only $80
wedge wall block + small wall block + gravel + paver leveling sand

One Hour Fire Pit 
stones + lava rock

Stone Fire Pit
Concrete +  limestone screenings +  quarry stone mixed rock + mortar mix  + pea gravel

Fire Pit
Roughly 40 “old” bricks + spray paint + landscaping stones

Easy DIY Inexpensive Firepit
concrete retaining wall blocks + chisel + hammer

Retaining Wall Block DIY Fire Pit
retaining wall blocks + wall caps + Quikrete + gravel

Fire Pit
bricks + concrete sand + marking paint + lava rocks + large flat rocks + concrete adhesive

Easy 4 Step Fire Pit
colored spray paint + gravel + concrete landscaping stones + metal firepit ring + masonry adhesive

Landscape Wall Stone Fire Pit
pea gravel + angled landscape stones + wood-burning fire pit bowl with flat, extended lip

Step-by-Step Fire Pit DIY Tutorial

$100 DIY Fire Pit
face bricks + firebricks + cardboard concrete form + mortar + refractory cement + concrete mix + rebar

DIY Backyard Fire Pit (7 Steps)
bricks for the fire pit wall + gravel + twine

Professional-Looking Fire Pit for $125

Stone Fire Pit
spray paint + landscape fabric + mortar + stone + concrete + rebar +  fire brick + black stove paint

Budget-Friendly Fire Pit (Nifty Video Tutorial)

Multi Level Fire Pit for Kids (source unknown)

$30 Retaining Wall Block Fire Pit
old charcoal grill bowl + retaining wall blocks

$75 DIY Fire Pit
retaining block wall pavers + granite rocks + fire pit ring + BBQ grill paint

$127 Decorative Fire Pit 
32′ metal fire pit + metal grate & log tool + grey landscaping bricks + wood

Built-In Style Fire Pit Kit DIY

 Tabletop Fire Pits

DIY Tabletop Firebowl
pea gravel + terracotta flower bowl + sterno clean burning gel

Cheap Personal Fire Pit
silicone + glass frames + small rocks + metal mesh + gel fuel + metal planter with a lip

Tabletop Fire Pit
ShapeCrete + large bowl  + lava rock +fire glass + disposable grill topper + gel fuel can

DIY Modern Concrete Fire Pit from Scratch 
concrete mix + extra-large & large bowl + masonry trowel + gel fireplace fuel  + grill grate + decorative stones

Square Fire Pits

Cinder Block Fire Pit
cinder blocks + small bag of mortar + red lava rock

Concrete Fire Feature
gravel + metal bowl + flagstone + pebbles + cement + mortar + wood boards + nails + steel wire + wire mesh

DIY Square Fire Pit
cement blocks + rectangular pavers + crushed stone + pea gravel

DIY Stone Square Fire Pit
refectory cement + concrete step stones + natural stones

Giant Square Fire Pit Using Repurposed Materials 

Modern $250 Concrete Fire Pit
Quikrete + fire bricks + mortar + rebar + Quikrete 3/4″ gravel + lava rocks + 2x4s + 2x6s + L-brackets

Other Fire Pits

In Ground Stone & Brick Fire Pit

In Ground Fire Pit 
pvc pipe + plywood sheet + string + patio pavers + concrete blocks + paver base + leveling sand + jointing sand + mortar + paver restraints + edging stakes

Outdoor Stacked Fire Pit from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
This project is more complex to make and costs more money, but it sure is gorgeous!

Garden Fire Pit
gravel + sand + cobbles

Flat Rock Fire Pit

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit
1 Recycled Washing Machine Drum + High heat black paint (optional)

DIY Fire Pit Tabletop 
wood boards + brackets + screws + jigsaw + sander + wood stain + polyurethane

Tracker Wheel Fire Pit
tractor rim + wall blocks + gravel + sand

Metal Fire Pit

Faux Fire Pit
battery powered copper-wire lights + wooden logs + cast iron fire bowl

Fire Pit Seating & Design Ideas

 $125 Circle Bench for Your Fire Pit
lumber + exterior screws + exterior lag bolts + paint or stain

Circular Brick Patio with Flagstone Walkway and Fire Pit (source unknown)

Fire Pit Patio from Recaptured Charm

Fire Pit with Gravel from Homeroad

In Ground Fire Pit (source unknown)

DIY Stacked Stone Fire Pit and Rustic Seating from Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Backyard Fire Pit & Seating Area (source unknown)

DIY Fire Pit and Seating Area from Instructables

Rustic Fire Pit with Seating Area (source unknown)

Brick Paver Fire Pit and Patio

Swings Around a Fire Pit
The instructions aren’t very detailed and would cost a lot and take a while to make, but it’s a very cool idea for inspiration

Fire Pit with Swings
Like the previous project, it’s pricey, but awesome. If you build the chairs and front porch swings, it will cut the cost in half.

Custom Benches and Square Fire Pit

Large Rock Fire Pit with Chairs and Gravel

Fire Pit with Retaining Wall

Stone Fire Pit with Square Gravel Area